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Found 24 results

  1. Hi folks. My eBay store and trade history : https://www.ebay.com/usr/zorik79 ----------Original Concept STANDALONE SHIPS---------- Anvil Hurricane - LTI - 220 USD Anvil Arrow LTI - 85 USD Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI -95USD AEGIS Gladius Valiant - LTI - 140USD ORIGIN 85X - LTI - 68 USD ARGO COMBO PACK (MPUV CARGO and MPUV PERSONNEL)- LTI - 86USD MPUV Personnel - LTI - 55 USD ANVIL Terrapin - LTI - 230 USD ADD-ONS - URSA Rover- LTI - 60USD DRAKE Buccaneer - LTI - 135USD MISC Prospector - LTI - 170USD Aopoa San'tok.yāi Anniversary 2018 Warbond - 220USD --------------CCU'd Ships------------ Gladius Valiant 120USD F7C-M Super Hornet 180USD F7C Hornet Wildfire 175USD Sabre 175USD Hull C - 250 USD Sabre Comet 190USD Freelancer MIS 175USD Gladiator 170USD Khartu-Al 175USD Hurricane 205USD AEGIS Vulcan 210USD Caterpillar 310USD Apollo Triage 250USD Hull B -95USD Herald 85USD Retaliator Bomber 275USD Vanguard Harbinger 285USD Starfarer Gemini 350USD RSI Polaris Ask Vanguard Sentinel 270USD Starfarer 300USD If You want to buy CCU ship with VFG Hangar add 15 USD (ship cost above 110USD) If You want to get "Digital Download" add 15 USD (Ship cost above 65USD) All prices include PayPal fee Verified PayPal only
  2. I am in search of an LTI insured Origin 890 Jump. It can be either concept, in a package, or CCU upgraded (if that was ever a thing for this ship) just so long as it is LTI. Please offer here on this post or send me a PM to discuss prices.
  3. Hi Everyone I am looking to purchase a Golden Ticket account without any ships - just the basic account. Happy to pay around $100 Many thanks!
  4. hello, im sure you have all heard this before but i cant seem to fine the answer im looking for. Q1. is there a way to buy a cargo container for the RSI Aurora MR? Q2. if so where do i buy it? from what i have seen there are some sort of cargo containers for the ship but i have been unable to locate where i might be able to buy them. thanks
  5. Hello fellow citizens, I have fighter ship (Sabre) I think I will be ok with it. But if I decided to buy another ship, please guide me what should I buy for sake of Imperium. If Imperium doesn't care what we have, what should I buy for increase fun? Thanks.
  6. Up front, I'm not going to pretend to be certain about any facts I present, any references or claims are only what I have heard from another person, and if my memory serves correct, so please revise anything incorrect. I heard, and I think many (especially early) backers will agree that Star Citizen was promised to be entirely independent of your real wallet, that the money you make outside of the game is entirely inconsequential to your gameplay and progression in the universe. A lot of people complained and are complaining that being able to buy ships for real money is pay-to-win, but I think it's necessary to fund the game, and is altogether not a huge factor. I mean, you can really fly one ship at a time, so having them is hardly something that would affect you, and most backers would only have a few at most at release. Then I saw this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/extras?product_id=41 In case the link doesn't work, or whatever may happen, essentially one can purchase UEC with real money, and even if the page is taken down, it has been said that it is planned for this to be a part of future income. I have seen a few youtube channels (BoredGamer, among them) saying this. In a lot of cases, the argument is that you can only buy a limited amount of UEC in a given length of time, and that this was 'for the people that don't have the time to grind in game'... Well, for the first point, the simple fact that you can purchase in-game currency (and therefore progression) sort of destroys the allure and pride of owning UEC. For the second point, everyone knows that's just an excuse to sell it, but taking it as a legitimate argument, I'll say that if you're short on time, buying progression in a game so that you can play it a little when you can is not fun at all, and it ruins the game for everyone else at the same time. You can't buy another queen in a chess match because you didn't have the time to think through a move and expect people to take the game seriously. Basically, we need to fix this problem early, before it becomes anything. The backers who backed the game in hopes of a true universe, where players make their own stories, actions have consequences, and hard work is rewarded, and any money you own in this universe doesn't carry over to the next-those backers I expect will be and are disappointed in this turn and will respond and ensure their investment is still in what they thought it was. Edit: I used p2w out of a lack of a better word.. I suppose in this case, its more pay-for-an-advantage, even though it's small, it still means they are letting a person's wallet affect in-game. For me, I think it's really less of a worry about some players having that advantage, and more that you can't look at someone without wondering if they got stuff spawned in for them.
  7. Hey everyone, i'm not sure, wether i am doing this right (still rather new to starcitizenbase), but i'd like to buy a Mustang Gamma and/or a MISC Freelancer (any kind) preferably with LTI payment via paypal please pm me if you have any offers
  8. Looking to find some things to buy, here's a few things bundled on one good site from games to hardware. http://www.pcgamer.com/best-black-friday-pc-gaming-deals/#games
  9. cyborgamer

