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Found 16 results

  1. [WTB] F7A Military Hornet Upgrade  120$ PayPal Only
  2. [WTB] F7A Military Hornet Upgrade Send Offers Paypal Verified Only
  3. Verified PayPal only. 4.5% PayPal fee will be added to invoice. Please PM for details 😊 Special Price AMD Mustang Omega $150 F7A MILITARY HORNET UPGRADE - last one $200
  4. Looking for a Hartwell Music Sentinel for about $30 and a F7A Military Hornet upgrade for about $70. Please PM me your offers. /SirDoAlot
  5. Willing to buy an F7A Bodykit upgrade. Willing to spend ~$80 and would like to exchange through PayPal if possible. PM me or post in here if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'd like to buy one of the F7A upgrade kits that were sold a few years back on Veterans Day. PM me your offers
  7. Ship Prices are increasing as CIG warned a long time ago. The Starfarer went from $175 to $195 and now will be $300. Clearly other ships will follow and it is best to buy in the here and now and not wait till later. Race against tomorrow and buy your ships at the cheapest price possible today. *Standalone LTI ships * 5x LTI 890 Jump on sale at $940 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Model II Arclight Sidearm and a free Star Citizen Starter Package!** 3x LTI Phoenix Constellations at $675 a piece total. **This ship comes with a free Star Citizen Starter Package!** 4x LTI Esperia Glaives on sale at $550 a piece total. **Create your own Glaive Package for only an additional $40 by asking for a Starter Package addon!** MISC Reliant Kores LTI for $105 Total 5x F7A Military Kit (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) LTI Harbinger and Sentinel BUKs for Vanguards. Harbinger BUK (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) Sentinel BUK (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) Deluxe Combo BUK Pack (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!) 10x 3YI Phoenix Constellations at $500 a piece total. **Create your own Phoenix Constellation Package for only and additional $40 by asking for a Starter Package addon!** Wanting to Trade my 2x Glaive and 1x 890J, or 2x 890J for your Idris-M _ Non-Limited Ship Sale Specials: Ship Prices are increasing as CIG warned a long time ago. The Starfarer went from $175 to $195 and now will be $300. Clearly other ships will follow and it is best to buy in the here and now and not wait till later. MISC Starfarer Gemini LTI - $400 Total Aegis Reclaimer LTI - $468 Total RSI Carrack LTI - $468 Total Esperia Blades LTI - $290 _ The LTI MERLIN will be given to owners of LTI Constellations (besides the Taurus), and to LTI versions of the 890 Jump, Carrack, and Idris owners as loaners. _ _ New buyers are required to use a known and trusted Middleman and will pay their fees. Buyer must be Paypal verified and must produce both their Citizen Number and current registered RSI Handle NO EXCEPTIONS! The Seller's Citizen Number and Handle will be provided upon request and seller is only required to sell the item posted and listed in the inventory with item ID included. All scams or suspicious activity will be reported to the MODs and elevated from there.
  8. Want to buy a F7A Military Hornet Upgrade. Open to offers and preferring RSI credit payment but PayPal is still an option. Thanks
  9. Forged from the melting pot. $65 (Few more available) RSI credit preferred. Verified PayPal can be considered.
  10. Greetings, I'm offering RSI$ at a discount price in the form of any 350$ ship. - 350RSI$_________________________________________255€ - LTI Carrack upgraded____________________________315€ - LTI endeavor upgraded___________________________315€ - LTI Reclaimer upgraded__________________________315€ - F7A upgrade_____________________________________60€ Sold all credits
  11. Hi, I'm looking to sell a Weekend Warrior Package - LTI and a F7A Military Upgrade. Payer covers paypal fees and a middleman if he wants one. I'm actually a trusted trader on SCB, you'll get a smooth and fast transaction. https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/profile/4926-yaseen/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback As a package: Weekend Warrior Package - LTI + F7A Military Upgrade : 320$ as separate items: Weekend Warrior Package - LTI : 250$ : SOLD F7A Military Upgrade : 75$ : SOLD to Scorption-of-asy Cheers!
  12. Please make offers 60$+ I would prefer payment in the form of a ghost to sabre upgrade and other stuff C/O: 70
  13. SOLD TO ORGMATE! I have decided this ship is too valuable to me at present but i'm known to change my mind a lot on my fleet list. WEEKEND WARRIOR - LTI with additional F7A MILITARY HORNET UPGRADE as a package deal. At present i'd prefer to sell them as a combo pack. Let me know if there is anyone who is interested in buying them individually. Note: The F7A Hornet Upgrade was only sold within a 24hr period and was never sold again. Very rare chassis upgrade. "The upgrade packs will ultimately change the fuselage of your F7M Hornet to match the F7A. If you have a Hornet variant (like the Tracker, Ghost or Super Hornet) the upgrade can be applied to change the styling without eliminating your additional upgrade modules. This is more than a skin; in the game world, it’s an after-market fuselage update kit; we’ll be updating the whole geometry of the ship. (Please note that the upgrades will not appear in your Hangar module immediately, as we are continuing to update the look of the military Hornet.)" Contents Inculde: F7A MILITARY HORNET UPGRADEATTRIBUTEDCreated:November 10, 2013Contains:F7A Military Hornet Upgrade Anvil Aerospace (ANVL) WEEKEND WARRIOR - LTIATTRIBUTEDCreated:October 23, 2013Contains:F7C-M Super Hornet and 12 items Starting Money: 5,000 UECLifetime InsuranceDigital Game SoundtrackDigital Star MapDigital Squadron 42 ManualDigital Star Citizen ManualBeta AccessAlpha AccessSquadron 42 Digital DownloadStar Citizen Digital DownloadModel II Arclight Sidearm
  14. Looking to buy a Hornet F7A upgrade. Payment via PayPal, verified here.
  15. Cleaning up some extra small ships. All the ships come with LTI Prioritie goes to fleet members, and you just need to pm me and we can work out the deal =) PP fee included. Packages $310 Digital Freelancer package with Freelancer MIS $295 Digital Colonel package with Super Hornet $295 Digital Colonel package with Super Hornet $295 Digital Pirate package with Cutlass Blue $210 Lightspeed package with 350R Standalone $80 F7A upgrade $80 F7A upgrade $140 Aurora MR $150 Aegis Avenger
  16. Hello. Looking for an F7A Hornet Upgrade. I would like to use paypal. PM me offers!
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