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Found 7 results

  1. can somebody help me with VOIP cause even if its up i dont know how to turn it on. i checked the settings already and theirs no voip options there.
  2. I have put in a number of hours in the live 3.2 build and have discovered that it is actually a very stable build. Almost every bug can be solved by just switching servers (it is not the build that is buggy in most cases - it is the server you log onto). Remember you can also Log out in your ship bed without just going to the main menu directly (thereby ending up in a spawn zone). Examples of Bugs that I have proven are fixed simply by switching servers. Stuck Doors that won't open No missions in your MobiGlass (yes a new server should repopulate missions for you) Partial spawned Ships (like ships with no doors or thrusters) Animations for entering a ship Mobiglas popping up and down Shops being empty (and no trading at kiosks) - yes switching servers solves this but you might end up in another server with the same problem - so keep trying. Various other bugs (a vast majority of them) If all else fails try to start the game over but delete your USER folder (this is a catch all - but usually just switching servers works) You'll know if it is a "healthy" server if you see a lot of people in chat Examples of Bugs that switching servers doesn't solve Mainly just defective missions (for various reasons) - but just abandon them and start a new one ============== I've proved the above with many hours in 3.2 but also can play many many hours 10+ in one server with no bugs (a healthy server) Happy Gaming !!!
  3. I've just gotta know if this is a common "issue." I saw that exchanging my F7C-S Hornet GHOST for a Freelance DUR was $0 because they cost the same base price (I didn't know you could even exchange ships of equal value.) I went ahead with it knowing I could just switch it back if I didn't like it. Instead of giving me a Freelancer DUR, what the upgrade did instead was not only keep the GHOST, but also threw in an extra Hornet and a standard-class Freelancer. I mean I'm not upset- At the end of the day I've got three ships now, but none of them are actually what I meant to get. They all show up in my hanger, each can be summoned and customized in the universe, and I can even request insurance for them. I could always try to upgrade my ship to the GHOST then back again but I'm a bit worried about that, I don't want to break it anymore than it already is. Might as well let sleeping dogs lie, I know that after awhile everything will probably be back to normal. Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe not exactly the same, but something along these lines?
  4. Guys, never ever let other people touch your ships. This is what I found in my hangar this morning after I used the valet parking service .....
  5. This topic is for your questions about the Hangar module, if you are encountering a bug and looking for help or simply can't find the download link For general discussion, use Official FAQ Currently known bugs, possible solutions/patched: V1-Patch 3: - List of all reported bugs: Here UNABLE TO RUN HANGAR ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS: Click Me
  6. i am running dfm with my laptop lenovo Y510p with upgraded ram to 16 gb i start up the launcher as usual ,patched it when i run it it just stuck at the loading screen i left it to run for 1 hour and it still stuck!! any solutions for this problem??
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