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  1. Be Patient - Female Avatars Coming SoonTM.... Most know how positive I am towards Star Citizen (Optimist by nature)..... however we all have to be disappointed with CIG with "Something." Some may say they are disappointed in the production schedule and if you have seen the who talks about the production schedule being a function of quality (fidelity) vs manpower. CIG has enough manpower and they don't want to give up on quality thus things take awhile (but technically they are still on-schedule for the PU - Alpha - next year). The one thing they are behind on schedule significantly .... however... and the one thing I am personally disappointed in...... is introducing a female avatar to the game. This is a funny short video about the missing ladies....
  2. Looks like Fiendish Feather is going to be doing a series of Videos title "Bulkheads"... and here is the promo - VERY funny Star Citizen: Bulkheads - Episode 00 (An original series based in the Star Citizen Universe) Credits: SERIES CREATORS: FiendishFeather and Disco Lando EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Disco Lando DIRECTOR, EDITOR, AND ANIMATOR: FIendishFeather ZETA & Spartacus: Trendane TANGO: Bad News Baron SPECIAL THANKS TO: BrawlinBadger Logante Kinshadow Ricko
  3. Hello! First off a quick thank you to @wfja, for giving away a Gladius on the last SCB Round Table show!! Congrats to the winner! I just posted all interviews made with fans and backers that @Doopsums and @Calexus did on the event floor at CitizenCon Manchester 2015 on our website: http://radio.starcitizenbase.com/citizencon-recap-fan-interviews/
  4. I was really impressed by this - think they did a great job and look forward to it being released on the 19th Published on Apr 16, 2015 Hunter is a fan fiction comic set in the Star Citizen universe. The comic launches Sunday, April 19th and will be available at the following link: http://hunter.thecomic.ninja
  5. Fizzlefuse

    Feedback Wanted Fan connection

    Hey guys. I bit the bullet and got myself a shiny new rig and monitor. It's AWESOME. I have a quick question though, and I was wondering if anyone knows the answer. I have a MSI X99A Raider mobo and a Fractal-Design Kelvin T12 AIO liquid cooler. I set up the radiator in the back with 2 fans, a pull<<push setup. The back fan (on pull) is connected to a cpufan header, as is the pump. The push fan is now connected to a sysfan header... which doesn't spin. There lies my question; do I need to connect the fans differently? Will the push fan only spin if the temperature gets too high (in which case, it not spinning would be a good thing)? I guess the fan could be busted but its brand new so I doubt it. Could potentially plug it into something else and see what happens. The two remaining fans in the front of my case are connected to a fan controller in the front of the case. I only have 2 cpufan headers on the mobo which are now in use. Let me know what you think.
  6. Fan Images of SC assets in UE4 Constellation Aquila Landing The planet is my recreation of the one shown in the Constellation Commercial. M50 and Connie landed Two of the four flyable ships so far. M50 in Cruise Mode The 890 JUMP is being textured! The 890 interior blockout Using Blender to texture the model Retalliator attempting to land at an industrial site The planet is generated in Blender and World Machine, then exported to UE4. From (ugly) pupil.... To (ugly) planet! Terra Prime landing zone is in the works!
  7. Why the Internet won't Shutup about Star Citizen is a good video that explains the success of SC and is a good video introduction to the game for newcomers.
