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Found 3 results

  1. If I am accepted into Imperium (I'm still pending response) How do I go about attempting to join the Exploration Division? is there an exam I need to pass beforehand? Also is it possible to join multiple divisions? Because I would want to be at least a reserve for the Combat Ops Division, and an agent for the Intelligence Division, Is this possible? or am I pushing my luck? I feel like I would do well in all of these divisions and be able to take contracts where possible from all, the Exploration Division is my first call for recruitment though as its my real passion, but if there happened to be a recon mission close to a location where I was currently Id like to be able to take the job, as well as being called into support a fleet effort
  2. I decided to waste a few days, (and get that much closer to the DFM), by making 3D Plaques of the Division Images presented to us by @rotorax and @Lozenger . For those with a 3D printer, the files can be found at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:315646 Pictures in the site above can be expanded using the icon in the upper right of the picture image and the ones with a Thingiview icon can be rotated. The original logos required a small modification. The division names on the lower shelf required the prints to be 130mm or larger, and even then they were smudged looking. Instead of expanding the shelf and etching them in larger I moved them up into the graphic. As can be seen in the photo below they can now be as small as 80mm and still show the name correctly. Several have been test printed (best results = 130mm+), but not all. Any errors found are mine. If you have a 3D printing issue with any of these then mention the problem here, (or PM me on these forums). I will fix//repair the problem as soon as time permits. - DRUM out EDIT: Added additional files 5/6/2014 - TIB and REDACTED stamps at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:321219 -DRUM
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