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Found 5 results

  1. Looking to purchase both volume 1 and 2 of the hard copy books for Jump Point, preferably unopened and in perfect condition. PM with price and condition. cheers
  2. I'm a peculiarly avid book reader. Acquired a Kindle when I was in Junior High, read my way to my current position much to the frowns and odd looks of my peers. So, eventually, I started pondering the meaning of life and all, and one question; what makes a book good to you? What makes you want to read it? Is it the characters, the plot maybe? Is it genre-specific, or do you enjoy just the excellent write of the author? Is it a combination, or something else?
  3. Hello everyone! I have been writing/editing non-fiction for nearly 10 years (my day job) and working on an EPIC Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel in my free time--and its FINALLY getting published! My book is called RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE (learn more HERE) and and my publisher (Inkshares) is letting me (via their credit system) give away free e-copies or a deep discount $15 off the hardcover! I can't really describe how excited I am that other Sci-fi/Fantasy nerds (like me) can now enjoy my book--and for free! It is the publishing house's hope that by giving you guys the book, that you not only will join the growing Inkshares community online, but also talk about the book (share/like) via social media to generate more buzz, however, that is not obligatory for you all getting the free e-book. There are a few ways you can get your free e-copy, but the fastest is to just PM me any valid email address you want the publishing house to send it to. If you want $15 off the hardcover, however, you can follow the below steps to get a $15 credit which knocks the hardcover price down from $25.99 to $10.99 which also includes INTERNATIONAL shipping. This deal will only be available for a VERY limited time, however, so don't wait! --- 1. Make a new www.Inkshares.com account (uploading a pic and username is highly suggested, but not mandatory) 2. Click "Follow" RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE and "Recommend" on Inkshares (click the tool tips near the top of the page) 3. Wait 10-15 min for your credits to appear. 4. Pre-order either the e-book for free, or the hardcover for an additional $10.99 charge (this includes international shipping.) --- Again, the fastest way (for you) to get the free e-copy is to just PM me any valid email address, but if you want to get the hardcover at a discount, jut follow the above steps. It only takes you about 2 min excluding the 15 min wait for the credits to proc. LASTLY, Inkshares is changing their credit system VERY soon, so I HIGHLY suggest you either PM me or follow the above steps, ASAP. I have a feeling they will only continue to do this for another few days, max, so don't wait! Free free to hit me up below in the comment or via PM with any questions. I am super stoked to be able to give you guys/gals my book for free and drum up excitement! It's been a long time coming! Talk soon, Jamison Stone
  4. Hello everyone! While you are waiting for Star Citizen to come out, check out this awesome Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel. Inspired by an unyielding passion for meditation and martial arts, Rune of the Apprentice is an action-packed fantasy epic of adventure, love, and self-discovery. Looking for a great new read? Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel enthusiasts will love Rune of the Apprentice for its deep storytelling, rich world building, and moving characters. Sound exciting? Then come check out the first three chapters for free on Inkshares! Inkshares is like Kickstarter for books, so if you like what you read, new users can pre-order Rune of the Apprentice for $4.99 to “back the project.” With enough backers, Rune of the Apprentice’s full manuscript will then be published worldwide. Don’t pre-order sight unseen though, head on over to Inkshares and read the free chapters for yourself! Even if you are on the fence, you can “follow” Rune of the Apprentice to track its progress and join an avid community of backers who share a common love of Fantasy and excellent storytelling! Thanks for your support on this crowdfunding campaign! https://www.inkshares.com/projects/rune-of-the-apprentice
  5. Wondering if anyone could buy and send me the hardbound Jump Point Edition? I'll pay $5 more for your service. I hear the hardback edition sells for $20? (when it's in stock.) So I'll pay $25 for it, payment will be done through PayPal and/or middleman. Thanks.
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