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Found 3 results

  1. Note these are leaked images - On the Net - but not at the consent of CIG
  2. Looking at my next purchase to be a ship that can handle some sort of cargo or Freight work to obtain extra scratch when not in combat. I was thinking either of the Freelancer Max or the Hull C, I almost feel like the freelancer max will be the better choice due to ability to Pilot and maneuver and utilize the ship with a minimal amount of crew. On the other hand I feel the Hull C would be a great choice YouTube the cargo space available. The Connie seems like a runner up due to modifications available and pilot firepower. Suggestions or comments... Go.
  3. What are your thoughts? For me, my go-to ships for hauling in dangerous areas would be the Freelancer (not max, for a slightly reduced sig) or a Gemini if I can get it fully manned with NPCs/players. Imo I'm going nowhere near the Hull series as I firmly believe that the eve doctrines of "don't fly a ship you can't afford to lose" and "assume what you're flying is lost the moment you undock" are going to apply to SC.
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