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Found 28 results

  1. I am glad to welcome you in my store upgrades. In it you can find a lot of upgrades that are not available at the moment for sale on the RSI. I have over 150 successful sales of ships Star Citizen on eBay (all with positive feedback from buyers). PM me message and I will provide a link to that sales thread. Also I have successful major sales on this site, you can see my feedback. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are final (includes PayPal fees). If you are interested - leave a comment here and send me private message with: Ship or Upgrade or Package name, your PayPal email also your corresponding RSI handle. I will send invoice for payment via PayPal. Item will be delivered buyer's PayPal email address after payment is cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allow 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account (your payment will be refunded if I cannot deliver your item for any reason). If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery. I wish you a pleasant shopping in my store:) All prices are final (includes PayPal fees) Hammerhead to Polaris Upgrade - $120 Hull E to RSI Polaris Upgrade - $265 Gladiator to Sabre Upgrade - $15 Cutlass Red to 350r Upgrade - $15 Avenger to Mustang Delta Upgrade - $15 325a to Reliant Researcher Upgrade - $15 325a to Avenger Warlock Upgrade - $28 Avenger Stalker to Reliant Skirmisher Upgrade - $16 Constellation Aquila to Vanguard Harbinger Upgrade - $18 Redeemer Warden to Vanguard Sentinel Upgrade - $35 Constellation Andromeda to Vanguard Warden Upgrade - $39 Constellation Taurus to Vanguard Hoplite Upgrade - $95 Sabre to Нurricane Upgrade - $26 Khartu-Al to Нurricane Upgrade - $26 Constellation Taurus to Нurricane Upgrade - $75 Constellation Taurus to Banu Defender Upgrade - $48 Sabre to Banu Defender Upgrade - $27 Constellation Taurus to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade - $42 Constellation Taurus to F7C Hornet Wildfire Upgrade - $39 Constellation Taurus to Sabre Upgrade - $33 Constellation Taurus to Freelancer MIS Upgrade - $29 Constellation Taurus to Gladiator Upgrade - $29 Cutlass Black to Gladius Valiant Upgrade - $15 F7C-S Hornet Ghost to MISC Razor Upgrade - $49 Cutlass Black to Buccaneer Upgrade - $15 F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Cutlass Blue Upgrade - $15 325a to Herald Upgrade- $25 F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Khartu-Al- $32 Redeemer to Retaliator Bomber Upgrade - $39 F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Retaliator Base Upgrade - $20 Redeemer to Aegis Eclipse Upgrade - $70 Vanguard Sentinel to Aegis Eclipse Upgrade - $50 Esperia Vanduul Blade to Aegis Eclipse Upgrade - $65 Constellation Aquila to Starfarer Upgrade - $39 Constellation Aquila to Starfarer Gemini Upgrade - $54 Starfarer to Starfarer Gemini Upgrade - $59 Constellation Taurus to Prospector Upgrade - $15 Freelancer DUR to Prospector Upgrade - $45 F7C-S Hornet Ghost to Prospector Upgrade - $45 Constellation Taurus to Terrapin Upgrade - $90 Starfarer to Orion Upgrade - $65 Starfarer Gemini to Endeavor (Base) Upgrade - $29 Starfarer Gemini to Crucible Upgrade - $29 Starfarer Gemini to Carrack Upgrade - $55 Constellation Aquila to Carrack Upgrade - $115 Constellation Aquila to Reclaimer Upgrade - $115 Constellation Aquila to Crucible Upgrade - $65 Modules & Upgrage KITs: Endeavor MEDICAL BAY POD - 48 Month Insurance - $110 Endeavor LANDING BAY POD - 48 Month Insurance - $110 Endeavor SUPERCOLLIDER POD - 48 Month Insurance - $165 Endeavor SUPERCOLLIDER POD LTI - Lifetime Insurance - $230 WARDEN BATTLEFIELD UPGRADE KIT - 6 Month Insurance - $18 SENTINEL BATTLEFIELD UPGRADE KIT - 6 Month Insurance - $38 HARBINGER BATTLEFIELD UPGRADE KIT - 6 Month Insurance - $58 Thank you for visiting my Store and I will be glad to see you again:)
  2. Now that the Hercules ship sale is over, I have added more ships: 1 x Hercules C2 LTI (2 are CCU'd from MPUV cargo and 3 are CCU'd from Dragonfly ships) - $250 or best offer (original melt price - $360) This is in addition to the other 2 ships that I have for sale: 1 x Caterpillar LTI - CCU'd from Retaliator Base - $240 or best offer (original melt price - $245) 1 x Cutlass Blue LTI - CCU'd from Avenger Titan - $110 or best offer (original melt price - $150) Paypal fees are included. Pm me for offers. Update: All ships have been sold.
