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Found 7 results

  1. So this is my first bit of theorycrafting in a while.... You're out in an unfamiliar part of space, and you discover the first located derelict Bengal Carrier.... What do you do?!?!
  2. Since now CIG told eclipse fits into an Idris, I am asking here some opinions about the different uses of the eclipse and gladiator in a pack of three carried by an Idris. Pro, conts ... comments?
  3. The point of this post it to theory craft the hull series in a combat role. The team at CIG says, basically the modularity of the Hull E far outshines any other craft being offered at this point in time. So I'm curious what you have to say in reference to the Hull series could be in a combat role, direct or otherwise. My example theory craft would be, if the Hull series can carry ship parts, why not full ships? And could those ships be magnetically clamped to an appropriate landing surface mod that attaches to those spindles? Therefore allowing a super cheap, yet super vulnerable craft tran
  4. No further information on this other than it's name and that historically speaking escort-carriers were anywhere from a third to half the size of their carrier cousins. Likewise I've put it in the RSI thread as a placeholder.
  5. Has there been any mention of the baseline AI self-defence capabilities of destroyer/carrier-class ships? It would make sense that those ships wouldn't need to have a player in every turret/ 10+ players babysitting them at all times. If it did, players from relatively uncommon timezones (such as Australia) would be able to exploit these periods of inactivity to take other guild's capital ships. Even when unmanned (by players) these ships should take a moderately sized fleet at the least to sieze.
  6. Bearcat

    Bengal vs Nimitz

    Kraken made this point on the Jump Point 2 post at RSI: "That still seems pretty low. Here I made you an image comparison http://imgur.com/8rCVnMV Top: Bengal Carrier, 1000m long, 113,000 tonnes Botom: Nimitz-class Carrier (76), 333m long, 101,400 tonnes" I have a hard time getting my head around the scale, but it all seems to check out. The Bengal design just isn't conserving volume at all, the way modern ships do. Has anyone said what the fighter compliment of the Bengal is yet? I hope it's a little more than a Nimitz.
  7. You guys think there will be an Option to customize the Turretslots of the Carrier? Like only build Anti-Fighter and Point Defense Turret on it? Would enable the Carrier to build up a Anti-Fighter Screen for a safe launch of it own Fighters. Below a poor drawing of mine to give an idea what I am talking about
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