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Found 14 results

  1. thebase.sc radio.starcitizenbase.com Listen to an audio-preview here! Official SCB topic for The Base Radio! We present you: The Base Radio! 24/7 Music with a sprinkling of live shows. Live shows will include music, contests, give-away, talk, special guests and general silliness. Impression Video: Connect. How? There's a couple of different ways to connect to our radio station: Head to our main website at thebase.sc and click on the "popup player" on the top left of the page! The player will automatically start playing our live feed.Use the links below the popup player to save it in your own media player, I will also link them here: We are also on twitch 24/7! Head to twitch.tv/thebaseradioSchedule We have a whole bunch of live shows you can listen to every week! Find our schedule at: thebase.sc/schedule To convert it to your own timezone, hit the "+Google Calendar" button to add the calendar entries to your own calendar, which will convert them for you. Support us! If you are interested on being on-air during one of the live shows to promote your Star Citizen project, get in touch with Ricko13 or Rellim or any of the other DJ's and things will happen. We also are happy to let people help out in any way they possibly can. Think of being a DJ, news provider, or any other support you think we can use! We also appreciate song request to be added to our playlists inWait, is this legal? Yes! Our radio station is fully licenced under Tariff 22.F. Additionally, our twitch channel has been approved by the twitch moderators themselves to make sure nobody can flag us for copyright strikes. Clarifications! A lot of questions have came up in the last bit about The Base and Star Citizen Base, are they different? What is different? Who manages them? The answer to that is actually quite complex. The Base Radio is managed and owned by @Ricko13 (url: thebase.sc or radio.starcitizenbase.com) Star Citizen Base is managed and owned by @Gallitin (url: imperium.sc or www.starcitizenbase.com) The Base Radio needs TWO servers to work, the website (thebase.sc) and the ShoutCast server to spread the music. The website is supported and paid by @Gallitin, the shoutcast server is supported and paid by @Ricko13 - this includes Server fees for the Shoutcast server, the licensing to broadcast music and anything in between. What about Imperium in all that? Please refer to this post -> http://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/15295-special-announcement-re-the-base-radio/ Old Post:
  2. I'm sure you've all seen this, but in case you haven't:
  3. Hi guys so I've just released the second episode of my "What You Can Do In Star Citizen 2.6" series. The first episode focuses on the biggest ship in the game the Starfarer and the second video looks at the most basic of the hangers, the Self-Land hanger. The idea is you can show this to those on the fence or new to Star Citizen to understand what is currently possible in the game. Future episodes will look at Arena Commander, Star Marine, Shopping, Grim Hex etc.
  4. Here's an informative recap of the gamescom sale in which CIG gained over $3 million in funding! And here's the daily income during the sale: PS: Think about it, is there any other AAA company that is this transparent with their funding? Imagine if EA, Activitision or Ubisoft suddenly turned around and put a funding tracker on their site xD
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen! This year has been fantastic for those of us lucky to be in Europe. We've had both Gamescom in Cologne and Citizencon in Manchester, each was an unprecedented event bringing together great numbers of Star Citizens and enthusiasts to have a great time together. So cool. In order to keep up relationships that we've gained in person and through our various meta electronic mediums, I'd like to suggest that we, as a Star Citizen Base community have a short meet and greet sometime this spring. All Star Citizens are invited from whichever org you may hail from and all input from anyone is greatly appreciated! Some notes: We would like to keep the event located near one of the major transit hubs in Europe to keep train and airfare low for those who will need to travel long distancesWhile we are generally an all ages community (or so I believe), this event will probably steer towards more adult activities (aka, increasing our camaraderie with a few drinks)Is geared towards bringing Star Citizens from all orgs and backgrounds together to build bonds of friendship between the CIG organized 2015 and 2016 eventsI'd like for there to be a 'general activity' for an afternoon-you can really only...you know...drink alcohol during the evening before you blow the whole day, so drinking is probably not a reliable choiceOn to the votes! Please select a preferred location or indicate an alternate in the comments below, as well as a preferred month so that we can begin to refine when and where we'll have grand times together!
  6. Chimaera

    GO GREEN!!!

    As an MSU alum, this made me cheer. The looks of shock on the Wolverines' fans' faces is epic. Lucky win, sure, but still a win!
  7. Theres an awesome D&D livestream that happens every week on thursday night with a 7pm start time. It's called Critical Role and this is the twich channel http://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry. I've been watching it for at least a month or two now and it is pretty entertaining.
  8. I know it's a special filter on the lens, but looks amazing.
  9. So I just found out about this: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unified-weapons-master#/story Basically Tekken in Real Life in which all Martial Arts can compete against each others in Arena Fights. As one comment noted it would miss that registered hits should simulate a cut leg or so. A Manga/Anime already did a similar thing I really liked, which is pretty hardcore when you know that 11 year old girls are harder than you. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid, magic is fucking amazing:
  10. Anyone else feel that the hangar flair given out for the Concept Ship Sales, was a missed opportunity? Aegis Reclaimer - Instead of just getting a model of the ship to go in your Hangar, can you imagine how cool it would be to have this, hanging in your hangar? If you didn't like the flair, enable users to chose whether or not they want to have it active in their chosen hangar type. Anyhow, would you like to see something more from the flair with a $350 concept ship?
  11. Who else has their copy of Alien Isolation ready to go for tomorrow? I am super stoked for this game. Everything I have seen so far looks very nice!
  12. Wyvyrias

    3k Club

    #3000 Because I can. @rotorax @LightMonk
  13. Just posting this here, because it looks AWESOME!... I'm backing for the quad pack, my kids LOVE foam swordplay. http://sabertron.com/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/levelup/sabertron-foam-swords-with-electronic-scoring
  14. Hey guys, My name is Jayme, And i love sci-fi, RTS, And much more if you have any questions ask away! BTW: I went in the ts today, but to who do i talk to get the proper rank on ts? i did not see any HC thanks in advance
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