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Found 13 results

  1. If you already have Discord, skip to step 3. Step One: Downloading Discord Go to: http://www.discordapp.com and navigate to the downloads page. You can also download Discord for your mobile phone. It supports Android and iOS. Step Two: Create a discord account Your Discord username doesn't have to match your RSI or SCB as we can change it for you by submitting a ticket in our #help-desk channel on discord. If you have Discord, start here ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step Three: Go to https://portal.starcitizenbase.com/discord From there, you will see on the right hand side a “Link to Discord” button. Click this and it will prompt you the following screen: Step Four: After completing step three, you will be redirected to http://discordapp.com. At this time you should see a new prompt to join the server, you will then need to select "Authorize". Note: You must be logged into your account on http://discordapp.com in order for the Authorization to go through. Once on the server, you will automatically be given your tags/permissions. Usually, it is pretty instant, however, it can take up to 5 minutes to fully pull your permissions, so please allow a grace period. If you are still having a problem, please submit a ticket through the #help-desk channel on Discord. When you've joined our Discord, if you'd like to change your name on our server please submit a ticket in our #help-desk channel. If you are having a problem with getting onto our discord, please contact a member of Human Resources and we will be able to assist you better!
  2. Discord information You can get your permissions by following this link below Members listed as Human Resources are available and happy to help you with any questions you might have. General Discord Rules Disrespect: Do not disrespect any members. Banter exists between members and is to be expected, however, excessive banter is not tolerated. There is a difference between banter and bullying/disrespecting. Please report any disrespect to Human Resources. Respect all members and non-members at all times and in all forms of communication (Including sex, religion/creeds, sexuality, age & race) Harassment: Do not harass any members. Spam: Do not spam using chat Final words: Officers/Human Resources/Discord Moderators words are final. If their moderation work was not done correctly, please contact one of the Human Resource Officers or one of the Fleet Commanders with a private message. Doxxing: Do not publish personal information of another member. Any violation of this rule will most likely result in an immediate ban. Channel content: No discussing NSFW subjects. No drama. No slurs. No heated debate. No politics. No religion. These rules above in 6. are not fully enforced in the SCB Political Channel however we still require member to be respectful of each other. Disclaimers The Star Citizen Base/Imperium Discord is a public Discord in which conversations may be recorded for any reason at anytime. Moderation staff reserves the right to take action in any situation as they deem fit. If their moderation work was not done correctly, please contact one of the Human Resource Officers or one of the Fleet Commanders with a private message. The chat channels within Discord will be treated as SFW (safe for work) and will not allow political, religious, or historical topics. By using the SCB Discord you agree to abide by all the rules. F.A.Q
  3. Hello there Star Citizens! We at the Training Alliance Task Force founded in 2016 are a well established multi-gaming community with over 12,000 active users spread across multiple games. Our Star Citizen division is seeking like-minded friendly people to come have a laugh with us in game! - Weekly Division night every Thursday evening from 7PM UK time! - Active voice comms on our discord server daily! Get involved with others completing contracts! - Have fun - We are all about a friendly, positive environment. - Keeping it simple! We will develop into what we wish to specialise in as the game develops in itself! - Star Citizen gift card giveaways and ship giveaways! Training Alliance Task Force looks forward to hearing from you! Our Discord: https://discord.gg/DQ2AYZC Our Org: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TATF
  4. Hello Guys, I have got a Star Citizen Account for Sale.Account Price - $99Account Description:-SHIP with LTI - Anvil Hawk-CCU Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black (You can upgrade Anvil Hawk to Cutlass Black + Cutlass ships are going up in price soon, so good deal for you)-PACKAGE - Aurora MR MC Starter-100M REWARD - 2945 WAR BOND-CHRISTMAS REWARD!-Total Melt Value - $115-5000 UEC Contact info:STEAM - http://steamcommunity.com/id/xMaisonx/ SKYPE - xmaisonn1xDiscord - Maison#4753 Screenshots & Backer Titles:
  5. During the Aug 19th meeting we put it to a vote to switch to Discord voice chat for our Sept 2nd meeting and if all goes well we will stay there until something better comes along. Blood Moon meets every Monday at 9PM EST, 6PM PST, 1AM GMT. The meeting is open to all and non-members are encouraged to join in the discussion. We cover the weeks news about Star Citizen, theory craft, and other related topics. You can join the Imperium Discord here.
  6. Hi All, The Republic of Vagabundo is an up-and-coming, heavily active Star Citizen organisation. We are building a new Republic separate and independent from the UEE, Xi'an, Banu etc. To do this we need all types of players: from miners to soldiers. We have six divisions to help us achieve this: - Science and Exploration - Trade and Transport - Naval and Military - Diplomatic and Political - Medical - Affairs Each is led by two people, generally a Director and Deputy Director. They are members of The Admiralty, our Council. We conduct large operations which include most of, or all, of these departments. For example, if we want to find and inhabit a planet, we will: 1. Send out a team from the Science and Exploration division to find candidate planets. 2. Once viable candidate has been located, we will send our Endeavour to the planet. 3. Dispatch Military platoons to secure the site (with support from Medics). 4. After exploration and research gathering is complete, colonisation will begin. Overseen by Affairs and Diplomatic and Political. (All ferrying is executed by Trade and Transport) We would love for you to join our organisation. It doesn't matter if you've been a backer for five years, or have just enlisted, we'd love to have you on-board. All our members share a passion in Star Citizen, and we hope you do too. If you'd like to join us follow this link: www.robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/custodians Everything happens on Discord, so you can find us there: https://discord.gg/4jBtfXt Best wishes, Gabriel Brown Ambassador of The Republic of Vagabundo
  7. We have set up our own discord channel for us to hang out in, chat and share info. Pm me if you would like an invite to the channel. See you there!
  8. Hey All, with the help and Hype of Jorunn, i've started a Vancouver BC Bar Citizen Channel on Discord. Below is the invite, so if you live in BC or wish you could live in BC, come and check it out. https://discord.gg/pAP4n4 cheers
  9. Start at step 3 if you have Discord installed. Imperium maintains this Discord server and pushes announcements there, but voice comms is not being expanded beyond Teamspeak. As far as I'm aware this will remain in its current state until Spectrum is functional enough to migrate the community with SCB remaining as an external mirror of sorts.
  10. Hello everyone ! I was just wondering. Since we say here and there that we could play together from time to time, why not creat a Discord channel for our unit ? I use this for quite a while now and it's really good. We can think about it, now the game is not quite advanced yet. But with 3.0 coming near and so much great things announced it's better to be prepared !
  11. I'm just getting into streaming Star Citizen and it's going pretty well with a single box doing everything. I use OBX and stream to either Twitch or Youtube with no issues so far. I have had hour long sessions with TeamSpeak conversations going with no issue, but as soon as I turn on Discord it all goes to hell and Discord audio gets all choppy. Any tips?
  12. Just found out that Will Leverett (WLeverett-CIG) started a new channel in Discord for official Announcements https://discordapp.com/channels/113745426082955273/119209574715621376
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