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Found 14 results

  1. Who are we? Originally created at the release of Planetside back in 2003, BRTD is one of the most successful and active communities throughout the games history. Our focus is to create a fun, casual, and rewarding environment for all our members while ensuring we have the ability to knuckle down and get serious when necessary. These ideals have given way for our mantra; "Have fun and get shit done". We are now expanding our community into the Star Citizen universe looking for like minded players to join us. Structure - Two Organisations, Working Together Due to the diversity o
  2. "Our business is life itself" Synergy Corporation's Security Department is looking for new operators for our Grounds Forces and our Naval Forces. Welcome to all players of any class. Contact us at https://discord.gg/xu6qEW8
  3. With SC 3.0 being played out and everyone waiting for 3.1 to drop, several of us have been hitting World of Warships (WOW) pretty hard these past couple months. I wanted to join a clan but preferred to hang out here on Imperium/Star Citizen Base TeamSpeak with my homies rather than go somewhere else for WOW clan battles. Sooooo, I dropped $14 bucks yesterday and created an UNOFFICIAL Imperium/Star Citizen Base World of Warships Clan just for us. I figured it would be a good avenue for those interested in playing WOW to come and play with us and perhaps end up joining Imperium in the end. I'll
  4. Hey all, So back in 2014, we had this Rust event..well..more like Rust frenzy. Purpose was to build team work with resource allocation leadership skills etc. Results : Week 1 : Amazing Week2 : alot more people and bigger projects Week 3: Paranoia End of month : collapse HAHA only those who played back then with SCB clan would know what week 3 meant. Anyone want to input good memories in here? On a side note, I looked into rust recently and I found it look more interesting (it is beta but it has improved alot)
  5. Website Organization Page Recruitment Information TeamSpeak IP: fighting13th.teamspeak3.org THE CURRENT The Fighting 13th is seeking pilots and soldiers willing to face combat and act with discipline. Training will be provided for both novice and expert pilots, as well those with skill levels anywhere in between. The Fighting 13th is also in search of potential leaders to take commanding roles of combat squadrons, as well as other departments discussed below. The current goal is to become a well-known PMC and establish clear roles as well as methods for revenue. The Fighting 13th will be a na
  6. Sie sind auf der Suche nach einer paramilitärischen Organisation? Sie sind auf der Suchen nach Nervenkitzel, aber das normale Militär reicht Ihnen nicht? Sind sie geübt im Umgang mit Waffensystemen und den Flugeigenschaften eines Jägers oder eines Bombers? Nein? Dann kommen Sie zu uns und lernen Sie es. TSECC ist immer auf der Suche nach neuen Rekruten, um die Sicherheit des Universums zu gewährleisten - auch in den dunklen und scheinbar rechtsfreien Weiten des Weltraums. Gemäß unserer Tradition eskortieren wir Handelsschiffe und Passagierschiffe - wobei wir aus familiärer Geschichte hera
  7. Hey Imperium members! I am looking to start a small group of fighters for the release of the dogfighting module. I am looking for 4 - 5 serious players who plan on flying the 325A fighter from origin. I am also looking for 1 commander with a command style ship or a ship used for boarding. The team will be strictly focused around bounty hunting and military expeditions. Some type of Microphone would be very helpful but not 100% necessary. The times I'm available to be online are generally around 12AM-3AM EST
  8. The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is recruiting Website: http://1ras.enjin.com Timezone: USA mostly Commo: TS3 Focus: Casual Play, some RP, and Moderate Competitive play. Fun Description: The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is an Independant Squadron from the UEE Marines. In Which is Give the freedom to maneuver where ever is needed of them. We have Ships dedicated to exploration, and Patroling the boarders, as well as the lawless areas of Space. we accept request for assistance from Civilians who might need help or protection from Pirates or just any hostiles, We are not a unit that
  9. Recruitment: MOPP4 would like to build a strong core of players & carve out our niche in the galaxy upon launch. Though focused on Military members we more than welcome friends and military supporters. Jump on bored and join MOPP4! MOPP4 is an adult community most of our members range between 20-55, we ask that you be 18+ before applying. Thank you. What can MOPP4 do for me: 1.All of MOPP4's members play by a Code of Conduct while wearing the MOPP4 tags. This C.O.C. ensures mutual respect and as close to a drama free gaming environment as one can hope for. For more information on MOPP
  10. Though many have heard the voice of the Emperor's loyal Adeptus Astartes, I now give purpose to that voice. The Black Templars Crusade fleet led by Marshal Afghanicus has been charged with purging the Xeno threat from Imperium space, all heretics and traitors will also be purged; none shall stand in the face of the Emperors righteous fury, his divine justice, his Black Templars. We are coming... Our Vows: 1. Suffer Not the Unclean to Live Those who fashion themselves pirates and live off the blood of the Imperium are Choas tainted filth, and shall be purged. 2. Uphold the Honour of
  11. Plain and simple. Perhaps if an official clan exceeds 75 members they will get a special, player designed tag that they can put on their ship.
  12. Synergy Command is recruiting all members. Our aim is to become the biggest and most powerful fleet/clan/group in the Star Citizen universe with every major event from launch controlled by us. Synergy Command will be written in every lore page in the game and on the internet as the biggest most influential power to exist in the game. But we can't achieve our goals without you guys. We need all the members we can find to command huge carriers under the Synergy Command banner or to control trade and the clans economy. Positions in the High Command are going fast and all men and women are neede
  13. Toxin Website Forums Outfit Charter Apply To Join Here Join us on Teamspeak 3 Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Twitch TV Subscribe to us on Youtube Other games we play are Battlefield 3, Heroes Of Newerth/DOTA 2, Guild Wars 2, FireFall Beta, Planetside 2 and several other FPS's, RTS's and MMO's We highly encourage you to jump on Teamspeak 3 and games with us. BRIEF OVERVIEW & HISTORY Toxin is an organized, active and mature Multi-Game Clan, based mainly in North America with a minority of Europeans. Toxin was officially formed during the fall of 2006 when a group o
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