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Found 4 results

  1. Impulze

    Comp CSGO

    Hello SCB, I am new here an was wondering if anyone played Comp CSGO. I was ranked SMFC before taking a break and now ranked LE. Looking to get back in Comp play until SC is released. I have played in a couple of seasons of ESEA-O and Cevo-O, and I have played in LANs vs Pro and semi pro teams (most well known was Winterfox). So if you are interested please message me I would like to get a 5man and run some 10mans with people from this org.
  2. Ok so i was playing some CSGO with my friends when i had some guy pm me asking to trade for my knife in CSGO and this is now it went down. Run.exe: hey man SkyLordOwen: hi Run.exe: So i was just wondering how much for your butterfly? Run.exe: like to buy Run.exe: 100 steam wallet code? Run.exe: i can pay first SkyLordOwen: not right now Run.exe: :? Run.exe: :/ Run.exe: really Run.exe: why? SkyLordOwen: IN A COMP SkyLordOwen: MG COMP Run.exe: oh lmao Run.exe: sorry Run.exe: messgae me after the game Run.exe: im mge btw (40mins later) SkyLordOwen: OK SkyLordOwen: done Run.exe: sweet SkyLordOwen: ok so how i do trades is in keys Run.exe: im so confused right now Run.exe: what?? SkyLordOwen: if you have money you can buy keys, if you got items that cost up to $100 i can do that but i will like it more if it was in keys Run.exe: Why can i just give you the code? Run.exe: i cant use the market Run.exe: i dont have a pruchase exceeding 30 days SkyLordOwen: you do not use the market, you buy from csgo's home page and what is the code? SkyLordOwen: hello? Run.exe: sorry Run.exe: i was just talking to somone SkyLordOwen: do you know how keys work? Run.exe: Then its not tradeable Run.exe: not really Run.exe: Dude it will be so much easier if i just send code (it was at this point i start to think this is a scam) Run.exe: I said i can pay first SkyLordOwen: what is this code Run.exe: Steam wallet code SkyLordOwen: ok Run.exe: do you have trade email verification enabled? (this just made him sound more like a scammer) SkyLordOwen: so i will put it this way there is ways to fuck up the claim system and i can lose a knife if you turn out to be a scammer or i can take the money and run off with it. in short it will be safer and easy to uses keys as it is controlled but steam SkyLordOwen: yes Run.exe: ? SkyLordOwen: all you need to do is claim the code and buy 40 keys and then we will open a trade SkyLordOwen: where i will give you a knife for the keys Run.exe: Its not tradeable for a week SkyLordOwen: yes but it is safe Run.exe: Its still safe lmao Run.exe: im sending it to you first Run.exe: i can give you time to redeem and review the codes SkyLordOwen: ok one sec i am going to call up a friend (getting my friend in to see what he thinks) Run.exe: ight SkyLordOwen: ? Run.exe: Alright SkyLordOwen: ok Run.exe: ok (we asked him to add more to see what he dose) SkyLordOwen: my friend just told me i should ask you for a $4 to $5 gun on top of the code Run.exe: I have a p250 Run.exe: its like 5 SkyLordOwen: ok Run.exe: i will send you a trade offer, when you accept it will ask you to verify with email SkyLordOwen: yes it will be accepted when i review the code Run.exe: You do realise that once you accept it, it will send you a verification emal Run.exe: and you have to accept the email SkyLordOwen: yes SkyLordOwen: one sec (we started to do some trade tests to see what happens when we do it) Run.exe: its been way longer than a second Run.exe: LMAO xD SkyLordOwen: sorry runned into problems Run.exe: like what? SkyLordOwen: it not sending emails Run.exe: ? SkyLordOwen: and just sending the items with out SkyLordOwen: do not know if it is me or my friend Run.exe: what Run.exe: hold up Run.exe: im not following what you are saying Run.exe: you are kinda confusing me SkyLordOwen: me and a friend are doing a test trade the same way we are doing to look for ways to stay safe Run.exe: ok... (i send a offer to him with shit stuff to see what happens) SkyLordOwen: just send a test trade to test something SkyLordOwen: i do not give a shit about items Run.exe: what do you mean, i dont give a shit about items? SkyLordOwen: Run.exe: im sorry Run.exe: im really tired xD Run.exe: i took an all nighter Run.exe: soz :)\ SkyLordOwen: i just send a test offer to you with shit items to see what happens Run.exe: no you didnt Run.exe: dude, im not out to scam people Run.exe: btw Run.exe: what do you want me