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Found 15 results

  1. [BravoSix] Bravo Six is recruiting! | NA - Corporation | Find your group for the upcoming Xenothreat + Jumptown events! | Discord + Mic required | Bravo Six is a newly formed, NA-based Org. We aim to develop strong bonds between individuals and excellent coordination as a whole. Come help us become the richest and most powerful Corporation in Star Citizen! - Scheduled Org nights   - Build a long-term community w/ Leadership opportunities.   - New-player friendly! - Requirements: - Active participation in Discord with a working microphone and English speaking.   - Be mature and respectful.   - No exploiting, cheating, or breaking honorable terms (ie. Honor pre-arranged 1v1s, no trade ganking, etc.). Join our Discord to inquire about joining or any other Org/alliance-related matters. Discord: https://discord.gg/ZAsZwH7xQb Corporation Website - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/BRAVOSIX
  2. Why [ILIS] Invictus Logistics & Integrated Services over other Organizations? ILIS is a steadily growing community who looks at Star Citizen as a long term investment. We are based in North America but we have members all over. Our community sees this game as the space simulator we've been waiting for, and the MMO to end all other MMO's. We are an active community, and our focus is transportation of goods and security. We are looking to recruit positive, likeminded, and dedicated players to join us as the development of Star Citizen continues to grow. Roles in are organization include, but not limited too: Logistics - Running cargo, transportation operations and the main money maker of ILIS. Administration- Marketing, recruiting, data mining, support roles, and diplomacy. Navy- Top of the line Naval fleet with everything from multiple capital ships to the best light fighters currently released. Army- Highly mobile ground team that is able to rapidly deploy and take control of an area using vehicles and realism tactics. At the end of the day, our main goal is to build both a non-toxic and fun community to make a positive impact in Star Citizen. In our community, we will make sure you are not just another number added to our roster. If this is something that interests you, feel free to see the links below. https://discord.gg/d9CZPHd https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ILIS Thank you, and see you in the 'verse, Lee President
  3. Good day to the Citizens of Imperium. I am Dr. Sage Parvil of A'care Mining and Reclamation, Director of Corporate Outreach and Engagement. We are a small, employee-owned corporation who seek to provide our clients with the foremost in asset retrieval and mineral survey capabilities in the increasingly complex security environment we find in the 'Verse. We were founded in 2944 in Houston Texas / Earth / Sol but have recently moved our operations to the Crusader system where we feel we can be closer to our clients and our operations. We specialize in the timely and tailored retrieval of materials of concern and low-observable prospecting and survey reports in compromised environments. In addition, we provide real-time threat observations to our clients ensuring they have to most accurate environmental picture prior to undertaking any activity in a sector. We understand that during these times that economic access and security are intimately tied and our trained professionals provide up-to-the-minute assessments to ensure your interest are secure and you are ready to strike when opportunity presents itself. Due to our desire to remain flexible and impartial to our clients, we are not seeking direct affiliation with any entities at this time, but we are willing to discuss exclusivity agreements to avoid potential conflicts of interest arising in the future. With our exclusive clientele we are also open to discussing our full range of capabilities so that we may better tailor ourselves to your needs. A-M-R. We are what you need us to be.
  4. We are Black Star Initiative! Black Star Initiative is a UEE Aligned Anti-Piracy Private Military Corporation with 60% our focus on combat related security of UEE Space and 40% towards all other non-combat roles. We use a structured branch to organize players more efficiently. See link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Yc7m8bP8Izeg6x2QbtwaqqpmnMk1gtY1SRPLu9kM3mY/edit#slide=id.p3 We do require all of our members (Non-combat also) to be willing to fight on notice as we are firstly a PMC and all other non-security jobs provide the backbone of operations. As well, we understand your primary gameplay focus might include additional non-related gameplay, IE A Primary focus on Bounty Hunting and a Secondary Focus on Agriculture. Our Hot List of combat and non-combat roles in-need: Fleet Bomber Crew/Bomber Pilots, Medics, Weapons Operators(Turrets/Torps), Boarding Ship Pilots. If any of the above fits planned play-style please note when responding. We are however also non-specific currently. Interested to know more? Join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/0Vq6b9nrXiNhOlPn More Info: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/tbsi-black-star-initiative Official RSI Org Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TBSI
  5. Recruitment is now open for Oceania based players. SKY-TEK is intended to provide an umbrella structure covering different play styles and goals, while maintaining a legal approach to all operations. This means that government-sanctioned bounties against “public enemies” and pirates are both legitimate, whereas piracy is not. SKY-TEK’s primary focus will be “Sec-Ops” (Security Operations), but acknowledges that a broad income base is required for stability and growth. These verticals are intended to work together towards the common goal of lawful profit, and may include sub-operations focused on areas such as: Salvage, Search, and Rescue Industry and Manufacturing Trade and Freight Exploration and Cartography For full details of the SKY-TEK charter, visit us at http://skytk.org/sky-tek-charter or see our RSI page https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SKYTEK All Members must be over 20 years of age and have a Mature attitude. Please be aware that we are an Australian based Star Citizen organisation and would prefer if only players from the Oceania region apply for membership. The reason for this is simply to avoid connection issues and lag caused by high-ping. All members must provide a full API key for vetting upon application. This is non-negotiable. SKY-TEK maintains Discord and TeamSpeak channels for members. Details will be provided to you once membership has been vetted and accepted.
