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Found 17 results

  1. Let's post our ideas for Star Citizen. The galaxy's a huge place, full of curiosities and splendor! Please be polite and have fun, while we discuss in detail the additions we want to see in SC. Constructive criticism is always welcome, keep it friendly... Here are a few ideas I will start us off with: -Planets- Planets should have highly varied biomes and environments. These should include ocean planets, desert worlds, jungle moons, cavernous lands, ice planets, swamps, (and a personal favorite) lava worlds! It would be cool to have various atmospheric conditions, such as excessive heat or cold or toxicity, even radioactivity, which could have specified suits designed for protection from those environments (without which players would perish!). Planets should also definitely have varying levels of gravity, some with no gravity at all, and some with intense gravitational pull and pressure, suit required. Gas giants would be really cool, where traversing the upper atmosphere would be OK. There could be floating outposts, etc. Then moving too close to the core could crush most ships... Also would be cool to see asteroid-based outposts, with subterranean areas. -Weather- Weather should factor in on at least some planets, but not all. Some planets should remain placid, while others could have weather cycles such as: sandstorms, blizzards, high winds, etc. It would also be interesting to have electrical/radiation storms where again, special shielding would be required to survive. Another interesting addition would be meteor showers, perhaps not damaging to the player in most cases... Of course, the most intense weather should be on planets with lesser city-populations. There should also be 'weather' cycles in space the likes of radiation/electrical storms, where ships' shields would be rendered ineffective. Perhaps here or there, a neutronic wave front (Star Trek, Ahem)! Deadly nebula! -Ships- The ships so far are absolutely bad-ass. Can hardly put it into words just how right they look and feel. I do have one minor issue to discuss regarding player immersion: Planetary entry/re-entry seems a bit off... It feels somewhat awkward orienting the ship into a nose-dive and then accelerating toward the planet. While that should still be an option for entry, it seems lacking, if it's the only way. Players should be allowed to let their ships drift slowly downward towards the surface (with a horizontal orientation relative to ground), all the while getting pulled to greater and greater speeds due to gravity. Currently it seems as though there is no gravity, requiring ships to nose-dive and hit the thrusters. The level of gravity should also have effects on how quickly ships take off, and how much fuel is consumed. Also some of the more lightweight craft should be capable of water-landing and flotation, some, not all. -Weaponry- Weapons are also looking pretty nice, and I can't wait to hunt some bounties and pirates with the Scourge Cannon! Turrets on ships are awesome and so are the weapons additions to the ships main systems. Weapons turrets on ships should not be automated. Automation would detract from the challenge of the game, and we never want that! Instead the player should be able to either hire NPCs or other players to man different positions aboard their ship. Also it seems some of the infantry firearms are being slightly 'overdone', so to speak. For example the Devastator shotgun seemingly has way too much level of detail and unnecessary bulk added to it. My suggestion is to lean more on the side of realism. I know it's Sci-Fi. Still I hope devs don't get hung up on making things like fancy-diamond-encrusted-platinum-laser cannons with under-barrel flame throwers..! It would be amazing to see (in rare cases), Orbital Weapons Platforms that could, if accessed, rain supreme firepower down on the planet's surface, destroying small outposts, structures or towns... Of course it would be necessary to make accessing it an extreme challenge. Accessories are nice. But keep away from over-extravagant weapon design. -Exploration- Exploration should be the fundamental, key point of the game. While some may argue that it is space battles, I tend to disagree. With so many space craft, vehicles and weapons, the gameplay will quickly become boring and the equipment redundant if there is not a vast amount of exploration. Here are a few thoughts on aspects of exploration: Artifacts, Flora and Fauna. Scattered throughout the verse there could be a plethora of different types of Artifacts to be found, only through rigorous exploring. There should be ancient ruins with old alien technology, perhaps rare weapons. There should be Obelisks