  8. Star citizen CryEngine Apocalypse now is a cool amateur video - enjoy...
  9. This awesome Video deserves its own thread - Enjoy
  10. Fear and Loathing in Lost Vega: The Hobo Station, The Clustilation, & The Vanduul Fear and Loathing in Lost Vega: The Hobo Station, The Clustilation, & The Vanduul (Citizen Star News) - Written under duress by Hunter S. Thorshu - 2945-10-06 (Warning and disclaimers - this correspondent is now considered missing. The editorial staff sternly denies deliberately putting Mr Thorshu in harms way, and only wishes for the safe return. Report is posted in it's entirety in the spirit of preserving the integrity of what very well may be his last words and in the interest of bringing our Citizens the full story.) I thought my goose was damn cooked when the COMSTAB malfunctioned ... causing my trusty steed, the F8 Lightning prototype, to slide wildly into the viscous nickel iron spinning rock. This damn assignment was surely going to get me killed. Who were these people living on the edge of nowhere, and why did my editors so want me to meet with them? What possibly was there to gain from all of this? Back home in Civilization, the Empire is wrestling with the fate of humanity. That is what I wanted to be covering. The Polo Initiative threatens to hamstring mankind's defense industry. All of which wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the bipedal monitor lizards rapaciously waiting for their chance to raid our systems... the Vanduul. This false dichotomy, give the Senate a blank check … or cripple our defenses being put to a vote in our Empire of dullards. I had been on Aramis, Vega III, covering the campaign leading up to the vote. The reaction on this border world to the inner system’s demands. Was that it? Do my editors want me dead? Was I too close to something? I sat pondering that morbid thought for what seemed like weeks, waiting for the winner of the race between the cold or lack of air to collect their due. I eventually injected a few pain-killers from the med kit to make the time go by a bit more pleasantly. But as luck would have it, a deepspace hauler picked up my distress signal. It was, ironically, a converted Retaliator bomber that must have been from the Messer Era from the pits and scratches on the hull. Several other bedraggled souls stuffed into the odd corners of the former ship of war at first seemed like crew or maybe hostages, but it dawned on me that they were merely passengers. After a brief but spirited negotiation (not helped by the lingering euphoria of the painkillers), the pilot -- I don't dare give him the honor of calling him captain -- agreed to take me to my destination. Leaving the getting back to me... but the story must be pursued. The detour from his normal route was merely a short one, but the nervousness of this musky excuse for a freighter pilot had spread quickly after departing, him and the rest of the passengers were anxious to return to the known spaceroutes. As we made a final approach pass my eyes were fixated on the solitary hulk, here at the ass end of space one could not get farther removed from civilization. Several ships had been docked together and perhaps welded, fused. Mostly RSI ships, several Constellations… a few Auroras. I guess you could call it a cluster of Constellations. A damn clustillation if you will. After a short EVA (the rank bastard of a rescuer refused to dock, even after an attempt at a decent amount of financial persuasion) and a short stay in the airlock i entered into this room which in all intensive purpose is the main power generator according to my host (who wishes to remain anonymous). The first thing i'm specifically shown with any amount of pride was the water tank, or more specifically the constellation made to hold water with use of grav plates. This ship had been cleverly upended vertically against the stations plane of gravity. The thought "an oasis of water in the desert" comes to mind, as there is no liquid water around for quite some distance. "The owner" shows me his prize cutlass black, the one functioning ship amongst these husks that make up the station. At best it’s worthy of a junking, but for him its his lifeline, without it this station will be his grave. A moment of serenity washed over me. I could suddenly see something of value. Out here in the ass end of space a refuge had been made, like a log cabin on the frontier. A man had arrived in a vacuum and bent it to his will. Several others joined us. Greeting my host with an eager grip of flesh, and