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Found 3 results

  1. To anyone who does not have Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri's Revenge. I have found a link that can allow you to download this free, and legally. To all Command and Conquer fans in Imperium I urge you to get this, and then contact me, or reply on this thread when you have it downloaded. In some cases some troubleshooting may be required. I can provide you help with this. You may need to run this as administrator, and got into the properties of the game.exe to switch compatibility to Windows pack 3. Once again I can provide remost assistance over teamviewer or join.me if needed. http://theisozone.com/downloads/pc/windows-games/yuris-revenge/ On top of this I want those downloading this to also get the mod known as Mental Omega. It's the most Hardcore Mod for Red Alert 2 I have found yet. Campaigns and even skirmishes are hard as hell even on easy difficulty. Also the multiplayer is supported by C&C Net. You'll have to connect via lan in game and you'll play with people as if it were regular multiplayer. + Co-Op campaign Missions. [Tunngle, or Hamachi is NOT needed] http://mentalomega.com/index.php?page=download Before you get the Mod installed you'll need ARES to successfully launch the mod. I'll also provide a link to that. http://ares.strategy-x.com/
  2. Hi folks. My eBay store and trade history : https://www.ebay.com/usr/zorik79 ----------Original Concept STANDALONE SHIPS---------- Anvil Hurricane - LTI - 220 USD Anvil Arrow LTI - 85 USD Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI -95USD AEGIS Gladius Valiant - LTI - 140USD ORIGIN 85X - LTI - 68 USD ARGO COMBO PACK (MPUV CARGO and MPUV PERSONNEL)- LTI - 86USD MPUV Personnel - LTI - 55 USD ANVIL Terrapin - LTI - 230 USD ADD-ONS - URSA Rover- LTI - 60USD DRAKE Buccaneer - LTI - 135USD MISC Prospector - LTI - 170USD Aopoa San'tok.yāi Anniversary 2018 Warbond - 220USD --------------CCU'd Ships------------ Gladius Valiant 120USD F7C-M Super Hornet 180USD F7C Hornet Wildfire 175USD Sabre 175USD Hull C - 250 USD Sabre Comet 190USD Freelancer MIS 175USD Gladiator 170USD Khartu-Al 175USD Hurricane 205USD AEGIS Vulcan 210USD Caterpillar 310USD Apollo Triage 250USD Hull B -95USD Herald 85USD Retaliator Bomber 275USD Vanguard Harbinger 285USD Starfarer Gemini 350USD RSI Polaris Ask Vanguard Sentinel 270USD Starfarer 300USD If You want to buy CCU ship with VFG Hangar add 15 USD (ship cost above 110USD) If You want to get "Digital Download" add 15 USD (Ship cost above 65USD) All prices include PayPal fee Verified PayPal only
  3. Here is the download link to the UnOffice Halo Online in English https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ A little background on this, 343 released a remake of Halo 3 with parts of Halo 4, in Russia for PC. Some guys in the US got butt hurt that they did not get a release in the US, so they got a copy, cracked it, modded it and uploaded for others to use. Do not worry, there is not a virus in the files. It has been checked by Me, RainbowSyndrome and FoxyFilth. @FoxyFilth there you go, the link is up for others. Let's hope some guys download it and join us in a game or two.
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