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Found 3 results

  1. Looking to trade some game keys for Descent: Underground (purchased during its Kickstarter) in exchange for RSI credit in the form of any unwanted ship or package worth $25 or more. Four Available
  2. Decent Underground: Kickstarter - Just Launched <<<- Kickstarter Link Decent Underground << Official Website ====== I ended up being the 202 backer... About this projectDescent’s fast-paced, six-degrees-of-freedom combat made addicts of us all! Descent’s frenetic and pulse-pounding action were light-years ahead of its 1995 release date. Like us, many of you still share war stories of your epic network battles. You remember your heroic shots, your death-defying maneuvers, and matches ending with a narrow escape as the tunnel collapsed behind you. Sadly, as consoles took over and PC games were pushed aside by publishers, great games like Descent were left to languish in obscurity. A whole generation of gamers grew up without Descent’s heart-pounding, non-stop action, robbed of the true 6DoF space adventure that is their birthright! The Drought Ends TODAY! We’re bringing back 6DoF by blasting Descent into the 21st Century with current-generation gaming technology. Descent: Underground is more than a graphics upgrade. Get ready for multiple types of customizable ships! Prepare for upgradable weapons and sensors with richly-detailed tech trees. Brace yourself for destructible voxel maps with new power-ups and mod tools to make your own maps and more! YOU are the last hope of humanity! Earth is overcrowded, dying of thirst, ravaged by war and disasters – both natural and man-made. As a hotshot pilot, the resources you harvest mean the difference between life and death for countless millions. On your wings rest the fates of vast corporate empires fighting over the despoiled carcasses of once-great nations. Water, ore, precious metals – tear them from the rock or pry them from your enemies’ clutches. Use the profits to crush your competition. Only your dog fighting skills and teamwork can master the hazardous terrain, using it against your foes to gain the upper hand in uncontrolled space. A fortune awaits you. But first, you must destroy the opposition and carry your prize back to your harvester ship. CHOOSE your role.Fight from a distance, slug it out up close and personal, provide repair and logistical support, or harvest and haul critical resources. Build and upgrade your drones. Set traps. Secure critical passages. Defend your team. Win the day! Six-Degrees-Of-Freedom Action – fly and fry foes while zipping in and out of the dizzying confines of asteroids Balanced First-Person Ship Combat and Resource Gathering – choose from eight unique ship types, each one showcasing a different play style A Twenty-First Century Update – Unreal Engine 4 , top-flight graphics, rich design, and a modern twist on Descent’s classic multiplayer modes Go Home a Hero – annihilate your opponents, gather desperately needed resources, bring home the bacon2315. Earth is overpopulated and exhausted. As populations grew and the environment took its revenge on mankind, Earth’s remaining governments bankrupted themselves with last-ditch efforts to save humanity. Deep space missions sailed into the void to seek new homes for our species. They never returned. Hope waned, and nations fell. Too Little. Too Late. From the ashes, megacorporations emerged as the dominant power on Earth. With deep pockets and an insatiable desire for control, the new corporate-states sponsored ships and equipment for mining operations and signed mutually beneficial agreements to regulate the asteroid trade. A Little (Un)healthy Competition. Freed from the bounds of government oversight, the megacorporations prospered, but even the seemingly boundless asteroid belt could not sate their greed. Within a few short years, open warfare erupted between the titans of industry, littering both Earth and Space with corpses. Desperate to protect their investments, the great corporations formed alliances, signed treaties, and slowly, painfully developed rules to decide who could stake a claim. Of course, just like every other gold rush in history, there are those desperate enough to jump that claim. With a hundred million kilometers of vacuum between you and the mineral registry, all the fancy documents in the `Verse don’t amount to squat when the lasers start charging. The Underground Meanwhile, Earth’s teeming multitudes crawl over the diseased ruins of their home world. The privileged few dwell in glistening fortresses, trapped in their gilded cages. Everyone else scrounges and scrapes through the rust and the dust for another day of existence. From the grim necessity of asteroid mining, the megacorporations fashioned a new form of entertainment – the Underground Games. Distant struggles for resources became a source of hope, a point of pride, a new addiction for gamblers, a shared struggle championed by larger-than-life heroes fashioned from all-too-human flesh and blood. As one of those pilots, your life depends on your reputation, your value to your sponsors, and upon earning (and keeping) the adoration of millions back home. MULTIPLAYER is the heart of Descent: Underground. Pit your skills against other pilots as you battle for critical resources in the asteroids. Fly alongside allies of your corporation, and crush competing corps into bankruptcy. LEADER BOARDS will be presented as a corporate ladder. Compete with other pilots in a variety of categories, including most kills, most ore harvested, most tunnels created, most missile kills, most completed missions, and more. Create your own corporation with friends. Rally together and fight as a team. A corporation can craft a logo, company name, and a team color scheme for their ships. Corporations will be ranked and regularly compete in massive tournaments to win glory and riches. MATCHES can include multiple teams of up to sixteen players each. Each map will have goals and some may have timers. Capture the Asteroid – Secure and defend five strategic beacons in the asteroid. Capture the Ore – Mine resources and ferry them to your harvester. The first to reach their mining quota wins. Deathmatch Destruction – Kill all your enemies' drones before they destroy yours. Mining for Minerals – Find and mine a special resource and return it to your harvester. But, watch out! If you drop the “ball,” your enemy will swoop in and snatch it away.AND MORE! PLAYASTEROIDS come in a myriad of types. Some need to be explored, others have Voxel walls through which you can tunnel, others have hidden areas that may contain power-ups and hidden ore. Tunnel through secret channels into enemy bases. Discover hidden pockets of rare and valuable resources. Set traps to ensnare enemy ships. Create your own maps. MAPS for your Discerning Tastes Ice – Primarily frozen walls, some of which can be melted with lasers for tunneling. Lava – Bubbles of lava flare up from the molten walls and can obscure your vision or be used for concealment. But watch out! Your ship can suffer serious damage if you tangle with the lava. Rock – Standard asteroids, rock walls, rock tunnels, areas of complete darkness, crystalline formations can disrupt sensors and weaponry. Gas – Gases can be gathered as you fly but watch out! Some obscure your vision or damage your shields. Some are even explosive! SECRETS Never Stay Secret Hidden Tunnels – Dig to discover hidden routes to your enemies or secret rooms. Buried Resources – Mine to discover hidden treasures. Power-Ups – Keep an eagle eye out for power-ups, or unearth others hidden in the rock.CHOOSE YOUR SHIP All copies of Descent: Underground start with the WASP unlocked. Some pledge tiers unlock additional ships. All ships can be unlocked through game play. WASP – A well-rounded opponent formidable in many roles AUGER – A digging craft that can find hidden tunnels and secret chambers, and sniff out power-ups and advanced ores GOLIATH – A massive cargo hauler with the most hull space, a beast that will maximize the treasure hoard you bring back to the Harvester PREDATOR – A small, stealthy scout with increased speed designed to explore tunnels and look for ambushes – in combat, its long range weaponry allows it to snipe from a distance PANZER – A sturdy tank that can take punishment and dish it out – in combat, designed to get in and slug it out nose-to-nose TYPHOON – An assault fighter with better speed and advanced weapons. – the point of the spear SHAMAN – A medic for support and repair – don’t underestimate its combat abilities WARLOCK – An engineer designed to lay traps and build pathways for othersPIMP YOUR RIDE Your ship has three segments that can be swapped out for different visual appearances. Each segment has hard points that may be equipped with sensors, weapons, mining tools, and countermeasures. NOSE – Sensor Packages – design your custom nose art. FUSELAGE – Assault Platforms – build your perfect load-out. TAIL – Defensive Countermeasures – sport your company logo. Mix and Match any segment to create your personal signature. Add custom colors and decals to carry your brand across the solar system. CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOAD-OUT WEAPONS – Lasers, cannons, plasma, fusion, lightning, missiles – equip your ship with the best and smartest weaponry available. DETERRENTS – Lay traps and turrets, confuse pursuers with obscuring screens, smack enemies with EMP bursts – load up with an array of deployable defensive and offensive emplacements to pave your way to victory. SENSORS, DEFENSES, ENGINES – Every piece of equipment may be upgraded.TREES TO CLIMB Enhance your customized ship by upgrading: Speed Maneuverability Armor Improvements Mining Speed & Efficiency Weapon Power & Firing Rate Scanner Range & Sweep We love sharing with our backers and sharing what our backers share with us. MODDERS Welcome: We are designing and building this game to allow maximum community collaboration. Backers will be able to build their own maps, ships, logos, and weapons. Build something cool, submit it, and we may introduce it into the greater universe – become a developer yourself. In addition we are amping up the communication all the way to 11 (because 10 is not enough). You've seen us do it before and we’re doing it again. Michael Morlan and Eric Peterson set a new standard for reaching out to the community with “Wingman’s Hangar” and “Galactic Inquiry.” Look for a new