  3. Fell in love the Valkyrie. Gotta make like the government and subsidize things I shouldn't. Paypal only. Price listed or best offer. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/SzzZ1op Willing to use a Middleman as long as I don't incur cost.
  4. AstroJak

    Want to Sell Package Sale

    Hello again, its your friendly neighborhood Astrojak coming to you with yet another fantastic sale on past opportunities. Currently i have several awesome packages up for grabs all at cost + PP fee of 4.5%. Pls see below for further information and as always i have LTI tokens on sale for $35 = 4.5 % PP fee. Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices plus paypal fees of 4.5% (Excluding PayPal fees). All sales are conducted via Paypal invoices. Item will be delivered to buyer's PayPal email address after payment has cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allows a 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account. If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery. Prices are not negotiable. - Cat & Dragon Combo - LTI $300 + 4.5% PP Fee (Contains; Caterpillar, Dragonfly - yellow, Dragonfly - black) Current RSI Value = $375 - UEE Exploration Pack - LTI $495 + 4.5% PP fee (Contains; Carrack, Terrapin, Dragonfly Black, 20k UEC + both games) Current RSI Value = $660.00 - Exploration Mega Pack - LTI $895 + 4.5% PP fee (Contains; Carrack, Terrapin, Dur, Aquila, 315P, Dragonfly Black, 20k UEC, + both games) Current RSI Value = $1160.00
  5. I would like to get a caterpillar pirate edition. I am willing to trade with some combination of : caterpillar (regular) LTI retaliator bomber LTI khartu al LTI vanguard LTI 350R LTI Let me know. Thanks, -scheherazade
  6. Selling the listed ships and modules below. Selling my additional ships and upgrades. All prices are RSI Store Price + 5.5% Paypal Fees. All items are from buybacks. I am not selling for profit. Just helping out those in need. As the purchase uses the Paypal credits received via the Paypal invoice, you can be sure there is no undesired grey market credits and all the trouble associated with them - not that I'm peddling in that anyway but it's a good assurance. LTI Concept Sales Ship Comes with related hangars, flairs and LTI. Dragonfly Ride Together 2 Pack (2-in-1) Aopoa Nox Kue (Limited Edition White) Aopoa Nox 2 Pack Anvil Carrack Anvil Terrapin Argo Cargo MPUV Drake Buccaneer Drake Dragonfly Yellow/Black (ASK) Esperia Vanduul Blade Misc Hull-E | 550USD Misc Prospector Origin 85X (Last 2) CCUs, and other Upgrades You can also opt to purchase an LTI token from the above and I'll CCU it towards the any of the ships below that you desire. Banu Merchantman *Popular, Limited Stock* Carrack *Popular, Limited Stock* RSI POLARIS *Limited Stock* 350R Esperia Blade Super Hornet F7C-M Hornet Wildfire F7C Gladiator Gladius Valiant Esperia Prowler Mustang Delta Caterpillar Freelancer MIS Anvil Crucible Sabre Sabre Comet Vanguard Warden Genesis Starliner Orion Miner Terrapin Avenger Warlock Retaliator Bomber Retaliator Base Prospector Khartu Al M50 Interceptor **Miscellanous, Game Packages and Stuff** Vanguard Warden BUK, 24mth | 20USD 300i Game Package w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 65USD 325a Game Package w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 80USD Aurora MR Starter w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 45USD SQ42 Themed Aurora MR Starter w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 45USD UEE Exploration Pack, LTI | 495USD Citizencon 2947 Trophy | 10USD Gamescom 2946 Trophy | 10USD Kastak Arms SMG Citizen 2947 Edition | 10USD Kindly note that all are cash prices, I do not accept RSI Credits or other forms of trade. Feel free to drop me PMs to enquire further, thank you. I may take awhile to respond, but will do as soon as I can. I do accept middlemen, however you would need to cover any additional fees. **Terms & Conditions** *Please kindly be Paypal Verified as well as being RSI Flaired for transaction purposes. **I reserve the right to decline trades at my own discretion especially when dealing with recent-flaired/new accounts.
