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Found 1 result

  1. Friends. You can journey to the center of an Asteroid. Yes, you heard that right. There is an alternate dimension inside of Delmar. Its full of stars. To achieve this multi-dimensional travel you must first get into the hangar bays at Levski, It has worked with both Hangar 1 and Hangar 2, not sure about the others. In the hallway leading to the elevators you must jump over the railing at the sides. Don't worry, you won't be hurt on landing (or at least, I wasn't). Alternatively, spawn a struggle-bus and fly that over the edge. I recommend you are very familiar with strafe controls if you take a struggle-bus. Once you've navigated to the bottom, you should see something like this: Should you fly through that, you'll find your destiny. Now, once you've found yourself here; have no fear. You can escape by flying back out through the planet in any direction you want. Now, you can actually get a Dragonfly into the Grand Barter, but the only time Weehamster and I succeeded was the time that we ended up achieving escape velocity, flying through the barter, and out the otherside into destiny. Other experiments were ruled failures. Thanks @Weehamsterfor your brave efforts. EDIT: Second method: forget all the nonsense about the hole, just fly over the edge of the landing platforms and down through the bottom. Now to see how big a ship i can get in here.
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