and Pyramids and rare trinkets that could be sold or held as trophies. There could be mysterious devices, like the Orbs in Mass Effect (the first game) with strange properties. There could be alien tech that could be found and then saved for use at a far later date. Regarding Flora and Fauna, there could be a huge variety of harvesting options for certain crafting items. There really ought to be many creatures, perhaps mostly neutral/friendly. However some animals, in rare cases could turn out to be hostile, and highly challenging to face. Perhaps giant worms, or insectoids! Another thing could be infected worlds, or derelict ships (think Dead Space, or The Thing) where your only choice is to fight for survival or run for your life. There should also be intact derelicts. We've seen plenty of demolished ones. Some should be intact, abandoned in space, or even on land. Exploration should not, and I can't stress this enough, should not stem solely or mostly from missions! Let the missions be vast and varying in type by all means, a multitude of missions is always welcome. But please don't conflate missions and side quests, with exploration. -Armor & Apparel- The armor should of course have good variety. Weight should factor in, which I believe it currently does. Also there should definitely be highly specialized suits for specific tasks. Of course there'll be a space suit for EVA in outer space, but adding other specializations for other armor sets/suits would be great too. There should be a set more suited for enduring intense heat, or cold or radiation. There should also mostly be non-EVA capable sets IMO. Body armor should not be conflated with EVA suits, and they should for the most part be separate, with a few exceptions. It would be cool to see a lot of options other than simple armor for combat and space suits for EVA. One thought would be a stealth-suit with either quiet movement or even invisibility. Mostly I'm hoping it will prove an actual challenge to obtain armors, so that everyone isn't immediately buffed just after they begin playing. Let there be lots of varying, quirky outfits to be found. -Miscellaneous- NPCs for hire or available as crew members should use a rating system the likes of the one used in Metal Gear Solid V. They could have a certain class of career like 'linguist' or 'gunner' or 'medic', and within that specialty a certain set of ratings. Players should be able to activate distress beacons (false or genuine). If a player's ship is captured, they should be given the option to fight aboard the enemy ship in order to escape (think Han Solo and co, the capture of Millennium Falcon!). Where are all the AIs? This is the future after all... There should be robots of some kind or another, even perhaps a sentient machine race! There should also be a minimal amount of spawn/respawn actions. I realize this is counter-intuitive, given there's a massive universe to traverse. But it will add to the replay and return-to-game value; if people can easily spawn their ships and/or fast travel around it will make things overly-easy. It's nice that there's a wait-timer for summoning ships (at least destroyed ones). However, if a ship is not at the station at which you are staying, it should take time to arrive near you, and there should be a fuel cost and fee. Having all your ships easily at your fingertips will take away from the immersion and challenge of the game. It should also be more challenging IMO, to acquire cash. Gaining millions of credits should take a very long time. The quicker people progress in the game, the quicker the MMO will die. I don't believe there should be a 'difficulty setting' option. The universe in general should prove pretty damn challenging, with areas of extreme and lesser challenges. Some mini-games would also be cool, so long as they remain within the Persistent Universe. Game modes are a bad idea. It's understandable at this point, given there are players currently in the game who want something working. But later on, when development is (mostly) "complete", having different game-modes will detract from the main MMO. All hoverbikes should remain as hoverbikes, and not be turned into flying-space-hoverbikes! Please remove the flight-function for hoverbikes. Having flight for them is ridiculous and totally misses the point of a hoverbike. While I do agree that they should have some (slight) altitude control and perhaps a jump/boost, they should not be able to simply fly away, especially up into space. A hoverbike is like a speeder from Star Wars, it's not for flight; only for elevated, fast, ground travel! This goes for all ships and vehicles; if they have a specialty let them stick to that specialty, no blurring lines, except perhaps in rare cases.