  6. Find our corporation homepage here! What is Galactic Astrometrics? GANJ is a casual corporation dedicated to offering opportunities for work and career expansion in Exploration, Scouting, and Fringe-service activities. We rely on the members of this Corporation to improve and upkeep the library of active fringe jump networks. Outside of basic exploration, we encourage our enlisted members to perform services on paid mission basis', which include Research and Rescue, Medical assistance, Refueling and Scouting/Patrol of allied trade routes. Our main source of income is providing these services for clients and allied organizations. We are a proud member of Cognition Corporation, a network of hundreds of organizations. For our main members, we will provide priority access to *paid* (UEE) missions based on contracts taken from allied organizations. Since this is a casual corporation we do not require the general populace to remain active, nor do we require main membership status to join. We do expect great maturity from our members, and no racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. A hierarchical voting system Each of our ranks are given different amounts of votes; Voting sessions will take place at the beginning of the month following the announcement of prospective legislation. When voting, different ranks will have different voting powers: Admirals - 6 votes Captains - 6 votes Commanders - 5 votes Lieutenants - 4 votes Ensigns - 2 votes Crewmen - 1 vote If the member is an officer of any kind, they shall be assigned an additional 2 votes. (Not to be stacked) Ranks and Roles: Fleet Admiral (1) A single 'Fleet Admiral' will maintain the corporation by creating legislation to vote on, but cannot take place in voting sessions. Fleet Admirals to not have a specified maximum amount of time to act in office, but may be removed from their post if a vote calls for such an action. Admiral (5+) An 'Admiral' takes place in a preliminary voting session before other members. (Able to veto proposals with 75% veto votes) Admirals are voted on by everyone with equal voting power [1 vote for each spot] every 2 months. Requirement for an Admiral position is being at or above the rank of Lieutenant. The number of Admirals is not to exceed 5% of the corporations population. (Not including the fleet admiral) Admirals also organize missions and dispatch Captains or Commanders. Funding for official missions is provided by the corporation. Captain Typically lead parties of ships on sensitive missions. If a Captain wishes to take corporation members to complete an unofficial or private mission, a Captain must fund 50% of the mission expense. Captains may promote or demote members based on certain guidelines. A group of 10 Captains may submit legislation, which cannot be vetoed by Admirals, directly to the voting polls. Commander Commanders typically accompany Captains on missions, or may be assigned a leader role on a mission if they are deemed sufficiently trained. Commanders may propose promotions/demotions, as well as submit formal mission proposals. Lieutenant Lieutenants are granted two additional votes on general polls, relative to Ensigns. Lieutenants are the first rank capable of selecting specific contracts. First rank capable of being promoted to Admiral by voting. Ensign At this rank, the member must agree to perform direct orders made by Captains and Admirals while partaking in missions. Insubordination will be penalized according to guidelines. Crewman A standard member, has no special duties or abilities. Typically it is a crewman's job to make themselves appear fit for more intense duty (promotion). Promotions Currently there are several methods of increasing your likelihood of rank growth, including but not limited to: Keeping Galactic Astrometrics and Nexus of Jump-points' affiliation as your main organization. Scoring in the top 10% in any Arena Commander leaderboard. Removing GANJ as a redacted/hidden affiliation Joining in on org flight days. Completing the membership survey. The membership survey can be found here. Introducing yourself on the GANJ corporation forum thread. Our forum thread can be accessed here. Maintaining activity on the forums/Discord server Our Discord server can be accessed here. Adding the corporation banner to your forum signature The banner can be found here. A guide on how to change your forum signature is here. Official Missions/Contracts: Admirals will negotiate, approve or deny contract requests submitted by organizations or individuals. These missions will be carried out by members of the corporation, however missions cannot be ordered, a member always has a choice to perform the mission or not. Whenever members from the corporation are hired for a mission they will always be paid, but must always adhere to protocol while on the mission. Members with the rank of Lieutenant or above will be given access to all available contracts for GANJ. Members below the rank of Lieutenant (Crewman or Ensign) will still be given opportunities to take part in missions whenever possible, however they will only be offered contracts (therefore cannot choose specific contracts and are not given access to the contract database). This is done to prevent sensitive or private information from leaking, and to maintain the reputation of GANJ. Restricted Contracts are contracts in which the details are kept confidential. Typically these contracts bring greater UEE rewards and higher likelihood of rank growth if completed successfully. Breaching the confidentiality agreement of a restricted contract is grounds for suspension or even permanent termination depending on severity.