  7. Throw me an offer both of these ships are being sold as I have a main account with more and do not need these ships or the account. The ships sell with the account via paypal. Selling accounts is against RSI terms of service i think still so dont tell them you bought the account i guess. PM if interested looking for around $400 $450 theres a few other ships and credits on the account as well.
  8. $400 PP fees included if you want, i can ccu the black dragonfly to a yellow one
  9. I am selling the whole package for a total of $470 through paypal invoice **The Package Contains:** * Caterpillar Pirate Edition * Cutlass Black * Drake Dragonfly Ship Black * Drake Dragonfly Ship Black (again) * VFG Industrial Hangar Picture of the package in my hangar: https://imgur.com/a/YTAfu PM me or comment down below if you have any questions. If you are looking to buy, send me a PM with your paypal email and your RSI account email if it differs from your paypal email. I will then send you an invoice and once the payment has been made you will be gifted the package. **I AM PAYPAL VERIFIED**
  10. I'm looking at buying a Caterpillar Pirate Edition a CCU or one that has already been applied with LTI I would prefer the CCU if its even available as I'm thinking of getting rid of my Gladiator.
  11. WTB Pirate Caterpillar LTI and/or "low number" warbond Polaris LTI. Please PM me with prices and/or links. Thanks
  12. Interested in the Dragonfly but need a home base? This special package includes both versions of the Dragonfly (yellow launch edition and black production version) AND a Drake Caterpillar transport platform. PLEASE NOTE: This pack adds ships to an existing Star Citizen account, it does not include a game package and can not be used to play the Star Citizen Alpha on its own. Combo - Caterpillar & Dragonfly Pack (total 3 LTI Ships) 360USD Verified PayPal only I have lots of add-ons, packages and stand alone ships. PM me
  13. Ships CCU'd from Dragonfly LTI Caterpillar Esperia Blade Reliant Skirmisher Mustang Delta 350R Racer M50 Interceptor Concept Sale ( not CCU'd) Drake Buccaneer - Concept Sale Misc Prospector - Concept Sale COMBO - CATERPILLAR & DRAGONFLY PACK - LTI -365 USD$ Non-LTI PACKAGE: AURORA MR AC STARTER - 55 USD$ 325A -95 USD$ LTI PACKAGE: DIGITAL FREELANCER - LTI - 185USD$ - VERY RARE Verified PayPal only. Stand alone ships - Original price + 15% ( includes PP fee) PM for details
  14. Chris Roberts co-hosts. Topics include: medium and light armor and user customization; the Caterpillar and Drake styling; the Connie Aquila (Ah-kwee-lah) rework, damage and art tech, among others. The Cat is big now. Like 120m big.
  15. Greetings, I would sell the following ships that have been ccu'd from a Drake Dragonfly. All Fees included Retaliator Bomber LTI______________________________280$/247€ Vanguard Warden LTI________________________________260$/230€ Reclaimer LTI______________________________________335$/300€ HullD LTI__________________________________________335$/300€ Crucible LTI_______________________________________335$/300€ Banu Merchant Man LTI______________________________280€/247€ Endeavor LTI_______________________________________335$/300€ Vanduul Blade LTI__________________________________280€/247€ Caterpillar LTI____________________________________260$/230€ Super Hornet LTI___________________________________200$/180€ Gladiator LTI______________________________________200$/180€ Freelancer MIS LTI_________________________________200$/180€ Aquila LTI (melt 275$) for 240$ fees included. Sold Vanguard Warden LTI________________________________260$/230€ Sold Please, pm me if you are interested.
  16. Hello! I have some LTI ships for sale and though I only have one earlier trade on this site I do have a bunch on that other, grey market, site. CCU'd standalone ships: Reliant Sen (researcher) LTI $95 Drake Buccaneer LTI $109 Freelancer DUR LTI $119 Misc Prospector LTI $135 Constellation Taurus LTI $139 Xi'an Khartu-al LTI $165 Constellation Andromeda LTI $215 Drake Caterpillar LTI $229 Aegis Redeemer LTI $235 Constellation Aquila LTI $255 CCU Upgrades: Mustang Alpha to Dragonfly Black $9 Cutlass Black to Buccaneer $15 CCU = Cross-Chassis Upgrade. All ships are upgraded from either Drake Dragonfly LTI or P-72 Archimedes LTI. Prices include PayPal fees. PayPal invoice will be sent. Buyer must be PayPal verified, I am since 2008. If you are interested - send me a PM. Have a good day!