  2. Hello , here is some fan Art I recently did for Starcitizen ... Please remembe r to upvote if u liked. Wallpaper Series https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9665-E-X-P-E-D-I-T-I-O-N https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9692-C-O-N-T-A-C-T https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9750-E-C-O-T-E-R-R-O-R https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9752-V-A-N-D-U-U-L https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9798-L-O-R-E And the Final Compilation https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/9720-Xeno-Food If you like don't forget to upvote please ....
  3. I am a fan of comic book art more than I am a fan of comic books. I have a few friends in that industry, mates like J.G. Jones, Brandon Peterson (He did the comic "Age of Ultron"), Frank Cho, Sara Richard, and David Petersen. I wish I knew Townsend and Bacchalo, cuz I love their art too. Although my friend Sasha isn't a comic book artist, her work is really something else. http://sararichard.com/portfolio/dr-fatale/ Dr Strange by Brandon Check out JG Jones comic "Strange Fruit" - If Norman Rockwell had done sequentials, that's what "Strange Fruit" is. Post what you like here, try to keep it fairly SFW
  4. Heya fellow Imperium pilots.. I have a slight addiction to messing with pics and am here to share some.. Some of them are old, some are new. Some of them are bad and some of them are worse. If you want me to stop, just say so . ...more to come.
  5. Looks like FiendishFeather is back in the rendering business of Star Citizen resources. Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4dajvz/fiendishfeather_making_the_puppets_dance_once/ Album of his past work:
  6. Concept Art by Rob McKinnon and also see
  7. Heya Do we have a specific location for Imperium clipart? My searches haven't located anything yet.
  8. Gremlich

    Got Art?

    If you need a daily dose of art, may I recommend a few artists over at Deviantart besides KaranaK http://dustsplat.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://spooky777.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://danhowardart.deviantart.com/gallery/ (<-- a friend of mine) http://shimmering-sword.deviantart.com/gallery/ (<-- an acquaintance) http://punakettu.deviantart.com/gallery/ (another friend)
  9. hey guys, looking someone with talent to create me a SC sig for forums. I will gladly offer you a Star Citizen Starter Package worth 30 USD. These are limited time only and are sold out fast. PM me for details. I know nothing in this world is free so I am not going to charge any money for this package, I too want people to join the SC universe and experience this fantastic game but the only thing I charge is your time to create a nice sig! So essentially, I am offering this starter package for free in return for a signature. I prefer the package be given to someone who does not have a package or does not have the means to acquire one.
  10. Some great pixel artwork by Eldragon on the official forums. A shoe-in for MVP? https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/240223/pixel-citizen/p1 Edit: not sure how to fix embedded images...
  11. Wanted to share a link to some great artworks from this guy that worked on big production like Lucy by Luc Besson and Elysium (and in the link some work inspired by one of my favourite novels of all time!) http://www.artofben.com/Altered-Carbon Would love to see him design something for CIG... I hope you enjoy!
  12. as the title says i am looking for an artist who can basically draw me something anyone who maybe up for it plz msg me and i will give you further details
  13. Heya! So in a little while (1-2 weeks) I'll be releasing the first segment of an all-original Star Citizen fiction series as a personal development challenge. I'll be debuting it on The Base and will be looking in to INN. Anyways, I plan to post short "Meet the Characters" segments for occasional filler and would like to have sketches to accompany the text. Ideally, I'd like to have a colored portrait and some B&W full body sketches of characters as I describe, in whatever (SFW) poses you'd like. That's the ideal, I'd also take one B&W full body sketch of each character. I'm also looking for someone to help/make me a thread header image with a centered name of the series. If you're interested in helping me out, please let me know and give a link to an example of your work, as well as the amount of effort you're interested in dedicating (I'd like to keep a consistent art style, thus keeping the same artist would be ideal). I'm pretty excited, this being my first piece of released writing and all, and would love to have it as great and professional looking as possible! Cheers and thanks for your time, all.
