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Found 19 results

  1. I am glad to welcome you in my store upgrades. In it you can find a lot of upgrades that are not available at the moment for sale on the RSI. I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers). PM me message and I will provide a link to that sales thread. Also I have successful major sales on this site, you can see my feedback. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - l
  2. Welcome to my personal hangar. I've been a huge Star Citizen fan since 2014 and it's a great honor to further contribute towards this incredible game's development by sharing with you the many original concept ships which are no longer available. I'm NOT cashing out whatsoever. If anything, you are grabbing these extra ships from my personal inventory. You are contributing to the games development right alongside with me. A win for both you and Star Citizen. I've been an Imperium and Star Citizen Base member since 2014. You'll see I have excellent feedback and Reputation here. I'
  3. Hello guys, i want to sell my Anvil Crucible LTI ship. It is upgraded from a P72 and has a melt value of 350 usd. And you can buy it for 300 USD Please only veryfied Paypal. Regards John
  4. Standalone Ships ORIGINAL CONCEPT SHIPS* (*) Concept ship with LTI unless stated otherwise. Anniversary Sale Ships $45 - LTI MPUV Cargo $75 - Hull A - 4 yr $45 - LTI YellowJacket $100 - Avenger - Warlock - 4 yr $50 - LTI MPUV Personnel $105 - Hull B - 4 yr $60 - LTI 85X
  5. I have one more ship to choose, but I don't know what to upgrade and I have too many options. My plan was to upgrade the Gladiator in the Carrier Air Wing Pack to a Constellation Aquila and then upgrade it to a Crucible, but I still don't know if this is the right ship so I have a hangar full of $0 CCUs from the Crucible to Reclaimer, Endeavour or a Hull D and back again or even another Prowler. I know a Crucible will be useful when it is needed, but I don't know how often I'll need it or whether a different ship would be more fun . I've also got the option of getting a Banu Merchantman or a C
  6. Greetings, I would sell the following items: ships have been ccu'd from a Drake Dragonfly and all packages icludes SQ42 and PU paypal Fees included PM if interested Name Type Ass. Note USD EUR GBP Melt Value Vanguard Warden Ship LTI CCU from DragonFly LTI Out of stock 250RSI$ Vanguard Sentinel
  7. I thought I would post this here as well as Reddit, for more exposure. I have a never-worn engagement ring, purchased from Fred Meyer Jewelers here in Oregon that I'd like to be rid of. Its centerpiece is a 6.5 x 4.5mm Oval Tanzanite stone, ringed by smaller diamonds. It's set into 10k white gold. The size is 4.0, but it's my understanding that it's fairly easy to get it re-sized. It also has a lifetime care plan attached to it. It also comes with all the paperwork for the care plan and the receipt from when I purchased it. It's valued at 400$ + 50$ for the care plan. What I'd like t
  8. Zul

    Complete Vanguard Harbinger LTI

    Vanguard Harbinger (melt 280$) -> Sell on Ebay
  9. Greetings, I would sell the following ships that have been ccu'd from a Drake Dragonfly LTI. accepting only Store Credits Retaliator Bomber LTI________________________________390Rsi$ Vanguard Warden LTI__________________________________370Rsi$ Reclaimer LTI________________________________________500Rsi$ HullD LTI____________________________________________500Rsi$ Crucible LTI_________________________________________500Rsi$ Banu Merchant Man LTI________________________________390Rsi$ Endeavor LTI_________________________________________500Rs
  10. Let me know your prices via PM Thanks! T
  11. Hi all, looking to buy this upgrades if you have them. - Aquila to Carrak. - Aquila to Reclaimer. - Aquila to Endevor. - Aquila to Crucible. - Andromeda to Banomerchantman. - Aquila to Orion. Looking to pay for this at cost plus 10 usd for your personal gain plus paypal fees. NOT LOOKING TO BUY FULL SHIPS, JUST THE UPGRADES THANK YOU.
  12. I have the following items for sale: - Mustang Gamma game package with Squadron 42 for $70 PayPal, fees included. https://imgur.com/sQU0zrz - 150 RSI credits in the form of a Xi'an Khartu-Al for $145 PayPal, fees included. - 350 RSI credits in the form of an Aegis Reclaimer, Anvil Carrack, MISC Hull D, MISC Endeavour (base model), or Anvil Crucible for $295 Paypal, fees included. Every ship is upgraded from a regular SHI Aurora ES standalone. After payment of invoice the virtual items will be gifted to your Paypal email. Buyer goes first and/or pays middleman
  13. In yesterday's Letter from the Chairman - Chris Roberts (CR) unveiled the description of the Anvil Aerospace Crucible Adding onto this I would like to propose the above "Capsela" like Concept Art as a suggestion to CIG to consider: Each Anvil Aerospace Crucible "ship" could consist of (3) "Capsela" like Bubble Pods each 3 meters in Diameter with (2) Connectors to form CR's -- "(P1 = Straight section, P2= Left turn, P3 = Right turn, etc.)" This can form optional modular configurations for the "Miller ERS (External Repair Structure)" as CR has defined. 1st Bubble Pod would be the Pilo
  14. I have ENDEAVOR BASE LTI , CCU'd from Hull B Can CCU to following ships by demand Carrack Crucible, Reclaimer Price 350USD$ including PayPal fee. adding more ships, see below. Verified PayPal only
  15. Get any $325~$350 ship with LTI at cost (Paypal fees included): Orion, Reclaimer, Carrack, Hull D, Endeavour, Crucible. These are Archimedes upgraded ships, so there are no Phoenixes or Glaives available. (Sold) Also in stock: - AMD Never Settle package with SQ42 upgraded to Mustang Delta for $55 Paypal, fees inc. (Sold) After payment of invoice, the package will be gifted to your Paypal email. I have some experience as a trader here and eBay. My timezone is GMT+1, so delays are to be expected during the night time. Buyer goes first and/or pays middleman fees.
  16. Episode 40 is here. Questions after some sleep and coffee. State of the Game on (Thursday 3 Dec) will describe how to win the Endeavour. I'll link it here along with the details. Endeavour giveaway - Will be given away the last week of the year or thereabouts. Go to StarcitizenAA forums and sign up. That may be all you have to do. 1: Which is more awesome? 1 million backers or 100 million dollars? The first one. The money raised should have been removed from the site ages ago. 2: Can a docking collar serve as a way to refuel? No. We'll thi
  17. The Anvile Crucible will be on sale during the Anniversary 10th-30th, Price being $350. " You'll have to tune into the livestream to find out which ships will be sold when, but I'll go ahead and give you a hint: The Anvil Crucible will be on sale the entire duration for $350. Look for the requisite Q&A posts next week. " Source: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/296354/comm-link-schedule-november-16th-2015#latest
  18. Probably most are so excited about PAX Australia and busy with the FPS chatter, that there was no time to look at the counter. Well in case you've missed it, CIG hit $59 million today. The Anvil Crucible got unlocked:
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