to go with this trade offer? Run.exe: i declined it SkyLordOwen: ... SkyLordOwen: i needed you to accpet it without accpeting email Run.exe: ok Run.exe: sorry SkyLordOwen: so my friend can test this shit Run.exe: alright Run.exe: send me another i guess SkyLordOwen: i sended it SkyLordOwen: send~ Run.exe: havent received it Run.exe: dw Run.exe: ok Run.exe: i have gotten the emai SkyLordOwen: ok accpet it and then send the same offer back SkyLordOwen: when we can move on SkyLordOwen: and get this done Run.exe: i have sent the offer back (and this is when i got a warning from steam tell me this guy has been reported for scamming attempts and when i decided to play the guy and see what he dose) SkyLordOwen: SkyLordOwen: wow Run.exe: ? Run.exe: i sent you an offer for the tec 9 SkyLordOwen: i just been sendet a msg from steam Run.exe: ? Run.exe: Wait is it the scammer thing? SkyLordOwen: apparntly you have been reported for scumming Run.exe: Yeah that is there becasue people in your position repport me with no proof Run.exe: like as soon as i say " Hey can i buy your knife" Run.exe: the report me Run.exe: *they Run.exe: brb Run.exe: im having dinnner SkyLordOwen: OK Run.exe is now Away. (10mins later) SkyLordOwen: ok i have accpeted it SkyLordOwen: afk Run.exe is now Online. (10mins later) SkyLordOwen: hi Run.exe: hey SkyLordOwen: it is done SkyLordOwen: waiting for code SkyLordOwen: so i can accpet email Run.exe: Please dont take my money and run (because ever player says do not scam me when they are about to trade :P) SkyLordOwen: i do not like scummers and if i scummed i will be kick out of my group if i did Run.exe: .. Run.exe: yeah but that doesnt prove anything Run.exe: im talking to my cousin yeah (sure you do) Run.exe: he is a good trade (wait... "this is a good trade?" or "he is a good trader?") Run.exe: and he is advicing me Run.exe: any way Run.exe: he is telling me to ask you, if you could forward me that email, you can remove the accept button, but its just if you do take my money and run , i can forward it to steam Run.exe: and get you banned (1 you can not get banned for taking something that someone gives you outside steam trading and trusting them to give you something back and 2 i can remove the button but when you forward the email it recovers the email to it's original form. we know he wants this to go through so we started to fuck with him and see what he dose) SkyLordOwen: my mate is telling me to pull out Run.exe: .. Run.exe: why Run.exe: i siad, remove the accept button from the email Run.exe: Stop listening to your mate, this is you, this is your knife, this is your decision (using the isolation strategy are we :P) SkyLordOwen: you have no need for email as i can always just delete email or do not accept it and I will still get the money but if i give email i will it can end up with recoving link to accpet it and go into trade without me wanting it. Run.exe: What the email does, is give me evidence of the trade (evidence means nothing in steam trading as i said "i can always delete email or do not accept it") Run.exe: Ok, then send me the link for the decline buttone (yes because i am going to give you the link to my side of the trade screen so you can accept it) Run.exe: i just need proof of the traed Run.exe: So that i have evidence of the trades exictense Run.exe: So that if you do take my money and run, can report you, and potectally get my money back Run.exe: and get you banned (you are going to potentially me over $100? XD. Ok yets turn up the heat on this) SkyLordOwen: i am going have to pull out i think this is way to fishy for my likelying, if you want to trade i will do so with keys as you can not scam keys Run.exe: Sigh Run.exe: Its a fucking decline button link (did you not say you want the email for evidence? how are you going to use a link in court?) Run.exe: what am i going to do, decline the tarde? Run.exe: and not get the knife Run.exe: but give you money for free? (yes because giving people money and then taking them to court for not giving you anything back is how the world works) Run.exe: Im really failing to see how this is fishy (maybe because you are the fish?) Run.exe: you there? Run.exe: ..... SkyLordOwen: yes SkyLordOwen: one sec (he is getting worried that he is going to lose us so we let him on to see what he dose) SkyLordOwen: we are talking about it and my mate is ok with it Run.exe: ok sweet SkyLordOwen: getting that evidence you need Run.exe: alright (you want wants evidence so here you go) SkyLordOwen: http://i.imgur.com/RI3d3Yj.jpg Run.exe: i cant use this as evidence dude (you mean "i can not use this pic to found out the link to your trade screen so i can make you accept it") Run.exe: its a screen shit Run.exe: *shot Run.exe: they can be photoshopped and stuff Run.exe: and they cant even see your user name Run.exe: Like i said, just send me the decline button link Run.exe: like right click it and click Copy link SkyLordOwen: 1. i do not own PS it cost to much and 2. i do not know how can i send you a copy of the email with out your email Run.exe: Cozcan@outlook.com Run.exe: thats my email Run.exe: just forward it to me Run.exe: Just highlight it and and press the backspace (ok so at this point i was like 'ok you want a copy of the email? you are going to get a copy of the email, but with every link removed') SkyLordOwen: near done Run.exe: ight SkyLordOwen: brb Run.exe: alright Run.exe: ?? SkyLordOwen: i am back Run.exe: ok cool Run.exe: so, are you forwarding it? Run.exe: can we just do it now? Run.exe: ??? SkyLordOwen: there you go Run.exe: you didnt send anyting Run.exe: send again SkyLordOwen: send Run.exe: you are sending me empty emails (i sent a copy to my friend and it was working) SkyLordOwen: no it's not Run.exe: remover the accept button Run.exe: not the rest Run.exe: im using windows 10 email Run.exe: like the app Run.exe: wait Run.exe: let me check through browser Run.exe: can you send somthing with the email Run.exe: like above the email write somthing like "hey Run.exe: "Hey" Run.exe: you are sending me empty emails Run.exe: just send one more time SkyLordOwen: done Run.exe: dude, your forwarding the forward email (your not going to get the original email :P) Run.exe: you need to go back to hr original and forward again Run.exe: lmao Run.exe: xD Run.exe: thats why is not working lol (not it's not working because you are not getting the link you want) SkyLordOwen: i know SkyLordOwen: you know why? Run.exe: why.. Run.exe: You're going to say some dumb shit Run.exe: i can tell Run.exe: like im a scammer or somthing Run.exe: ... Run.exe: and i know you're sending it to yourself as well... SkyLordOwen: i know you can see the email, becuase i have been sending the same emails to my friends to see if it will work ( it dose btw ) Run.exe: Well its obviously not working for me Run.exe: send me a new trade offer ffs (he is getting quite mad, time to drop the bomb) SkyLordOwen: btw say hi to youtube you are on trolling scammers video SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: lol SkyLordOwen: LOL Run.exe: ..... Run.exe: ok Run.exe: and SkyLordOwen: XD Run.exe: what and what do you ahve to show? SkyLordOwen: yes Run.exe: i have asked you for an email with no accept buttn Run.exe: ...? SkyLordOwen: sorry dude but it take alot more then that to get me Run.exe: I dont understand what is going on here? SkyLordOwen: i know if you have one of the links to one of the buttons you can change it and make it into a accpet button as long as you have the code on the button or you can take the code and use it to open my side of the trade and accept it. SkyLordOwen: me and 2 other friends have been having a fun time play with you Run.exe: FUCK YOU DUDE Run.exe: i am going to get my friend on to you to DoS your net SkyLordOwen: good luck and say good bye to that $400 knife in your inv when you get bannned for scamming Hope you enjoyed reading, and remember when you meet a scammer always report them.
  3. Hey there, i want to trade my StatTrack Cyrex Factory New for any ship which is about 70$-90$. I recommend getting a Reliant with lti. I do not need a game package. I would go first with the trade if you have a high reputation so that its safe for you. Thats my first Post so please dont judge me Any Questions? Contact me here, pm or over steam. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sabifacsgo SteamInventory: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sabifacsgo/inventory/#730
  4. I am looking for a copy of CSGO to purchase at less than the average price of $15.00. I know that is still very cheap but I am unsure whether or not I will like the game and want to minimize my risk by getting it as cheap as possible. If anyone is interested I can pay via PayPal, but you will need to help me through the process somewhat as I have never used PayPal with another person before. Thanks.
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