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Found 5 results

  1. We are the 101st Legion Marines. A tight-knit band of former UEE military personnel, bounty hunters, and other like minded individuals. Our main goal is to provide security and any other combat orientated services to the people of Stanton, and her surrounding systems. For a price. Join today! We intend to provide our wide variety of services to the people of Stanton, Nyx, and Pyro. Our services mainly include a mobile task-force of top tier infantry, pilots, and medics. Mostly for escort, security and bounty hunting services, but the 101st Legion offers any service under the sun for the right price. We blur the lines of legality but mostly try to stay on the right side of the law. Our main priority is profit, we do not take sides, the highest bidder wins our elite services. The 101st Legion Marines were founded in 2946 following a disagreement of “methods” used by the UEE Navy. Our founders believed a heavier hand was needed in certain situations, and that we no longer needed our UEE overlords to command their dogs when to bite. Years later the legion is going strong, though small, we are mighty! Security and PMC work has been the main focus of our organization since it’s inception and this will never change, Recently a change in command has left us in a predicament, we believe it is time for us to open our doors to newcomers and expand our horizons. We need able bodies with rifles or in pilot seats, any and all are welcome! While PMC work is our core focus we also need Traders and Medical personnel to tend to the less violent aspects of our organization. If you’ve read this far, consider joining. We offer new player training and benefits as well as weekly events for all! Also, since we are a brand new org, promotion opportunities for active personnel will be available; for those for show commitment. WIP Discord: HERE https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/101MARINES
  2. Ok, this question is simple. How much are you willing to guard for, we are all in Imperium but I don't expect you to go with out pay. The 1st forum that started this. Thank you Jon1812
  3. Tuesday 18th February 2014 Imperium has appointed a new Combat Ops Officer! INN is privileged to be the first to congratulate Nazerath on his new appointment. This reporter has known Nazerath for a while and seen his many contributions on the forums as well as hearing many favourable things about him. I’m sure that he’ll do the position proud. This isn’t the last new Officer that will be appointed to Combat Ops! As the largest section of Imperium there is consideration for further Officers. Applicants will be appointed in the next one to three months, anyone who feels interested and capable of filling these roles will be able to send a message to current Combat Ops officers. These applicants will then be reviewed and discussed before a final selection is made. So get those applications in, stay active in chat and the forums and show your worth to the division! A Welcome Addition It’s no secret that Imperium has been rapidly expanding! There are those of us who have been around before Imperium had more than a few hundred members, and have seen the community that was built here attract more and more members. The most recent addition to the Imperium family is a group of gamers that many EVE Online players may recognise. Disavowed has made a decision to add their skill and numbers to Imperiums own. They have been a renowned mercenary alliance in the popular EVE Online game for some time now, and information on them has spread far and wide. So I invite all Imperium members to salute this powerful addition to their ranks and welcome their new brothers in arms! DFM at PAX East Many people have speculated about the release date of the much anticipated “Dog Fighting Module”. Almost everyone who had backed RSI and the Star Citizen project had an opinion ranging from not caring about polish and tweaking of an alpha game before release, to satisfaction that RSI was showing the care and attention-to-detail for which Chris Roberts has a widely regarded reputation. Love or hate the idea of the delay, it was a decision that was made after much consideration. Amazingly for a computer game reporting a delay, the fans and backers seemed largely positive about this decision, showing a level of patience and understanding that internet communities are not normally associated with. That tolerance, acceptance and approval looks to be rewarded shortly. It was confirmed in Wingman’s Hangar what many had already speculated: RSI would like to release the ‘DFM’ at PAX East. Information from the Chairman himself has suggested that the initial plan to have ‘only hornets’ in game at release may well have changed as parallel development continued. Players may be able to expect the Aurora and the 300i to be included as well as the Hornet, however all of this is subject to change based on how well development goes. The decision to host this release in a large, public manner is in keeping with the GamesCom ‘Hangar Module’ release which was a surprise reward which was met with much approval. Will history repeat itself? Will the DFM achieve a standard that RSI would be happy to approve a release to the eager masses? Only time will tell, and at the time of the writing of this article, April 10th seems both disturbingly far away and temptingly close. This has been your INN Newsbrief for Tuesday 18th February 2014. INN: Bringing you all the latest news just as soon as we've finished saving the world. WarWulf INN Community Reporter Is there something you’d like to see happen on INN? We’re here for you - be heard in the comments, or shoot us an email at imperiumnews@gmail.com. Click here to view the article
