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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I am John Daemons, founder of 92.9 Orbital FM. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNyHnlTAUl2n-WI1_KBltMw1G3BGyEra4 Check it out and if you like the project and would like to participate, let’s get in touch! o7 see ya ‘round the verse !
  2. Episode 40 is here. Questions after some sleep and coffee. State of the Game on (Thursday 3 Dec) will describe how to win the Endeavour. I'll link it here along with the details. Endeavour giveaway - Will be given away the last week of the year or thereabouts. Go to StarcitizenAA forums and sign up. That may be all you have to do. 1: Which is more awesome? 1 million backers or 100 million dollars? The first one. The money raised should have been removed from the site ages ago. 2: Can a docking collar serve as a way to refuel? No. We'll think about refueling modules and drop tanks in the future. 3: Are any planned in-game entertainment sources planned? Yes. That's what the news van variant of the Reliant is. The problem with content is you end up needing tons of money like GTA, or you get 5 public domain songs like Fallout. We'd rather this be player-generated content. Like The BASE. 4: Any chance we'll see jump points that lead to non-star locations? Like rogue planets. No. If you picture a sheet that is stretched taught, and you have a pair of bowling balls on it (stars) they create dimples in the sheet, and the jump point is the closest patch between the sags, rather than up and over. Planets would be marbles, they aren't enough of a gravity event like a black hole or a quasar would be. <- Hint. 5: When will the community be able to provide HOTAS feedback? What will the process look like? I have a survey from Saitek I'm getting ready to email everybody. 6: What happened to the small Crucible from the stretch goal that formed a lattice? Drones are still coming and will play an important role in repair work. <-- Carry repair drones instead of the previously planned tiny Crucible? 7: What happened to the Miller ERS? The Crucible will have modules. We weren't sure when this would be going into the game, so we didn't release this yet. 8: Can we have romances with other characters in Squadron 42? I don't believe there is. Maybe in future iterations. 9: Is there an idea on modules for the Carrack? Will it have a holographic doctor like in Voyager? What about the medical bay? We don't have a solid plan. I'd share it with you if I had an idea. Ghurmk is working on the inside right now. Has anyone watched Voyager and thought 'I really need one of those'? It will have something like the automatic med bay in Prometheus. 10: Is there a Christmas sale coming? There will be a 3-hour live stream on December 16, but the Christmas sale will be small. Oriented to new folks.
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