  7. A great day to you! We are happy to present some information about us. What we want to offer and provide as small but specialized international entity? That means we do it all. Name it and we have a job for you. We don't just work for our own wealth; various public projects or surveys will make sure that everyone can benefit. We did it in the past, too. With success. You want more information about intended services? Look »here. Before we can successfully establish services and offer products, in an initial critical phase we look for new dedicated personnel to bolster our ranks. And we do it around the globe! You can find more information about this topic on the main presence »here. You can also find more links and information about our expectations ("rules") over there, too. Quick Overview Let's keep it simple. Here's a fast overview of the group, goals and expectations! We want to portray a neutral to pro-lawful Corporation in Star Citizen and perhaps other similar titles ("sandbox") We are influenced by sandbox titles and our main success happened in Minecraft International recruitment - most members are currently from Europe We encourage and support roleplay (light to heavy) or, in other words, "immersion" Yet small with roughly a dozen members ready for release - we intend to grow and you can assist us in doing that No hard commitment quotas required - from casual to hardcore regarding the time you can dedicate Rules can be found on our website. In short, we expect a somewhat mature, interested and dedicated individual that is at least 17 years old Average assets present: Website, forum, small TS server, various recruitment threads, allies In addition: Focus on multimedia in some areas, such as videos etc You have any additional questions? Something is unclear or even commendable? Just let us know here! Simply ask here, send us a message or do the same in any other area where we're present, like »here. We are also still open for cooperation with other groups and organizations.
  8. WE are an organization basing our Major goal of starting our own empire free of UEE Control On the outer Rim of UEE controlled space for Now and eventually controlling an undiscovered system as our final home base. I am looking for like minded people who want to role play and experience the freedom to play the game as they see fit, but with a group of people that want to be part of a legacy and in game lore as a final accomplishment. It will take many of us to achieve this but it only take a handful to get us started. I have already created the Org. on rsi website and taken the time to create a webpage and a Facebook page. Check us out at DITHS.weebly.com , facebook.com/diths and pm me if interested. I check Daily. A little about me. I am a recently retired (early retirement due to injuries) Army vet(also served one term in the Navy) that games hardcore while taking on a Masters in Cyber Security. I look to bring my military knowledge and skills along with the skills of my like minded friends from what we learned there into Star Citizens. I served as EOD in the United States Navy and switched to an AD(aviation Machinists mate) half way in, during my 9 years in the Army I served as a 91H or All purpose track Mechanic and was award for many things I did and accomplished in service. Most of the knowledge of what I learned and used in actual combat can be applied here and we can effectively win battle on both ground and space with training and practice. The true question is "Do you want to be part of something great? or do you want to look back and say I had the chance to join them!