show for Descent: Underground. Also expect behind-the-scenes videos, blogs, peeks into design meetings, and fun side-channel streams. Live Design MeetingsCommunity SubmissionsThe Proving Grounds: An exclusive map where you can try out new weapons and ship systemsThere has been a lot of interest in a Descent reboot and we’ve been building a community ready to back such a project. Kickstarter is how we test the commitment of the fans and how we attract beyond that core community. This genre of game has been neglected by traditional publishers. With the advent of online, digital distribution and crowd funding, we can surpass those publishers mired in repetitive releases and confined to only safe sequels. ERIC "WINGMAN" PETERSON Wing Commander 4, Starlancer, Conquest: Frontier Wars, Star Citizen Eric has been making video games since 1984. He has been a founder of several successful game companies, and most recently was President of Production on Star Citizen. His passion for making AAA space games is known throughout the industry. He is very much involved in every aspect of game development from design, to production to team building, he can do it all. Eric believes strongly in community involvement, and is a pioneer in changing the way companies communicate with their communities. He is looking forward to making Descendent Studios, Inc, the leader in community involvement, and of course making a kick arse game called Descent: Underground! JASON "STORMWIND" SPANGLER Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Citizen, Star Trek: Klingon Academy, Ultima Online and many expansions Jason has served as chief technical officer (CTO), technical director, lead programmer, and programmer for a variety of studios and projects. He has also spoken at game development conferences in the United States and Japan, focusing on online game development, software quality, and software engineering practices. Before entering the games industry, Jason was a fan of space, RPG, sandbox, and simulation games. He even had a poem dedicated to Wing Commander and other Origin games published in Computer Gaming World as a winning entry in a game poetry contest. ROB "DESIGNOPOTAMUS" IRVING Wing Commander, Jane's AH-64D Longbow, Ultima Online: Renaissance, Star Citizen Rob has been wandering around games since 1992, and they've pretty much all featured online play, combat, space, or all of the above. Over the years, he's served as a designer, writer, producer, programmer, and everything in between, but design has always been where his heart lies. Rob will be aiming for one word: FUN for Descent: Underground. SERGIO ROSAS - ART DIRECTOR Conquest: Frontier Wars, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Star Citizen Sergio is an experienced video game industry art director with twenty years experience in graphic design including UI Design, 3D modeling, concept art, animation and video production, project management, outsource training and management, and international business development. Sergio has created visuals for companies including Electronic Arts, Johnson and Johnson, HEB, Konami, Capcom, Zynga, Blizzard, Ion Storm, Cloud Imperium, Human Code, and Origin Systems. TODD "TOAD" BAILEY Ultima Online: Renaissance, Star Wars: Galaxies, Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Todd started his career in the game industry in 1994, working on titles such as System Shock, Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies, Tabula Rasa, and most recently, Star Citizen. Todd is a game designer, dungeon master, tabletop RPG player and has self published two fantasy fiction novels. He'll be bringing his creative efforts to making Descent: Underworld an awesome gaming experience. PHIL "BLUEDOG" TITTLE Gods and Heroes, Deadly Creatures, Multiple WWE titles, Star Citizen Phil has served as Project Manager, Producer, and Sr. Producer on a variety of game projects and with companies such as Origin-EA, THQ, Heatwave, and CIG. Prior to entering the game industry, Phil was a programmer, systems architect and project manager in the telecom industry. He has earned his PMP and CSM credentials. Phil's love of MMOs (EQ and Meridian 59) drove him to leave the somewhat stodgy world of telecom systems development to join Origin Studios and the UXO project. He'll be bringing his breadth of development and management experience to Descent: Underground. MICHAEL "VIEWMASTER" MORLAN Crusader: No Remorse, Ultima IX: Ascension, Ultima Online and several extensions, Star Citizen Michael started in the game industry as an artist, writer, and director of cinematics. Bridging the divide between left and right hemispheres, he also designed and coded the Ultima IX particle and magic effects system as well as wrote/directed/edited all the cinematics for that project. After art directing Ultima Online: Third Dawn, Michael joined Eric at Fever Pitch Studios then moved on to a full-time, freelance career as a cinematographer. He returned to game development with the successful funding of Star Citizen and produced “Wingman’s Hangar” as well as dozens of behind-the-scene programs. He’ll be bringing that experience to the community outreach programming for Descent: Underground. DESCENT is a registered trademark or