  17. Hi! Want to sell my account with LTE ships + 15000 UEC. Their total cost is $1550, I will sell them for $1300 + paypal fee. Want to buy new gaming laptop Here the list of ships: Only paypal verified users please. PM me.
  18. brandonwillis

    Caterpilar and dragonfly

    So we know now that we get 4 modules and the front hangar on the cat but how many df can it hold? What kind of hangar module can we get? Can other snubs also fit in the hangar on the front?? Whats the armor rating for cat in numbers? When will the info on robertsspaceindustries.com be updated?
  19. hello base citizens, i am on the CP from first minute with argus eyes. In the latest episode of ATV 2.02 we see the changes made on the CP´s design. Imo some good and one not so good one. https://youtu.be/1pWIeT33C-g?t=1653 The good things are that some old information from Ben is beeing build in the latest design. The bad one is the command module beeing halfed down. It would be nice to find some supporters for both Topics here: 1. My module Ideas with some statements of Ben wich are made a while ago: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288450/caterpillar-ideas-randy-vazquez-atv-2-02-space-combat-support-more-immobile-repair-support#latest 2. Idea of keeping the command module as big as it was intended or relocating the missing space: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/288325/caterpillar-command-pod-vs-module-accessibility-doors-idea-to-have-both#latest That it is ! Thanks in advance kind reg Kabs
  20. Hi, my name is Xeriar, and I host the Operation Pitchfork website. I pay for the server, the domain, and the ssl certificate. I do what work it takes to keep the site running and spam-free, however little that is. Life's been happening for awhile. Lately, I have been getting back on my feet and saving up for a machine that can hopefully actually run this game. For my relevant credentials, above and beyond running the site, I am Paypal Verified and two years ago when helping people get LTI on their ships was possible I helped a lot of Pitchfork members get LTI on their ships. ---- The Ship Drake Caterpillar, LTI - $275, or $350 in RSI credit. - If you are an OPPF supporter, the melt value of $225 is fine, even in RSI credit. Please let me know what your contribution to OPPF is to get this discount. It doesn't need to be anything major - making graphics, drumming up support on the official forums or elsewhere, etc. ---- If paying via Paypal, I will deal with verified Paypal accounts only. Thank you. : )
  21. Hey guys, I am clearing out some of my ships to get my computer finally build! I don't want to make a profit on this, just simply sell them to someone who will actually use those ships. The two last remaining ships I want to get ride of are: - LTI Redeemer, melt value = 250, the price I am asking is: $260 - 2Year Caterpillar, melt value = 245, the price I am asking is: $255 The difference in sell price compared to the melt value is due to the paypal fees which you would have to cover. I will only deal with certified paypal users. If you want to use a middleman, you will have to pay for that. I recently sold 3 ships through StarHangar on Reddit and sold mulitple ships to Astrojak (). Please PM and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Kind regards Xuu
  22. Edit:Updated with new ships, because I dont want two separate threads Edit 2: Added Aurora LN LTI Edit 3: re-added the Caterpillar LTI I'm going to be selling some of my ships due the fact I'm not going to have the time to use them all and lower my total amount of money spent on this game. Rear Admiral LTI: $400 SOLD Both Rear Admiral and upgrade: $525 Adromeda to Phoenix upgrade: $165 SOLD 350R LTI: $180 SOLD Aurora LN LTI : $130 SOLD Herald LTI: $100 SOLD Caterpillar LTI: $350 SOLD No trading Paypal with verified accounts only