  9. Hallo Sternenbürger, unsere Gemeinschaft die Deep-Dive-Corporation ( DDC ) ist eine deutschsprachige Star Citizen Organisation und derzeit daran interessiert neue Mitglieder zu finden. In dieser frühen Phase des Spiels, wollen wir die Zeit nutzen, um nicht nur irgendjemanden einzuladen, sondern Menschen die gemeinsam mit uns etwas Neues errichten möchten. Wenn du dich unserer Gemeinschaft anschließt bieten wir dir: • Ein Forum welches von engagierten Membern stetig verbessert wird • 3 unterschiedliche Ausrichtungen (Erkundung, Kampf, Wirtschaft) • ein aktives Teamspeak, wo man dir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite steht • außerdem könntest du als Teamleiter, die Organisation mit eigenen Ideen formen und verbessern Was du brauchst um uns beizutreten: • Du solltest mindestens 18 jahre alt sein, 16 mit Erlaubnis deiner Eltern • ein Headset besitzen und ein Teamspeak nutzen können • ein Star Citizen Account (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/) Bisher konnten wir 32 Mitglieder für unsere Organisation, aus Deutschland, der Schweiz und Östereich gewinnen. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn auch du dich für die DDC entscheiden würdest. Nähere Informationen über unsere Gemeinschaft kannst du auf unserer Homepage oder in unserem Forum oder direkt auf unser Seite bei RSI erhalten: http://www.forum-deep-dive-corporation.de http://deep-dive-corporation.de https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DDC Hier geht es direkt zur Bewerbungsvorlage: http://www.forum-deep-dive-corporation.de/f20-Bei-der-Deep-Dive-Corp-bewerben.html Gerne stehen wir auch auf unserem TS-Server Rede und Antwort: TS-Server Adresse: (kein PW) Wir würden uns freuen von dir zu hören, denn allein mag man stark sein doch gemeinsam können wir unschlagbar sein. Mit Freundlichen Grüssen Das Team der DDC
  10. (Due to current stretching, you should increase quality manually) ⇊Reference link | »RSI Forum link A good day to you! This thread will serve, as explained by the AI, for any communication and interaction. Do we need it because there is close cooperation? Surely not. However, it is good to be "on the radar" early, should the need actually arise. Personally? I'm sure that sooner or later, this will happen with an organization of your size. We look forward to a good relationship in the future while expressing our commendation on this community. A good place.
  11. Good day fellow citizens, Astra Solutions Corp is looking for YOU Astra Solutions Corp is a small german/english company, which engages in many different activities. The biggest part of ASCs income is generated by trade and transportation. Which in turn are protected by the companies own security. A mining unit is planned, but currently not available. ASC consists of the following divisions COMMERCE -trading/transporting ASC goods -trading/transport for hire -fuel gathering -mining -exploration/prospecting -........ SECURITY -escort ASC convoys -escort for hire -protection of ASC operations -S&R -counter intelligence -anti-piracy operations -assist in counter-vanduul operations -(bounty hunting) -(privateering for the UEE) As part of the UEE ASC sees it as their duty to support the UEEs war effort against the vanduul. Therefore ASC engages in scouting vanduul territory. (if you have questions about this pm director chigger) RSI-Link https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ASTRSOL Website http://astrasolutionscorp.clanwebsite.com/ see you in the 'Verse chigger
  12. The Eos Corporation offers exciting and challenging careers and opportunities in a variety of professional areas. We recruit qualified and personnel, including professionals from the private sector as well as former UEE military and Advocacy. The company searches for people of the utmost caliber; accountability, integrity and professionalism – all of which are what we look for in an Eos hire. Our employees and contractors enjoy a workplace filled with other highly motivated individuals dedicated to maintaining a cohesive and productive work environment. More than Fifty percent of all Eos employees are former military or Advocacy. They may no longer wear a UEE uniform, but Eos employees are continuing proud service to their species in a civilian or citizen's capacity. Eos employees perform brilliantly at their contracts, be it market prediction, freight, security, or the services of our legal offices, our customers know this and have come to expect it. Simply put, Eos employees strive to be the best in the business. The Eos Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, species, ethnicity, religion, gender, planetary origin, citizenship status, disability or any other basis prohibited by UEE law. OOC: Eos in an heavy RP group, focused on marketing and trade along with a lesser focus in security and exploration. In addition we've also incorporated a legal department, who will represent as hired in IAG cases or other disputes. Our RSI page can be found here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EOSINC/
  13. When life gives you lemons,give em' back.-Cave Johnson CEO,Aperture Science These are the words of the famous,intelligent,and funny,Cave Johnson. Here at Genesis Corp,we want to give the easy going type of people a place to go for work and social interaction. Join us today and get discounts with us and our affiliates. We do Internships and Recruitment for dogfights,Infantry combat and ship takeovers. Also check out the Intergalactic Trading Empire,and tell em'TheWittleBabby sent ya! See ya' in the verse! - - - END TRANSMISSION - - -
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