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Found 1 result

  1. I am certain many of you have noticed the recent shitstorm that hit EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 the last few days. Amusing things I noticed : A people find it ridiculous that they have to play for 40 hours to unlock Darth Vader or Luke (they call it P2W because you need to buy loot crates to speed up the proces) ... B People find it P2W since those loot crates also contain Star cards which give your heros extra advantages (so the more loot crates you buy the better your heros will be) Mind you: EVERYTHING CAN BE UNLOCKED IN GAME without buying any Crystals and loot crates just like in SC but it will take much longer. I think we can draw an analogy between Battlefront and SC: - People in SC will need to play at least 40 hours in order to unlock a Mid Tier ship (and hundreds if not thousands of hours for the most expensive ships). We all paid for these ships and without any doubt they are much better than the Aurora/etc. that comes with a standard game package. - People that buy military grade guns/missiles/components with real money in game once the game goes live (and even now) undoubtedly have an advantage over players that need to progress through the different tiers by trading and looting. At the very least for the first few months you will see massive differences between players that start with only a starter ship and a flight jacket and work their way up and the players that spend hundreds/thousands of $ on the game and are flying glaives, hornets, a polaris etc. while doing FPS combat in their heavy Marine armour. If the same people that play Battlefront 2 want to come and play SC then I assume Chris will get to deal with the same shitstorm by the time the game gets close to release. Will he deal with it in the same way? EA lowered the 40 hours to unlock DV to about 10 hours, what are the chances that Chris will reduce the time needed to "grind" for a Connie to 8 hours. What if the reddit morons throw another fit and demand that everyone should be able to own their own destroyer after 40 hours of gameplay? I am kinda afraid that the marketing "geniuses" at CIG will cave in to the pressure too and reduce the time needed to get the best weapons and ships just to appease the reviewers and vocal reddit users. What do you think?