    Want to Sell NON-LTI Redeemer

    I am looking to sell my NON-LTI Redeemer. Because its non-lti I am willing to sell it for $240 + PP Fees or so. If you are interested, PM me. I have a verified paypal account and have a trade history on here on SCBase.
  10. Hey all, Looking to pick up Life is Feudal: Your Own, but am not a fan of G2A's nickle and dime scheme (apparently I've been charged 1 Euro per month for some odd reason and I can't find a way to shut it off), and I am concerned about getting burned by codes from G2A as well. I'm looking to purchase or trade for it. I have the following options available: Trade: Dungeon Defenders Collection Gift Copy Trade: Up to $20 USD in RSI Credits Purchase: Up to $20 via paypal (I'll eat the fees). Thanks all! Please have an established record here. I will not entertain "new accounts" on this.
  11. Brendant182

    Complete Mustang Omega

    I would like to purchase a Mustang Omega if anyone has one for sale please send me a PM. Thank you for your time.
  12. NViper

    Complete [WTB] Freelancer LTI

    Hi, Seeking a freelancer LTI 110 € or a freelancer DUR LTI for 130 € as a stand alone ship or packed. Payment via Paypal only !
  13. I am looking to buy a WTB Rear Admiral Package LTI. Please PM me with your selling price and include a screenshot of this package. Thank you, Etheric
  14. zsuguy

    Want to Buy Elite: Dangerous $35 USD

    As the title says, I'm looking for an Elite: Dangerous account. Just to be clear: I want FULL ownership (changed email, contact info,etc.) I want the email confirmation of the game purchase forwarded to me (So that I have a copy of the activation code) Add me on Steam and we can work something out. I'm new to account buying/selling, however, I have rep from my TF2Trading days. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036296299
  15. Hi, I'm looking for an Elite Dangerous account to buy. I prefer a (cheap) account with or without lifetime DLC upgrades. When you're willing to sell, please contact me so we can discuss. thanks.
  16. Standing offer: Base LTI - $185 DUR LTI - $200 I am also willing to trade an LTI Herald or LTI Reclaimer as part of the deal.
  17. Spookbot

    Complete Aurora Package

    Hi I only need 1 Aurora package, melted my Cutlass with alpha to get a Taurus so needs to have at least Beta access, can paypal. If you can help pm me please
  18. Northiereg

    Complete Banu Merchantman

    I'm looking to buy a Banu Merchantman for a price that falls around $400 range. Paypal transaction available and to make sure it's giftable I'm expecting to see screenshot of the billing and subscription window with the merchantman there. I'll also need the RSI account name so I can PM you in the forums to check that the seller matches the provided info. Preferably with the "My RSI" account window and merchantman both visible as well so I know that the person I'm PMing to is the same as the one owning the merchantman in the screenshot. Please note that I'm following a few other potential opportunities to buy the merchantman so I'm not in a hurry if you wish to wait for potentially better sales. Just keep this offer in mind and feel free to contact me later if those lead nowhere. As for negotiating: I was originally willing to pay more but seeing that the Xi'an scout reappeared with exactly same price as the original one I'm setting the price here to original+$150. There may be room for negotiations depending on how the deals with other sellers go and I'm willing to trade in LTI Arbiter package (one with origin 325A) to cover part of the price. Edit: Price updated to reflect real value
  19. Looking to pay $350 or less. I already have this same package non-LTI so I can wait out a good price (before people yell at me, sorry I don't value LTI that high). If you are looking to drop the package for a new ship (new concept sales) and want to have a quick transaction let me know.
  20. I am always in need of more stock, but the hardest part is getting the RSI account so that everything remains giftable. So if you have an account that you would like to cash in, hit me with a PM list of what you have. Payment is usually within an hour of an agreement being reached. Have a ship you want to keep? Just gift it to your new account, before selling the old account to me. Have a special account (OB/VB/GT)? We can talk (in PM) about other options for cases like yours. This is not just for LTI ships, but everything SC related, as long as it is giftable. From Scythes to skins, and everything in between. Let me know what you have, and let's see if we can design a deal that works for you. Cheers!
  21. Hi, I'm looking for lti ship package, I can pay with verified paypal or by steam items (probably cs:go esl capsules I have something around 100x of them).
  22. I have verified paypal and some dollars in my pocket, pm me your offers.
  23. I already have the Freelancer pledged, but now I have 2 more friends who want to Co-op with me and we were looking to buy a Constellation together since it will be good for 3 people and have nice flexibility for upgrades. How would you go about doing this? Should we for example start a new account which we all have access to and buy the Conni on that account, then jump in from our personal accounts when we play together or is it better that one of us have the Conni on their account? The purpose to have a dedicated Conni account would be that all could have access to it (If one wants to solo for a while). Will it work to have an account with just the ship so we could jump in with our own personas? What else is there to consider? Have any of you done anything similar and in that case, how have you solved it?
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