hearty slaps on the shoulder. Who are these people? These faces? A loose clan, a tribe… they regarded me with a mix of fear and almost lust. I was an outsider, not to be trusted ...perhaps fresh meat. What’s the score here, what’s next? Was I safe here? I had to do something, I realized eyeing the display of guns and knives on these savages. I neared a state of hysterical angst. Casting about for something… anything I could do. If there is one thing I’ve learned, there is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any time. My host perhaps sensed my unease and offered to show me what he called his “gem”. The water tank I had been shown earlier feeds into the hold of another Connie. There grew a lush display of almost wild uncontrolled hydroponics... as if that isn't an oxymoron. It had been days since a proper meal, so when an actually goddamn fawn stepped out into the light ...just like we were in some primeval earth forest... a look of hunger must have come over my face. Flashed back to my youthful days hunting for food on the frontiers. Almost literally buckfever. My host put his hand on my arm and said, "No, my friend. The deer is not for eating. Bad luck. The Thorshu we eat." He grinned, making a joke of my nom-de plume (I hope) and jerking his head back to the water tank where I had seen several of the so called Thorshu Grey 'spacecrabs'. Our eyes locked. I could see his pupils dilate abruptly. He shook his head as if to clear out the mental cobwebs and then stared at me with a growing... what? Horror, anger… or most disturbingly … hunger? Attempting to clarify the situation I offered: “I’m not actually one of those spacecrab,you know ... that’s just the hallucinogenic I slipped into your grog.” I felt sorry for the filthy little creature as he grunted and fell twitching toward me, hands warding off invisible vermin. I carried the poor bastard back to the waiting Cutlass, using him to bypass the biometrics to make my escape from this awful place. “Ignore this terrible drug.” I told him. “Pretend this isn’t happening.” Undocking in a hurry, I dragged my gibberish muttering host along for the ride. I fully intended to find a place to leave him to sleep off the drugs and allow him to head back to his hellish little utopia complete with his sad excuse for a ship. I may not be the best human being, but I try not to be a complete punk. No pursuit... good. No sign of the human jackals we had left behind. Time to leaned back in the pilot seat, activate the mobiGlass, and dictate this report as we travel. But as we dropped out of fast travel at a safe docking port over Vega II, a monstrous spiky silhouette filled the view screen. The damn Vanduul were attacking! A destroyer or cruiser ahead. Bladed little fighters arced menacingly in small formations. I was right in the middle of a god damned reptile invasion. I slammed the fat assed Cutlass into reverse, it’s engines spinning on their axis sending a shudder down the ship. Careened crazily towards the lee side of the station barely avoiding that damned useless spinning ring. Started prepping the Q-Drive, as soon as I had the station between me--us and the alien invaders. Luckily the Cutlass Black is more stealthy than most ships it’s size. And the Vanduul had other things to worry about. Better park this ship somewhere safe and file this report. Load it on the spectrum and pray it gets through. You evil bastards! This is all your doing, editors. Get me the hell out of here.
  11. This latest video from Bloox Pr0phete is very impressive !!! Awesome work for an amateur !!! He / She reminds me of Teller's early videos and I think Bloox Pr0phete will join the ranks of awesome amateur Star Citizen Video producers like Teller, Fiendish Feather, Anything FPS, etc.... ^^^^ His current video above has the creativity of the early Teller videos and I love the effects.... the party atmosphere he creates - I imagine this to be a PU scene after the UEE wins a big battle somewhere....... but it points out a glaring error...... and really the only disappointment I have with CIG to date .... and that is no Female Avatar's yet.... ^^^ His second video we have seen last week but wanted to add it again here. I will definitely be following this video producer and hopefully he / she will produce some more awesome videos
  12. Hi, This is a little fan's trailer make by myself on CryEngine 3 called "to infinity... and beyond !" This fan's trailer talks about my imagination related to procedural planets and what it could offer. Hope you'll enjoy !
