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Found 6 results

  1. What's up everyone! New recruit here as of early last month and finally finding my way around. I went with the starter Mustang but have since purchased a Cutlass Black and loving it. Have been able to get a few of my friends into this as well and we're finding out some things that work and others that don't...like your crew mates can fall out the ramp door while quantum traveling (wtf was he doing back there anyway?). Flew the Blade tonight and it was cool. Want to take the Glaive out before the expo ends. Taking the Caterpillar into space from Lorville was interesting. On daily and ready to rock and roll Glad to be here, eager to play and can't wait to get into a Reclaimer or a Hammerhead VKGT
  2. Super Hornet LTI Melt Value: 165$ USD https://ibb.co/KztM0j5 DRAKE Buccaneer LTI Melt Value: 110$ USD https://ibb.co/MpNBLT7 MISC Prospector LTI Melt Value: 140$ USD https://ibb.co/hy6XxB9 Cutlass Black 3 Month Insurance + SQ42. Melt Value: 115$ USD https://ibb.co/pbrRf9g DRAKE Caterpillar 6 Month insurance. Melt Value: 295$ USD https://ibb.co/dWmNqQ0 It's an overall melt value of 825$. The Account includes some Suits, decorative Items etc.. 1500 UEC and 125.573 REC as well. I want to sell it because in the future i will not have enough time to play. I will be a father in a few weeks. If you have any Questions feel free to contact me. I asking for 700$. Maybe less, feel free to message me, because im open for offers.
  3. Will pay $165 for a Digital Pirate LTI Game Package. Dm Edit: bought for $120.
  4. So I just saw a post on spectrum inquiring about the max size ship that could fit into the Polaris. As with most ships developed in the UK, they tend to get bigger from concept to final in-game product. This post in particular was inquiring if a Prowler could fit. Interesting idea, but it's much to bulky to be a factor IMO. Initial specs state that Sabre size and smaller, but going back to my statement earlier, all things tend to change when the UK office is involved. Personally, I see the Polaris growing a bit. Enough to fit a Cutlass Black, Red or Blue to fit various roles. If that's the case, I would definitely consider the Black to take on the role of a drop ship and rapid troop retrieval unit. Its cargo hold is big enough to hold 2-4 Nox bikes and a handful of fully armoured marines. I would love to be in on a special ops team that will sneak in under cover of darkness and deploy to assault or capture a target. Imagine two or three Polarii jumping into a system. One deploys the assault team and the other two deploy Sabres as cover fire while the ground team disembarks. That would be cool! So what do you think of the Cutlass Black in the role of a drop ship being paired with a Polaris?
  5. Starting Money: 5,000 UEC 6 Month Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Star Citizen Manual Digital Squadron 42 Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download -these game are still in development Star Citizen Digital Download -these game are still in development Legacy Alpha https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Cutlass-Black $95
  6. Silent Wolf

    Want to Sell WTS Various Ships

    Looking to sell the majority of my ships, hoping to find a good return on the purchases I've made over the years, please PM me for the following ships: Anvil Carrack LTi - $400 Khartu-AL LTi - $200 - SOLD Mustng Delta - $70 Cutlass Black - $110 Gladius - $100 Avenger - $70
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