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Found 8 results

  1. Narayan

    3.3 vs. 3.2 comparison

    Greetings citizens! Start 3.3 was delayed by more than a month, but finally we received an update on the Live-server (although not everyone can play because of 15006). I started to prepare this video on September 29, and this is the largest and most complex video I've ever done before - 133 gigabytes of materials will not allow me to lie. I present to you the comparison of the previous and current patches - 3.2.2 and 3.3. Enjoy watching! P.S. The time of each topic is written in main commentary on YouTube - to find the right moment was more convenient! P.P.S. You can support me here: Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
  2. Narayan

    3.1 vs. 3.0 comparison

    Obviously, it becomes a tradition - every new patch I do a video with a visual comparison of the previous and current patch. In the current build, 3.1, something turned out better, and something is on the contrary worse. I tried to show the main differences, but could miss something - if you know something else, write about it in the comments. The video turned out to be longer than I planned, so I added a timecode with a timetable of events - it can be found on YouTube, the first fixed comment. Enjoy watching! P.S. If you liked my writings, put your finger/arrow up in: Citizen Spotlight Spectrum Reddit
  3. wfja

    Bengal vs. Pegasus

    So here's a question worth theory-crafting about. How will the Bengal and the Pegasus compare in the PU? From what we know, they're both giant capital ships that act as carriers, with the Bengal on record being capturable in the PU and the Pegasus highly likely to as well. At some point, we're likely going to see these too match up in a fight or have to choose between the two for a carrier role. So what do you guys think? Will one be better than the other, or simply play to certain strengths? What will those strengths be? Compare and contrast, folks, I can't wait to read what you all come up with!
  4. Well just led me make a global frame first. 2 sections 1. single seater ships and 2. multicrew ships (excluding anything greater than an 890 Jump like an Idris) 1 entry each I would love to hear your reasonings and passion to the ships you love or admire or want. So lets get to it! 1. single seater ship: (Super) Hornet hands down since every one loves to blow up sh*t 2. multicrew ships: For me its in my mind it is the Freelancer with its abillity to do a multitude of Jobs without switching the Ships and beeing mostl efficently operated by 1 guy. Additional the Freelancer: -can ferry up to 3 passenger and even more in the bunks up to 7! -is able to ferry a decent amount of goods. -has a Docking collar / Eva port for exchanging goods/people in space or doing some light salvage -has decent enough weapons/missle to stand its ground against most foes -has Toilet and Shower. -hinting at the Engines says they are fuel efficent and have a low sig (according to Commercial) Its totally iconic name screams to love it
  5. Well i was thinking alot about the gladius lately and the reveal and all sorts of people saying Redeemer was to expensive for its role,class, objectives. Till i compared the gladius (90) and the Avenger (60) which are atm both hangar ready. I mean come on the Avenger beats the gladi literally in every part. He has 32 fu cargo space, prison cells and a bed in addition it has far greater upgrade potential too. the gladius "might" only beat the avenger in stealth and armor which atleast in my view arent worth the extra cost of 30 at all. It seems that there is a hidden added price to it like with the redeemer (atleast in my opinion). Well i would ask you then did i miss anything? is it a fair comparison? what makes the Gladius more "worth" then an Avenger? btw: I know stats are in an flow and the info isnt accurate but its all the info we have till now and i doubt CIG just change up the values of the avenger just to sell a more appeasing variant. shields are size 2 for the gladi and size 3 for the avenger.
  6. Comparison of the VHT2 Plus and ACOM StarHeart reactors. These are the reactors used in the Origin 325a and 300i respectively. I think this is a great - very valuable study (not so much now) - but we will want to do our own studies like this later on in the PU to test various upgrades. I think we (as Imperium) can get an edge over other orgs if we suggest to our members certain upgrade options over others (this also applies to overclocking)
  7. The Anvil Carrack Concept Sale maybe announced tomorrow (usually they give a one week notice) and Ben usually gives a status update for the week on Monday. Head over to the RSI forums and add in your VOTE and any comments We know Ben pays attention to polls as he did when the Redeemer was originally offered with LTI (we had a poll on that and Ben commented on the poll). See Link below.... (with over 721 votes so far) [POLL] How much should the Anvil Carrack cost compared to the RSI Aquila? ^^^ Latest post for topic reference... but see rest of thread.
  8. This fan has identified how large a standard freight unit is in SC and uses these sized crates to do cargo studies - Enjoy