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Found 2 results

  1. See RSI Forums Sister thread and vote there as well --- >> MISC - Mining Ship - Concept Sale Price [POLL] Ben keeps teasing us with info on the latest Wave 5 Concepts Ships and his latest reveal was about the MISC Small Mining Ship. Note that the word "Small" in its description really just means that it is "smaller" than the Orion. The MISC mining ship would likely be "Bigger" than the Aegis Terrapin (a possible Starter Ship that didn't get the community votes). The MISC Mining ship would likely be a "Medium Size Industrial Ship" since Ben has mentioned they would have an intermediate set of ships that allow people to transition into the larger Industrial Ships. If you look at this image below you can see we are missing ships of the "medium" size and have plenty of "small" and "large" ones. It could also mean though that CIG could eventually make various sizes of "Mining Ships" beyond the MISC and the Orion === this could be "Tiny" = Argo (with Mining Module)... "Small" = Aegis Terrapin...... "Medium" = MISC Mining Ship...... "Large" Orion...... but all we can say for certain is the MISC and Orion mining ships.For More details on this "Evolution" and various CIG interviews see --->> WAVE 5 - Confirmed Concept Ships (new from BEN) + New Ideas + Idea Ship List [POLL] [1,242+VOTES]=========Ben Hinting about the MISC Mining Ship as the next concept sale on Twitter...Below are the new videos with Ben talking about the new MISC Mining Ship.... ++++++++++ &&&&&&&The MISC Mining Ship will likely be used to Mine on Planets and Moons - in addition to Asteroids = where the Orion is really only designed to Mine Asteroids (mainly due to its size and design). Since "size" also determines its ability to Refine Ore (since this process requires a great deal of equipment) = ONLY the Orion will have a built-in Ore Refining Option.For reference: Star Citizen Careers: MiningThe Orion has a Max Crew of 6 so it is likely that the MISC Mining Ship will likely not have One to Three of these positions (1-3):MINING SPECIALISTS (from above link)1) Pilot = Both MISC Mining Ship and Orion will very likely have this position2) Scan operator = Both MISC Mining Ship and Orion will likely have this position3) Beam operator = Both MISC Mining Ship and Orion will likely have this position with #4 below rolled into position 3 for the MISC mining ship.4) Exothermic Reaction Detector/ Laser Seismometer /Analytical Materials Processor = operator = ONLY the Orion will likely have this position5) Cargo operator = ONLY the Orion will likely have this position - since this has to do with storing refined ore.6) Refinery operator = ONLY the Orion will likely have this position - since ONLY the Orion can refine ore.==============NOTE The Concept Sale Price Poll (ever since the Herald Concept) - is intended to to communicate to CIG what the community expects of the new Concept Ship based on what we currently know. CIG welcomes and encourages community input and besides..... Polls are FUN = The price will likely be above a Starter Ship price and Below the Orion price of $325. +++++++++++++++++++++ Post your ideas of how you think the MISC Mining Ship might look like or function + post how many crew do you think it will have (Max Crew for ship efficiency)
  2. Markon Wings spaceship "Hopper" concept study is an example of a player coming up with their own concept ship in Star Citizen. It is an interesting idea really designed for planetary exploration. CR mentioned that they are going to add some SC supported modding tools sometime after launch so ... hopefully this will be a preview of what's to come (Players modding and creating their own ships) - Enjoy