  14. Just wanted to make a thread like this. Actually a thread for dragon fans only, but if you have any good things to say or to show feel free to share it with us. List of dragon fans (PM if you want to listed or removed) Ascadian Drago DJYawe Xenatharax I'll try to keep this thead up tp date. Have fun :>
  15. Not sure if this has been done before, but I saw the picture, and knew exactly what i wanted to do with it. Edited from the Beijing Concept Art The idea is that its a giant holographic bill board of the Imperium Logo on top of an office block, with a large neon sign down side of the building. The version below doesn't include the Star Citizen Logo, which means that it will still look good, if its centered on someones desktop when used as a wallpaper.
  16. "Noesis no longer works for a large number of files. Until the Cryengine plugin can get updated, this thread is probably a dead end". Refer to https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/833426/#Comment_833426 A quick tutorial on how to export the Star Citizen ships from the Hangar Module with proper material setup. You don't even need the CryEngine SDK to do it! (but it helps) This method can also be used for any Star Citizen asset currently in the Hangar Module. This usually isn't a seamless method, sometime you will have to combine methods and use a little bit of ingenuity to get things working correctly. I'll update this with the CryEngine method soon. Updated 2/28/2014. If you don't have success using this method, try just exporting the ship directly from the CryEngine Editor as .obj file. Refer to the Known Issues sections for more info. Example of the 300i in 3dsMax with sexy shaders and HDRI lighting: Software you will need: 7-Zip or WinRAR Noesis CryEngine model plugin for Noesis Blender or 3dsmax or Maya or whatever rendering program you use. The program must support importing .obj files! CryEngine SDK (optional, helps with the construction of materials) The Tutorial: Getting the geometry: 1. Install the software listed above 2. Navigate to where you installed the Hangar Module. (it's usually installed at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\StarCitizen) 3. Make a backup of the StarCitizen folder just in case you fuck something up. (optional) 4. Navigate inside the StarCitizen folder to \CitizenClient\Data. In the Data folder you will find .pak files. Look for the ship you want. Ships are named "Objects(ShipNameHere).pak" 5. Using 7-zip or Winrar, extract the .pak file you want to work with. 6. Open up Noesis and go to the folder you just extracted the .pak files into. 7. Navigate down till you see a .cgf file. 8. Click on the .cgf file and go to File -> Export. Set your destination folder to where you want to export Set "Main output type" to ".obj - WaveFront OBJ" Check "Flip UV's" Hit "Export" 9. Import the resulting .obj file into whatever program you want! 10. IF THE OBJECT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS A .CGA FILE, RENAME THE EXTENSION TO .CGF AND THEN EXPORT IT. Getting the geometry into a rendering program tips: The different parts of the ship may be imploded and/or exploded (as seen below) Basically you will have to move the various parts into the right place. The vertices may be exploded, make sure you fix that. You can do this by welding all vertices within a margin of 0.001. Smoothing groups may not export. Fix the exploded vertices and then apply an AutoSmooth. I recommend doing an AutoSmooth by an angle of 30-35 degrees. Getting the textures: 1. All the textures will be in the "textures" folder. 2. If your program supports .dds files then you're done! Otherwise proceed to step 3. 3. Open up Noesis and go to the folder you just extracted the .pak files into. 4. Navigate to the "textures" folder. 5. Click on the .dds files you want go to File -> Export. Set your desitnation folder to where you want to export Set "Main output type" to ".tga - TGA Image" OR ".png - PNG Image" Hit "Export" 6. Repeat for any other textures you want! 7. IF YOU EXPORT YOUR MODEL FROM THE CRYENGINE SANDBOX, YOUR UVs WILL NEED TO BE FLIPPED VERTICALLY. Figuring out which textures go where: YOU NEED CRYENGINE SDK FOR THIS! 1. Install the CryEngine SDK and register at CryDev.net if you have not already done so 2. Follow the steps listed here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/44486/so-i-loaded-the-assets-of-the-hangar-into-the-sandbox-editor 3. Once you have successfully added a ship to the Editor and applied the right material to it, click on the ship and the click on it's "Mtl:" slot. That will bring up the Material Editor. 