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Found 1 result

  1. “I remember the first time I stumbled into The Horse’s Replacement, bones aching and head full of a raging ocean. I had just lost everything, my crew – my friends, my ship – my home, my wingman – my family. I slumped over as if dead in the first empty seat and stared at my hands, my leather gloves burnt into my skin. I questioned at that moment if I was in fact still alive. When a shadow came onto the table I expected that a server, naïve, innocent and foolish would ask me what I wanted to drink. Instead I saw the faces of four men, a flaming horse engraved on their flight jackets. They each looked down at me solemnly; their eyes cold and silent somehow made my rage subside. One of them slid a patch across the table, on it was the emblem of the Alaris and the words that would begin my new life.” “Death waits at the door, in the dark we must lie, all merry souls bid farewell, for all must die.” -Sebastian Simms – Recruited by fire, year 2939 into the Alaris Unit Little is known how the elite group of pilots from Imperium Corporation’s Alaris unit came to call The Horse’s Replacement their home on the orbital station above Garron II. Many believe the proximity to the Tiber jump gate, and the greatly imminent Vanduul threat that lies on the other side to be the greatest reason. Others tell rumors that the original owner owed Alaris pilots a great debt and left the bar to them in his will. Whatever the reason may be, the inhabitants of the Garron II Orbital greatly appreciate their presence. All manner of scoundrels, gangs, greedy corporations, bounty hunters and ruthless explorers frequent the area to attempt their luck at pillaging Tiber. The constant presence of many elite members of Imperium’s might creates a safe habitat in an otherwise potentially lethal environment. The Alaris Pilots who reside at the bar frequently offer their services to those who can afford them for safe passage through or entry into one of the most dangerous gates to Vanduul territory. In fact many of the back booths and private rooms are adorned in pieces of Vanduul ships, with rumors that the country club VIP section has preserved Vanduul organic matter on display. “To Drink is To Forget” across the bar is a fitting and humble slogan. The Alaris Unit, though skilled, has lost their fair share of pilots to the Vanduul over the years, they recognize the true devastation the war has brought and respect the losses and struggles of all patrons who walk through their doors. The Horse’s Replacement is likely the first bar to be entered by any pilot returning from Vanduul space, their first refuge, their first calm in the storm. Here they can stare out a window upon the surface of Garron II and remember that even great destruction brings new life. They can be greeted by those whose scars from the Grinder will be similar to their own and they can rest as if dead, in the safety of comrades.
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