  23. Raid Commander: The Drake Caterpillar The Ark Visual Archive Presents A Millennium of Memories: Photos in Flight The top 500 iconic images from the last thousand years of traveling the stars. #088: Last Sight Date: 2942-02-03 SET Photographer: Alia Shakti The latest addition to this collection of imagery, this photograph comes with a tragic origin. Alia Shakti boarded the luxury cruiser, Bartholomew, bound for Goss as a present for achieving her Equivalency. After only a few days of travel, the Bartholomew disappeared from local scans. When the wreckage was finally found, there were no survivors. Advocacy analysts were able to extract this image from Alia Shakti’s mobiGlas. It captures the moment before the attack and identified members of the vicious pirate pack Argul Dawn as the culprits who surprised and boarded the ship. When Advocacy Agents finally tracked down and arrested members of the pack, it was this photo that was used in their trial. The seven captured members were then sentenced to twenty-five years on QuarterDeck, while this picture continues to remind us of the fragility of life and how a journey can quickly turn from exhilaration to terror. Drake Caterpillar - Anniversary - Standalone Ship $245.00 USD Available more info Buy Now Raid Commander: The Drake Caterpillar Caterpillar beauty render What makes the Caterpillar cool? The phrase ‘fighting transport’ may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it’s accurate here! The Caterpillar is intended to be the centerpiece of pirate raids in the Star Citizen world. Imagine teaming up with your friends to attack a shipping convoy: a squadron of Cutlasses for cover and interdiction, a Herald for Electronic Warfare duties and a Caterpillar for the dirty work. The Caterpillar is highly modular, and can be configured for a number of different roles… even the command pod detaches for a quick getaway. The ‘Cat is also intended as a platform for boarding operations. Pirates can martial their shock troops aboard the ship and then force their way onto larger targets like frigates and cruisers! Caterpillar beauty render. Where is the Caterpillar in development? The Caterpillar was concepted by Jim Martin, who has also created the MISC Freelancer and the Drake Herald. Jim has created a 3D concept model of the Caterpillar and has done extensive explorations of the interior. He’s even done some special work on cargo loading and landing gear processes! The next step is to bring the Caterpillar into the CryEngine, which we plan to do with or after Arena Commander 2.0. (Since the Caterpillar’s role is more specific than simply being a fighting ship, players will get the most out of it once the persistent universe alpha launches.) Unlike the Starfarer, which is used in the first chapter of Squadron 42, the Caterpillar is scheduled to wait until after the multi-crew ship functionality is perfected. Initial Catgerpillar sketches What inspired the Caterpillar? Early on in Star Citizen’s campaign, we learned an important lesson: people want to be pirates! This lead to the creation of Drake Interplanetary and the Cutlass… and ultimately the Caterpillar. The ship itself came into being with a simple phrase: “the Starfarer’s evil twin.” (Chris Roberts’ original Wing Commander having set the standard for including both a tanker and a transport.) While we know some will pride themselves for conducting raids with standard civilian equipment, we know that a big part of piracy can be showing off (re: eye patches and parrots.) The name and the ‘industrial’ look of the ship were inspired by modern day construction equipment: with the Caterpillar, we want to create a world where ships are tools rather than just beautiful designs to be placed on pedestals. Caterpillar crew compartment. Original Description Drake maintains that the Caterpillar, a sprawling, modular spacecraft which appears at least somewhat like its namesake, is for legitimate commerce and extended search and rescue missions… but at the end of the day, the Caterpillar is truly the evil twin of the Freelancer. Designed for supporting pirate operations, the Caterpillar features a large cargo hold for carrying loot, heavier armor than other freighters in its class and room for five crew able to serve in boarding operations. Despite its heavier armor, the Caterpillar isn’t a bulldog… a successful operation will require a fighter escort. Technical Overview Caterpillar Fullscreen Manufacturer:Drake Interplanetary Occupied Available Key technical information Caterpillar Focus:Transport Length:67 meters Mass:84,516 Kg Max Crew:5 persons Cargo Capacity:3200 freight units Note: Ship specifications are subject to change. Propulsion overview Thrusters and Engines on this ship Primary Engines Max size TR5 TR5 TR5 TR5 Maneuvering Thrusters Max size TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 TR2 Power Plant Max size S5 S5 S5 Hardpoints overview Weapons and Modular Systems on this ship Class C2 S4 S4 S4 S4 Class C3 TBD Class C4 TBD Shield Max size S5 S5 S5 Additional Equipment AE
  24. As the title implies, This will be a pure trade between the two. No middleman at this time. PM me here or on RSI (Lord Nikon, Handle: ZeroCool).