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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there. Someone wanted to be nice and pre ordered the 400i for me and he wanted to surprise me. But the sad news are that i have already expensiver ships than the 400i. I am highly sure that the 400i (worth 238€) wont be better than a 300€+ ship because you get what you pay for right ? and if a ship is more expensiver, then it will be better if i am not wrong. So if that is true, i don't want the 400i (good thing is, it has LTI and i think its warbond). I think my mate bought it over paypal as a gift for me. I got a email, clicked on the link and it instantly got activated. I have no gift button on that ship. So i guess i have 2 options to sell it for real money. One option is to melt it, and the other option is to upgrade it to a 295$ ship while the 400i is worth 250$ in dollars according the upgrade page, so i had to pay 50$ in this case but i have the money to pay for the upgrade and i am fine with it if i still do profit. So what do you guys suggest me to do and for how manys euros could i sell it ? i don't wanted to be unthankful to my mate so i didn't told him to refund and give me the money instead. I still can message him tho, i am sure he would give me the money instead. But i don't wanna sound "unthankful" really so i would know how much my "profit" would be when i would sell it instead telling my mate to refund it and send me the money over paypal. If the profit isn't huge, i am ready to message him back and tell him to refund btw.
  2. The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is here! Ship sales and free flights are available for one and all. For those interested: The Anniversary Sale main page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/IAE_Free_Fly The Anniversary Sale gameplay guide for new players: https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012238394
  3. The Comms Channel is open to all our internal Lantern Watch chatter, debate, discussion, and tomfoolery. From the Oxford Comma to flavored farts, as long as it adheres to Imperium rules and isn't more appropriate in another thread, it's home is here. Your interests in Hornet vs. Sabre, debate it here. Want to theorycraft as to how to set up a secure transport mission? Discuss that here. Have a meme you think we will love? Post it here. Want to discuss exfill tactics? Here is the home for all of our internal communications. Just do be careful not to post here what belongs in another thread.
  4. After this last week and the sale of the Polaris that I had to pick up I thoroughly studied the manual with the drawings and started wondering about use of escape pods, and that ultimately led me to a much more important aspect of how would everyone get to escape pods. I wanted to see what, if anything, others have heard about how damage and destruction on the capitals will work. Will one of the manned stations be able to see damage reports around the ship? Since the size of these ships makes the damage system extremely complex I can see this being both a good thing to delve into. For instance a direct torpedo hit to the Polaris on one of the side turrets could very well take out a whole chunk of the ship. But other than depressurizing the corridor and removing the weapon emplacement... maybe a little structural weakening... it effectively would have no real damage done. However, if fire is concentrated on lets say... the torpedo storage bay, or the reactors location if known and they are damaged/destroyed clearly that would have an entirely different reaction. And even this could be mitigated with proper safety systems that I think would be in place in the real world like the ability to jettison a damaged power core before it would blow up the ship, etc. There is so much I would like to know and get into on this subject, along with more than a few torpedo tactics but that's for another thread. Any knowledge on this given out by the dev's? If not some theory crafting is always good in my opinion.
  5. So I have a Carrack, Terrapin, and DUR. I am thinking about melting the DUR to get the Aquila, thoughts? I should mentioned that I LOVE the Connie design.
  6. Great discussion with Captain Shack and the planet side Gamescom presentation.
  7. This is a very general topic as I have a great interest in Galactic Guides overall and would like a place for everyone interested to discuss them, even it's just that one little detail you like about it, now have somewhere to discuss it. For document lovers, there is an amazing one called the SC Starmap Matrix someone just pointed out to me and for anyone interested in data mining Galactic Guides, it's a must! Source here. A Citizen called Trendane was nice enough to record most of the Galactic Guides for anyone that likes to listen to things in the background, you can find those under the links below. Links RSI Galactic Guides Galactic Guide Audio SC Starmap Matrix Disclaimer: Please feel free to continue making Galactic Guide posts over specific GG's, this will be for general discussion over all of them so we might have a little overlap but it should be alright.
  8. It's happening folks! Since the movie comes out today I'm setting up this thread for us to discuss; to make things more correct here are a couple of rules: USE SPOILER TAGS It's alrighty not to use spoilers, but only if, well, there are no spoilers. Expectations? Got my ticket for midnight and I'm dying already.