4. In the Material Editor you can click on the different material and check what texture are in the Diffuse/Specular/Bumpmap/etc. slots. Match those textures in the Material Editor to your shaders in your rendering program. KNOW ISSUES: The .obj files WILL NOT import correctly into After Effects. Large ships (like the Constellation) are really heavy models and will probably crash your rendering program if you import it all at once. So instead, make sure you import it in parts and fix the exploded vertices as you go to reduce the total poly count. Some ships (like the Avenger) will look exploded and/or imploded when imported, for these ships, you will have to move all the parts into the correct spots. Tip: Use the CryEngine Sandbox to figure out where the parts go. YOU CANNOT EXPORT VERTEX COLORING. You will have to recreate this effect by yourself. FAQ: Why are the models so messed up? Many of the models will not import perfectly, you will need to bridge the gap with some good ol' hardwork and elbow grease. Are there anymore tutorials on this subject? Yes! Located here. Why don't you just export the model from CryEngine SDK? CryEngine SDK exports models as one single mesh instead of separating them by material, it also exports many polygons with wrong normals. Why is this tutorial so shitty? Post a reply of what you think I should change and I'll change it!
  17. Wednesday, 29th January 2013 IMPERIUM TEAMSPEAK MEETING There will be a Fleetwide meeting held at 22:00 UTC, Saturday 1st February 2014, on the Imperium Teamspeak server. Ensure you attend to help decide the future of our organization. For full details COMBAT OPS MEETING SUNDAY Combat Ops will also be holding a meeting on Sunday, 2nd February at 20:00 UTC. There will be many general discussions about the division, its roles, its organization and new developments. If Combat Ops concerns you then this meeting concerns you too. For full details STARCITIZENBASE HITS A NEW MILESTONE A little over a year after the website was started, SCB has managed to hit a milestone of it’s own. We’ve had a fun time over the last year, along with more serious moments and some that will be talked about as long as the original members are around. So INN would like to say congratulations to Gallitin for bringing us all together, and celebrate a moment in SCB history as we reach 100,000 total posts and over 5,000 individual members! See the evidence by ! HISTORY OF THE IMPERIUM POSTER Many of you will have seen the Imperium multi-ship poster being modelled by the lovely Sandi on her Facebook page (if you missed it, check out the INN post here), but I’m willing to bet that there are many of you who don’t know how it came about. If you want to see a piece of Imperium history click here! IMPERIUM FLEET STEAM GROUP Imperium has started its own Steam group, so if you’re looking for people to game with or simply want to get to know more about your potential wingmen this is a great way to start getting together and gaming! In order to be accepted as a member of the Steam group you will need to post your details in the appropriate thread, linked below. For more details FAN FIC IN IMPERIUM Imperium’s own WetWorker has been demonstrating that his skills extend far beyond exploration, he’s been exploring his imagination too! There is a dedicated thread for those of you who can apply your mind to the SC universe and weave a story to entertain. So far there haven’t been many contributors so it’s the duty of the INN Community Report to show you some great work and inspire you to make contributions of your own. Regardless of whether you just want to read, or you’re a budding writer looking to publish and get your work noticed, you’ll find a great place to stop by here! ZehLegitGlitch CHALLENGES CITIZENS TO PRODUCE FINER ART! And while we’re on the subject of Fan contributions, Imperium’s own ZehLegitGlitch has laid down a challenge to all you artists. As he says in his original post, “DO YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE HIM?” If you think you can achieve a higher standard, be more creative, or even just funnier, you might want to post your contribution on his thread. Stop by to check it out by clicking here! This has been your INN Community Report for Wednesday, 29th January 2014. INN - telling you what you need to know since 2013 Is there something you’d like to see happen on INN? We’re here for you - be heard in the comments, or shoot us an email at imperiumnews@gmail.com. Click here to view the article
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