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Found 4 results

  1. Star Citizen Development Easter Eggs - Not Revealed on Road Map. Looks like CIG is going to sneak in development easter eggs.... for those following more closely.... This Easter Egg is a new Drake Concept Ship revealed both in a rewind clip in RTV at 59m and at 6:11m in Calling all Dev's video below. NEW DRAKE concept Ship coming 6.14.18 Post below which one you think is more likely based on the RTV rewind Entry Level Salvage Ship a.k.a. the Vulture (likely not the case since I think this overlaps too much with the Cutlass Black) Multi-Crew Constellation Competitor a.k.a. the Cosair (good likelihood - and I like the idea of a ramming or ship that can broadside another - since they'll have the mechanic with the Vanduul and perfect for DRAKE) Scout Carrier a.k.a. the Kracken (not likely - especially since the Caterpillar can function as a Dragonfly carrier) Troop Tranport or vehicle Transport or competitor to Hercules StarLifter (not as likely since Hercules just came out but that could also improve its chances in a weird way as CIG continues to develop Planetside content) Medium Storage Runner (Not likely with all the storage ships and if so it will likely roll in as a variant to option 4 above like the Hercules C2)
  2. Anyone else take a close look at the mission at 12:20 in this weeks show? Well take a look at the secondary objective and the mission description on the right, Ill outline to make it simple, had me laughing for a while.
  3. Anyone else find any hidden Easter eggs in pics from the presentation? Like this Apple joke.
  4. Hidden hanger room in Aeroview? So I was wandering around my Aeroview Hanger and noticed something as I approached the CNC room upstairs. As you first approach from either side there appears to be a reflection on the back wall column. Closer however, it has more resemblance to a window. I have looked all around trying to see if this is a mirror but it does not seem to be. Plus it shows the same details as you peek around in there – from both sides. This cannot be so the way my hanger is arraigned with large ships on one side and smaller ones on the other. So what do you think? Are we getting a small glimpse into where that back door in the CNC will go to or is it just a graphic glitter thing? 1 – another room 2 – move along nothing going on here Sorry, not in the mood for a poll lol. - DRUM out
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