  13. A lot of these amateurs are doing a great job modding ships - love to see this in-game (the more ships the better - and more revenue for CIG)
  14. SERIOUSLY = CIG needs to hire this person / team from IXM (the team that also created the Anvil IXM Scimitar) or at least contract out / buy the Assets for both the Hygeia and Scimitar Ship for Star Citizen. We know that there will be a Wave 4 Concept ship called the MISC Endeavor (Hospital / Science Ship) but the Hygeia could either be a competitor (similar ship) or a replacement (to save CIG some development time). Also note that they developed a Small Repair Ship which could also conceptually work for the Anvil Aerospace Crucible. The original thread on the RSI Forums: Anvil Aerospace – HYGEIA – mobile medical and repair facility +++ See
  15. Star Citizen Music Playlist [52 tracks] is a really good selection of music to play while playing Star Citizen (click on link in Quote)
  16. CCG - Citizen's Conversion Guide (see link) is a nicely done fan created Cross Chassis Upgrade (CCU) tool that will also link you right to the RSI Website. Keep in mind: You will be able to CCU any ship to any other ship as long as both are flyable in Arena Commander (and generally when the ship you are CCU to is more expensive than the ship you are CCU from - a few exceptions like Andromeda -> Taurus). Ben on RTV ep. 41 yesterday mentioned that Turbulent (CIG) will be redoing the CCU system (and make it more robust) CCU are a great way of getting LTI on ships for FREE (without having to "pay up" on the Grey Market). You can CCU a concept ship to another ship to get LTI on that target ship. The upcoming MISC Reliant Concept Sale will be a cheap LTI ship that can be CCU'd to any other ship. --------- From the "About" Page..... ABOUT THE CITIZEN'S CONVERSION GUIDE Given your current ship, CCG discovers which ships are available via cross- and intra-chassis upgrade chains. It then computes the cheapest path from your current ship to your final upgrade, getting you the best deal possible. In some cases, the cheapest paths include converting to ships that aren't currently on sale. These paths are filtered out by default, but can be shown using the checkbox at the top of the result list. This site was built for use by the STAR CITIZEN community. The data it utilizes was based on aCHART created by /U/NIMMOG ON REDDIT. This data is available in JSON format on Github: SHIP DATA MANUFACTURER DATA Community contribution is welcome, and pull requests are always encouraged. CCG is a fan-made tool 100% unaffiliated with Star Citizen, Roberts Space Industries, or Cloud Imperium Games. All styles and assets that are originally from robertsspaceindustries.com have been reused without permission. To get in touch, post on GITHUB or SEND A MESSAGE TO /U/SNOEE on Reddit.
  17. Good concise weekly Podcast that summarizes the weekly CIG news in less than 10min
  18. I think these are just as important as ATV and 10FTC - since they are a closer connection to the SC community
  19. This is a great "hype" video and one to forward to friends if they are now just being introduced to SC (or on the fence). It starts out a little slow but he does a good job with the summary of the game and the hype. Please forward it to your friends to get them interested in Star Citizen
  20. VoA

    Anvil - IXM Scimitar

    NOTE - Anvil - IXM Scimitar shown in this video was part TNGS competition but lost to the Redeemer (which is now an official SC ship). It looks like the creators of the Scimitar continue to refine their ship as seen in this video (note it is not a SC asset and not available in game). Ben has recently mentioned that CIG is still open to having some of the other fan favorites (and Anvil - IXM Scimitar is one of these) included in SC as an official available ship. It is likely (in my opinion) that we will see both the Scimitar (since its creators are doing a fine job with their continue refinement of the ship) and the Origin AX114 Boomslang added eventually to the official list of SC ships - but again as of now these are still only fan creations and not in the game. Enjoy the Videos
  21. Transposed ship spec spreadsheet, + some bonus comparison calculations ^^^^ This is a very well done (fan created) spreadsheet that incorporates brochure and other data into the RSI ship specs - Enjoy
  22. Sunday Citizen 06 - Mar 1 - Miner Change = is a good / concise podcast summarizing each week (though I wish @Byronyk would return with his Sunday Podcast).
  23. Star Citizen Careers - The Smuggler is a well done video from the author of the Imagine Trailer - Enjoy
  24. The Wonderful World of Star Citizen Episode 1! THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF STAR CITIZEN EPISODE 1 Greetings Citizens, Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby hosts a new kind of Star Citizen show. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing fan created content in the ‘Verse. From videos, to podcasts, to narrations everything citizens create has a home in The Wonderful World of Star Citizen. Join Jared as he guides us further and further down the jump point.
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