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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Citizens, On behalf of myself and my fellow Sibylla's diplomats, I'd like to introduce our organization, Sibylla. To this day, we're the biggest french speaking Star Citizen's org. We're not focusing on any task in particular, players are free to do the "job" they want and we are helping by providing them ressources a player alone would struggle to acquire. Our RSI org link : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SIBYLLA See you in the verse ! Boris Souvorov Sibylla's diplomacy
  2. Greetings Fellow Citizens! I wanted to inform you that we have opened up a new diplomacy area on our forums! If anyone is interested in any diplomatic relations with ADI, please visit the following link to our Diplomacy forum: https://forums.atlasdefenseindustries.c ... m.php?f=18 If you have not registered yet, you will need to register a username/ password. Thanks and best wishes in the 'verse! Shepheard Director of Diplomacy Atlas Defense Industries
  3. Hello everyone! Glad to be part of (assuming I pass the test) the Imperium. Not sure what to look for in regards to membership test. Currently have an Aurora, thinking about getting a fighter but not sure which. Also going to be building my own PC soon so I can actually play Star Citizen. I am interested in the diplomacy branch, so any info in that regards would be helpful. I did read that you have to have been a member for at least 3 months before applying so I was wondering if it was possible to intern that position to see how I like it. I look forward to working with you all!
  4. (Due to current stretching, you should increase quality manually) ⇊Reference link | »RSI Forum link A good day to you! This thread will serve, as explained by the AI, for any communication and interaction. Do we need it because there is close cooperation? Surely not. However, it is good to be "on the radar" early, should the need actually arise. Personally? I'm sure that sooner or later, this will happen with an organization of your size. We look forward to a good relationship in the future while expressing our commendation on this community. A good place.
  5. Hello there Imperium! I'm the acting diplomat of Renegade (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/RENEGADE) in Star Citizen and I reach out to you on behalf of this small guild, seeking diplomatic relations. Renegade is a mature group of well experienced players and have been present in many MMOs in the past. We are a semi-hardcore and relatively small guild (currently we expect around 50 members for Star Citizen), with more emphasis on maintaining a friendly atmosphere, than recruiting as many members as possible. We are interested in many aspects of Star Citizen, from trade through exploration to performing mercenary duties. Also we are a Hungarian (EU) native guild, but are open to foreign relations. We expect Star Citizen will be dominated by huge alliances, and are starting to feel that we need to belong to at least one of these. It's still too early to make that decision, but we've started contacting several other organizations to discover our options. Imperium is one of those, your qualities really caught our attention, therefore we'd like to pay our respects here. We look forward to a positive diplomatic relationship between our corporations, hoping to be on friendly terms with you guys. Best regards, Tyrel P.S.: I'd like to ask if you accept diplomats of other organizations as affiliate members?
  6. Hello and warm hellos from all of us here at Chronos Initiative. I'm opening this thread for any and all questions, concerns and Grievances. Let me Introduce myself, My name is Selveck I am the Temporary ambassador to Imperium and we are in the process of Picking out a Permanent person to fill the roll, at witch point we will introduce them, I am the Deputy Director for our Security branch so i have other duty's to attend to but I will not Neglect my duty's here. It is good to have you guys as friends. I will be Checking this post 2 times a week (Mon and Thur) Minimum, but will be more often if possible. If More urgent Matters are needing attention Please contact Ryofar or other diplomat Reps that can put you in touch with us, and we will do our best to settle any matters. Sincerely, Selveck
  7. im =fts= globokilla of star citizen =fts=Alix on TS greeting glorious representives of imperium Fts would like to open diplomatic channels forth with i would like to have a discussion with the diplomatic arm of imperium are star citizen site https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/FTS/members
  8. Fellow Imperium members, Welcome to the embassies, this is a place for foreign dignitaries to converse publicly with members of Imperium diplomacy. While that is the official purpose of this area, we are not against our regular members dropping in to say hello which is why you have access to this area in the first place. When you're in here you must keep in mind that anything you say or do indirectly represents Imperium since you are one of our members. In this regard I ask that you please refrain from saying anything about official topics on our behalf as that is the job of diplomacy and also violates the Imperium code of conduct. If you feel that you would like to represent us in an official capacity then I implore you to apply to the diplomacy division. If I have failed to answer any questions that you may have about the purpose of this area or how you could become more involved, please feel free to PM either myself, Chimaera, Ryofar or any other member of diplomacy for more details. Thank you for your time, Hudute Senior Diplomat
  9. Welcome Ambassadors, My name is Profess1onalN00b and I am currently the Senior Diplomat for Imperium's diplomacy division. I would like to welcome you to Star Citizen Base and the home of Imperium. This area is dedicated to any member of other fleets to officially discuss matters between your group and ours. You may start a post for your organization here, and if you are either a new group that we have not dealt with previously, or you are simply a new ambassador and need to be set as a foreign dignitary on our forums then please don't hesitate to PM either myself or my officers Chimaera and Ryofar. Main points of contact @Chimaera @Ryofar @Juntau Thank you and welcome to SCB, Hudute Senior Diplomat
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