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Found 6 results

  1. Org: Oraxion Specialization: [Military Operations/ Combat/Trading/Security] Commitment: [Regular] Role Play: [Yes] Main Language: [English] Region/Timezone: [UTC] Other essential info: Oraxion is a self sustaining Military-Industrial Galactic Nation with a focus in Technology, Trade, and intergalactic resource extraction. Both the Veteran and the green nose can find a welcome place among the O.M.D. [Oraxion Military Division] or the C.T.I.F. [Commercial Trade of Industry and Freight] The Nation Offers positions as Pilots, Crewman, Infantry, or Commerceman. No employee can be found lacking the means to support themselves thanks to the nations budding economy. *220+ Active Players *Daily Training Opportunities *Wage for Training and Missions *Big Events on Saturdays *Opportunities for Career Growth and Developement Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/CbtGXJU RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ORAXION
  2. Hey guys, haven't seen a forum for locating local players in your area for recruitment purposes and building a friendly bunch of allies that could be living next door. I live the in the Huntsville AL, area. Anyone nearby and want to build a guild of some sort?
  3. We, the citizens and residents of the United Federations declare ourselves to be an independent state from the UEE and grant ourselves permission to claim outer territory in our names. We have four terms that the UEE must agree to before we shall agree to a cease fire. Our first term is that the UEE should recognize that the United Federations is an independent state from the UEE and that we are an open market. As such, we formally request that all legal members of the United Federations be marked as such in the UEE database. We also request that the UEE open its private military trade sectors to the United Federations in exchange for currency, information, technology, or a combination thereof. Secondly, we request that the UEE allow safe passage for marked ships of the United Federations through their trade space. Marked UEE trading ships will also be allowed to pass safely through United Federations territory without any acts of aggression. This will also open a trade agreement between the two independent states in which both trade hubs are opened to designated ships. The third agreement shall be that any and all UEE combat and exploration ships must contact one of the United Federation’s ambassadors before entering into claimed space. Any actions violating said terms will be considered an act of aggression and any violators will be killed on sight. If said violators are associated with the UEE, all agreements with cease until a thorough investigation has been completed. Lastly, any and all enemies of the state shall be marked in both regions with claims to any bounties on said marked enemy. Any enemy of the state that is to wander into United Federations space shall be marked as kill on sight and will be removed from the territory. Failure to comply with these agreements will lead to either the end of communications with the UEE or a declaration of war by the United Federations. All communications will cease with any political enemies of the state if these requirements are met and as such, the United Federations will remain neutral on the political spectrum. An alliance with the UEE shall be considered later in the development of the United Federations but is not in order at the time being. All military equipment provided by either state shall be escorted by any available resources to the border of the other state and any enemy of either state shall be considered an enemy of the other state but the United Federations will not declare war with any independent state to protect any supply purchases. Signed, Alias Tatan (This is a role play declaration of independence for my alliance and I was wanting some feedback on it, any feedback is appreciated!)
  4. I saw that during the game governments will fall and factions rise. Is this a random thing in your own game that happens? Or is it something the developers change every month or so?
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