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Found 4 results

  1. krakenbeers


    sup! krakenbeers here, just started playing two days ago. I really like it so far, but boy is it buggy. It took me 17 missions before I was able to finally complete one. ( #1 reason for failed missions: BUGS) I'm trying to upgrade my ships weapons from ballistic to energy but it's really hard to find a place that sells energy weapons. I wish there was a map showing locations of shops. I ran around Loreville (HURSTON: TEASA SPACEPORT) for an hour and couldn't find a shop that sold frickin laser weapons for my ship! I know it's still in development and I feel it's going to be an ongoing development but it would be nice to get it to a OFFICIAL RELEASE point where at least 90% is workable. Any advise for a noob? So far I was told to overclock coolers and thrusters, turn of COMSTAB, change ship weapons from ballistic to energy, get a good gun & stock up on ammo, med and O2 which I did already, do bunker clearing missions. Did I miss anything? Please give an old Wing Commander Veteran some guidance!!!! My ship(s) are basic entry level Aurora and Mustang. Thanks, and see you in the broken universe!
  2. I am a huge fan of people that make Star Citizen easy for new people to understand. Many of us have been long time backers and know the game well but we forget how complex it can be for a new person. Here is a good guide series - and pass it onto your friends that want to know more about Star Citizen Then here is the other guides in the series (think there is 10 of them) --- >> See Link
  3. NightFall’s Beginner Guide to Trading, Markets, and Economics Chapter 1: You're reading it! Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: A little about me: Disclaimer: Due to Star Citizen being still in development, I can only write guides that apply to the most basic of trading strategy. However, what we do know is that SC will be based on real life models of markets, and this guide will help you understand basic economics. Disclaimer 2: This guide might not be fun to read. But it will be very educational. Anyone that wants to make tons of money in Star Citizen should start with this guide. As time progresses and we get more information on SC’s economy, I will write more and more advanced and specific guides. Again, these guides are only for Serious Traders Only. As in, people who are looking for ways to make some Serious Money. Chapter 1: Basic Vocabulary of Demand The market in Star citizen will definitely be a competitive market. A competitive market is a market that has so many buyers and so many sellers that no single buyer or seller can influence the price. However, a group of very rich people, or a group of people with a monopoly on that item can and will influence the market substantially. Developers can also influence the market with illegal insider trading, but that’s another topic for another day. Thus, it is in your favor to be friends with those people and get better deals with them. The Law of Demand: The law states while Other things remaining the same, if the price of a good rises, the quantity demanded of that good decreases; and if the price of a good falls, the quantity demanded of that good increases. Change in demand: Demand can either increase or decrease. The main influences on buying plans that change demand are • Prices of related goods • Expected future prices • Income • Expected future income and credit • Number of buyers • Preferences Substitutes and Complements A substitute for a good is another good that can be consumed in its place. - If the type-A missile has run out in the store, you can also buy the similar type-B missile A complement of a good is another good that is consumed with it. - If you buy a radar upgrade kit, you must also buy the original radar. The demand for a good and the price of one of its substitutes move in the same direction. The demand for a good increases if the price of one of its substitutes rises. The demand for a good decreases if the price of one of its substitutes falls. - If the type-A missile has a massive cost increase, people will want to buy the type-B missile - If the type-B missile has a massive cost decrease, people will want to buy the type-B missile Expected Future Prices A rise in the expected future price of a good increases the current demand for that good and a fall in the expected future price decreases current demand. - If the devs told us that the price of the aurora will be a million times more expensive next week, we’d all stock up on auroras, driving the price of the current market up. Expected Future Income and Credit When income is expected to increase in the future, or when credit is easy to get and the cost of borrowing is low, the demand for some goods increases. And when income is expected to decrease in the future, or when credit is hard to get and the cost of borrowing is high, the demand for some goods decreases. - When we know that our hoard of united earth credits will be multiplied by 1000 when the game launches (and the cost of everything else stay the same), our demand for goods increase, as in we’ll probably splurge on starships, upgrades, etc. - Changes in expected future income and the availability and cost of credit has the greatest effect on the demand for big ticket items such as huge starships/frigates. Modest changes in expected future income or credit availability bring large swings in the demand for these items. Preferences Tastes or preferences influence demand. When preferences change, the demand for one item increases and the demand for another item decreases. - For example, preferences have changed when the devs nerfed the constellation from an overpowered space superiority starship to an all-rounder starship. Preferences also changed when the freelancer commercial showed a stock lancer one shot kill a glass cannon cutlass. Change in demand vs Change in quantity demanded Massive difference between the two. The distinction between a change in demand and a change in the quantity demanded is crucial for figuring out how a market responds to the forces that hit it. Uploading picture that explains this below: http://imgur.com/it5RSfc It's my first time writing these type of guides, If you don't like it, please explain why below. I'll try to do better next time! ALL CRITICISM WELCOME Credits to my old textbooks, Foundations of Microeconomics 6th ed, Foundations of Macroeconomics 6th ed. Note to Moderators: please don't move this thread. If it's in general discussion than many more people will see it and we will all benefit from this.
  4. For those looking at joining a small organisation with a focus on trading and freelance bounty hunting/exploration, feel free to apply to the Jameson Runners. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/JAMESONRUN Casual players welcome, and if you feel like you have nothing to bring, I personally have an Aurora, so don't feel inferior. Be aware however that anyone looking for support as a Pirate will ultimately be removed. Violence is not discouraged. Being an ass is.
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