trademark of Interplay Entertainment Corp. in the U.S. and other countries, and is used under license. All rights reserved. Risks and challengesOkay, let’s get real. Yep, we’re booting this development from scratch. There’s a lot that can go wrong between funding and delivery of the game we’re promising. We could run dry on funds, lose key people, mistake our original goals, and/or just not deliver the level of quality we imagined. From Scratch? Well, okay, not quite from scratch. We’re starting with Unreal Engine 4 as our off-the-shelf platform, a team experienced with integrating multiple front-end and back-end subsystems, and a creative group with the vision to deliver top-flight game design and artwork. Funds Our challenge, here, is to assure we properly scope both the project and ongoing revenues, and manage it well throughout the development. Eric Peterson is a multi-successful producer with a penchant for negotiating great deals and motivating his team through inspiration and example. Our project manager, Phil Tittle, is focused on preventing runaway costs and assuring we hit milestones. Our CTO, Jason Spangler, will guide us in making good technological decisions, allowing us to stay focused on getting the game done in an efficient manner. Personnel Churn Descendent Studios is a small team of very key people. Fortunately, we’re incredibly dedicated to reviving the Descent 6DoF genre and are really excited to see this through. That, along with a tightly scheduled development cycle to deliver our alpha and gold master releases, should decrease our risk of losing a vital person. Proper Scope Our biggest challenge is not overestimating what we can do with the funds, time, and team we’ve planned for the game’s development. Fortunately, our key people have all been responsible for delivering several successful game projects including Starlancer, Gods and Heros: Rome Rising, Ultima Online: Third Dawn, and Conquest: Frontier Wars. We’ll be applying all our experience and craft to delivering Descent: Underground on time and within budget. Quality Experience We really want to play this game. We really do. Anything less than what we promise is unacceptable. Community Participation In the end, we depend on our backers and tight-knit community to watch and respond as we dive into one more game project. It is your ongoing critical feedback that will keep us on our toes and sprinting to delivery. (The Kickstarer video and graphic elements are a gameplay visualization created in Unreal Engine 4 with WIP assets.) Learn about accountability on KickstarterFAQ Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly. Ask a question
  3. Hey guys, Stealthguy here. I know I don't post on the forums much, but anyone who has ever jumped into TS knows me one way or another. I realize there is already a Descent: Underground - kickstarter page. I don't mean to spam, but I'd like to try to keep things updated, and perhaps post some dates and updates. Maybe even a few sneak peaks. Scroll down a little to see updates! Livestreams every Thursday, 10am CDT First, I invite you to see our Kickstarter page ... If that's too much to read through, there here are some quick updates and info. We are bringing Descent back. The first game to make 6DoF gameplay that caught on like wild fire when first released. Unfortunately, time hasn't gone well for the game, so we want to improve it. Not only do we want to upgrade Descent to a AAA title in imagery, we also want to expand upon the gameplay, making it more accessible and fun for everyone. Currently, we are all working on this without pay. So we don't have a lot of Visual to show off. But we assure you we have the talent. With a team of ex-CIG developers (who chose to leave to pursue other projects), how could you expect any less of them? Here are some of the things we've already built and are showing off. Teaser video (Game play is expected to be much faster than this) (Asteroid Map) Check out some of the fans you guys know and love from SC. Featuring Logante Also, check out some of the interviews. (Rob Irving) (Phil Tittle) Just to get something a bit clear, we are NOT trying to compete with SC or E:D. We are making a space based games, yes, but we are creating a fast action, fast paced game that can be played like World of Tanks or War Thunder. We have many plans in making, and I would love for you guys to keep track and ask as many questions as you can. Hopefully I can keep this page updated for you guys to keep track of. I would ask you guys to please share this around and let it be known. In space, there is never NOT enough room for more space games. Please support us on Kickstarter and ALSO steam greenlight... (steam is NOT the sole release platform, we also plan for standalone and GoG). Also, check out our website! (I've spent many hours on this, please enjoy =D) Descendent Studios Thanks guys, until then have fun. - SG Update -- Week 2 Wow, things are starting to kick off guys. We are bit low on the scale, but here are some things I think will change the weights a little. If you missed the AMA, don't fret, you can still read up on it here New Map updates! Also, watch Wingman's Hangout if you missed.
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