  9. The Base Radio Introducing: - StarCitizenBase Round Table - Today will air the first edition of our station's newest show mentioned above. The show is formatted as a talkshow / discussion, in which SCB members will be engaging in depthly theorycrafting / discussions of various subjects within the game Star Citizen. Join in! We would like you to be there and also participate in the discussion on air! Listeners can do this by visiting our chat channel at thebase.sc/chat! Wait, When, Where? Listen in at thebase.sc, and click on the 'popup player' The show will start at 2100 UTC. To check what time this is for you, visit thebase.sc/schedule and import the calendar to your device. Below are the times for some of the most used zones:
  10. Hi fellow SCB members and Imperium members! The following idea was put forward by @Lakota, and I would like to expand the idea, and see what we can make possible. I will recap it here. Theorycrafting-Discussion show on The Base Radio Theory crafting nights. A round table of people who are "educated" about star citizen, who discuss few recent topics. Topics should be set at least a week before hand so that research can be done; consider it an indepth discussion. Perhaps could run in debate format with a pro/con approach to the topic? Also possible to let listerners input their idea's during the show, in the form of questions or arguments. This could be setup as an idea to get the heavy theorycrafting a little bit off the public teamspeak, and let people do real indepth discussions in the form of a weekly public radioshow. As station manager, I'm willing to host the show myself. Leave the technical side up to me. I will probably not participate in the discussion very much, but will be leading / pointing it slightly in the proper direction if necessary. What I am asking: I'm asking for participation from random SCB members who feel like they are open to talk indepth about star citizen and can participate in a civilized discussion. Also people that can help me come up with some guests or anyone that wants to be a permanent co-host is welcome. I will tag some random people from the top of my head below: @Doopsums @VoA @Calexus @SnowOwl @WarWulf @ErickPasta @Basard @GeraldEvans @CZenStar get me more names!
  11. So I had about an hour after my last Comp. Tech. class today and I had a lot of stuff spinning around in my head that eventually resulted in an idea that I just couldn't shake. Before you start reading: This is not about in game scripts, macros, or other game based functionalities, this is about creating a full house, interactive, thinking windows (or linux) shell that can be used to access high powered computing resources from any device that has been integrated into the network. Basically I was wondering if it is possible to create a scalable setup that can accept information from and display information to several input/output sources separately. For a simplified version I'll use: 1 Gaming headset w/ mic 1 Gaming PC 1 Master PC (race, sorry I had to) 1 Tablet 1 Webcam 1 Arduino connected to my doorbell See spoiler for my horribly crude attempt at drawing the possible ethernet connections. Scenario: I'm playing SC on my gaming PC, which is connected to the Headset via USB and the Master PC/Server via ethernet cable. Someone rings the doorbell triggering the Arduino which runs a script that sends a signal to the Master PC. The Master PC then uses Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) and WSR Macros scripting to announce that someone is at the door via the Headset. I tell the computer to display a video of who is at the door using the webcam connected to either a cheap micro PC or the Master PC. Now I know that everything up until this point should be possible in some form or another, but the next part is where my Computer skills run out. Instead of interrupting my SC gaming session the Master PC brings up the webcam feed on the Tablet mounted near my computer. With this I can see that the person at the door is a solicitor and I don't need to bother putting on pants and going to greet them. I tell my computer to stop displaying the webcam and go back to playing. "Why do you need a Central PC for this?" you might be asking "can't all of this be done via the tablet with a lot less hassle?". And you'd be right, the problem is I want to be able to use a wireless headset anywhere in the house and be able to specify which of my screens (be it tablet, laptop, or TV) display various bits of information. As another Example let's add a TV and a cheap micro PC to the mix. The laptop is connected to the Master PC via another ethernet cable. I'm working on an essay on my main (gaming) PC when my computer notifies me that one of my favorite TV shows is scheduled to start soon. I go to the TV and watch the show until the first commercial segment when I figure it would be best if I use this time to keep working on my essay. So I use my headset to instruct the Master PC to bring up my word document from the Network Storage and display it on the TV so I can work on it a bit. While I'm working I get a call from a friend who's asking if I'd like to join them in SC. Hell yeah, but then I'd need to go all the way back into my gaming/bed room, and I just made popcorn. So instead I simply tell the Master PC to save my essay, startup SC on the Gaming PC, and reroute the video output to the TV instead, as long as I don't fly, a Razer Orbweaver should be fine for just walking around as a crew member, fixin stuff and chatting.
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