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Found 2 results

  1. THIS SET WAS SOLD AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Hey there guys As I recently purchased a pair of Virpil Constellation Alphas I realized I still have a unused set of CH gear that I won't be needing anymore. So if any of you are still looking for a set of CH gear at a nice discount let me know! CH may not look all fancy like other HOTAS out there but their sticks are industrial grade, built to last almost indefinitely, and practically indestructible. I bought them back in 2014 because of that while building my basic simpit with my dad but I've never actually used them yet (except for sitting in the chair at times and making pew-pew sounds). https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50264/thread/a-boyhood-dream-becoming-reality-after-24-years-i- The original boxes are also still be available and my dad made longer (27cm) aluminium extender panels for the footrests back then to sit on top of the original shorter ones with adhesive tape because the original length of those pedals was rather short. Regarding shipping, I'm from the Netherlands so this may be something to keep in mind regarding shipping costs+fees. As far I remember the set cost me around €475 at the time and they appear to be getting rather hard to find these days so I would like to get at least €300 +shipping for the set. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'm sure we can work something out!! Figured I'd let my org-mates be able to get them first instead of putting them up for sale on Ebay.
  2. Why I made this thread: I recently purchased CH Products Pro Throttle and CH Products Combatstick and am using it as a standard HOTAS setup. It was a steep learning curve and it took me about a week or two of talking to other CH users and a fair amount of Google-fu to get it just how I like it. That's enthusiast gear for ya. It's got an overwhelming degree of customization. It drops you into the ocean and you either sink or swim. I'd like to help other CH users finish their setups quicker than I did, so here we are. Okay, now that that is out of the way, let's get down to business. This thread IS about: Assisting new CH Products owners with configuration General Discussion of CH Products hardware Sharing tips, tricks and config files with other CH users Hardware modding Sales/Deals on CH Products This thread is NOT about: Bashing any other company or vendor Sharing reasons for why you switched to CH from another company or vice versa Discussing the merits of twist sticks vs pedals Of course, I'm happy to bitch and argue with you on this subject on TS anytime, as per usual. Compendium of CH-related websites and downloads: FAQ Company Page (product descriptions) Quickstart [PDF] CH Manager for Dummies Vol. 3 [PDF.ZIP] The CH Hangar Front Page The CH Hangar Downloads Section Current USA (as of August 2015) Amazon PRIME Prices of CH Products gear. Flightstick - $85 [link] An ambidextrous joystick. Fighterstick - $120 [link] Similar to the Combatstick, removes two buttons and replaces them with hat controls. Combatstick - $100 [link] Similar to Fighterstick, removes two hat controls and replaces them with buttons Pro Throttle - $120 [link] One of the most popular throttles on the market Pro Pedals - $120 [link] Tri-axis flight pedals Quadrant - $130 [link] Multiple throttles for extreme precision Eclipse Yoke - $190 [link] CH's high-end flight yoke Flight Sim Yoke - $120 [link] A cheaper flight yoke Multi-Function Panel - unavailable Additional info from My final take on CH: Pros: High-quality industrial plastic Never re-invent the wheel CH Pro Throttle is considered among enthusiasts to be one of the best, if not THE best on the market You buy each piece individually, which allows for greater freedom and customization CH Control Manager: best, most versatile driver HID software ever (once you learn it) Advanced device management - you can merge all your devices onto a single DX Device (limit of 32 buttons per device, though -- DirectX's fault, not CH's) Advanced scripts and macros supported CH Control Manager has been supported by the developers for over a decade and receives regular updates Different: No money/effort wasted on marketing "Slide" design for Pro Throttle. "Hinge" design for joystick, makes space flight feel more intuitive (assuming you put spin on your stick) Cons: No LEDs, no flashy stuff Some people don't like that it's made of plastic Each device requires a dedicated USB port Steep learning curve for CH Manager (remedied, hopefully by my OP) Only the Pro Throttle and Flightstick are heavily community-supported (also hopefully remedied by this thread) Joystick design takes a bit of getting used to for some people. Similar to TM Warthog, you will need pedals to get optimal control (stick has no twist). Fortunately, there is also an analog stick on the throttle that you can use if you don't have pedals. CH Control Manager doesn't look pretty
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