  4. Wednesday, 29th January 2013 IMPERIUM TEAMSPEAK MEETING There will be a Fleetwide meeting held at 22:00 UTC, Saturday 1st February 2014, on the Imperium Teamspeak server. Ensure you attend to help decide the future of our organization. For full details COMBAT OPS MEETING SUNDAY Combat Ops will also be holding a meeting on Sunday, 2nd February at 20:00 UTC. There will be many general discussions about the division, its roles, its organization and new developments. If Combat Ops concerns you then this meeting concerns you too. For full details STARCITIZENBASE HITS A NEW MILESTONE A little over a year after the website was started, SCB has managed to hit a milestone of it’s own. We’ve had a fun time over the last year, along with more serious moments and some that will be talked about as long as the original members are around. So INN would like to say congratulations to Gallitin for bringing us all together, and celebrate a moment in SCB history as we reach 100,000 total posts and over 5,000 individual members! See the evidence by ! HISTORY OF THE IMPERIUM POSTER Many of you will have seen the Imperium multi-ship poster being modelled by the lovely Sandi on her Facebook page (if you missed it, check out the INN post here), but I’m willing to bet that there are many of you who don’t know how it came about. If you want to see a piece of Imperium history click here! IMPERIUM FLEET STEAM GROUP Imperium has started its own Steam group, so if you’re looking for people to game with or simply want to get to know more about your potential wingmen this is a great way to start getting together and gaming! In order to be accepted as a member of the Steam group you will need to post your details in the appropriate thread, linked below. For more details FAN FIC IN IMPERIUM Imperium’s own WetWorker has been demonstrating that his skills extend far beyond exploration, he’s been exploring his imagination too! There is a dedicated thread for those of you who can apply your mind to the SC universe and weave a story to entertain. So far there haven’t been many contributors so it’s the duty of the INN Community Report to show you some great work and inspire you to make contributions of your own. Regardless of whether you just want to read, or you’re a budding writer looking to publish and get your work noticed, you’ll find a great place to stop by here! ZehLegitGlitch CHALLENGES CITIZENS TO PRODUCE FINER ART! And while we’re on the subject of Fan contributions, Imperium’s own ZehLegitGlitch has laid down a challenge to all you artists. As he says in his original post, “DO YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE HIM?” If you think you can achieve a higher standard, be more creative, or even just funnier, you might want to post your contribution on his thread. Stop by to check it out by clicking here! This has been your INN Community Report for Wednesday, 29th January 2014. INN - telling you what you need to know since 2013 Is there something you’d like to see happen on INN? We’re here for you - be heard in the comments, or shoot us an email at imperiumnews@gmail.com. Click here to view the article
  5. Tuesday 21st January, 2014 Breaking News! Imperium Organization Goes Live on RSI website! Imperium News Network would like to report that Gallitin, the much beloved leader of Imperium, has successfully created the Organization within the RSI website. From this day forward you can show your organization with pride as it is now officially acknowledged and represented on the RSI website. Features are a little light on the ground right now with the only real features being the rank system and an organization chat mechanism but expect more features to be released soon. As always, Imperium plans to be at the forefront of new features and will be updating regularly so keep an eye on the website and INN for updates. SCB will continue to be the home for all things Imperium so expect for most things to continue as normal however all Imperium members are encouraged to register for official Imperium membership on RSI as soon as possible. Keep watching INN for new features to be released as well as exciting updates about the rapidly developing SCB portal and other features. Register now by heading to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/IMPERIUM Addendum: FAQ on Joining RSI Chat using an XMPP Client, such as Pidgin, can be found at the link below. https://robertsspace.../faq/xmpp-setup Combat Ops Team Meeting Those of you in Combat Ops will probably want to be aware of an upcoming TeamSpeak meeting on the 2nd February 2014. Naros is requesting your input as to what time to host the meeting in order to assure the maximum attendance possible. There will be many topics discussed and if you want to participate you’ll find all the details in the thread, linked below. I would like to emphasise how useful it is to attend these meetings as it’s always better to be part of the discussion about decisions than complain later that you don’t agree with a policy. Imperium members can check it out . Banana Warning! INN values each and every one of our readers, so when news caught my eye of a potential hazard to you all I felt it my responsibility and duty to bring it to your attention. The common banana has long been considered a friend to the human race and if you believe that sort of thing maybe even to the monkeys we supposedly “evolved” from. However it seems that these cunning yellow demon-fruit may have been slowly poisoning us over the years and consumers of these sweet-tasting traitors maybe the cause of many problems. I’ll let Imperium member Dekkarius fill you in on the exact details . Do you enjoy grasping your joystick or fingering your keyboard? There has been much debate about which will be better to use in Star Citizen. Many claim the joystick lacks the precision of the mouse while others contend that if the mouse were so great, why wouldn’t we drive cars and fly planes with it? Controller fans haven’t been as vocal yet.. There are a number of interesting points so feel free to add your opinion (bias?) on the thread and read the comments of grizzled old combat pilots, console jockeys and keyboard cowboys This has been your Community Newsbrief for Tuesday 21st January 2014. INN: Bringing you all the latest news just as soon as the editor finishes watching Torchwood. WarWulf INN Community Reporter This post has been promoted to an article
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