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  1. Hey guys, I just picked up a Steam Controller during the Steam Holiday Sale, and I was wondering if anyone has used a Steam Controller for Star Citizen? I'll probably want to stick with my HOTAS for Arena Commander (maybe?) but I was wondering if a gamepad-style controller (and the Steam Controller in particular) might work better during the first-person sections of Star Citizen (FPS combat, and simply running around planet/station-side before you get in your ship & fly off). Since I've never done dual-controllers before, is it hard to switch between a gamepad and HOTAS? Can you
  2. Hello Once More @Imperium Members! This month we’ll be continuing the format from last time! In case you missed it, here is the explanation of the changes and some new information related to how Game Days will operate in the near future: We wanted to improve the experience of Game Day overall and felt that with Star Citizen in its current state just doesn’t warrant the amount of effort that we had once been able to put into it. IE. Custom Scenarios, Hype Trailers, Streaming, Competitions. Eventually that will change again and we can get back to the game that we are so anxiously await
  3. Hello, As the title suggests, i'm selling 3 Mustang Omega Game packages. All packages include full (digital) access to star citizen, squadron42 and arena commander Prices : Mustang Omega = €115 Prices are ALL-in, so they include all the paypal fees. Feel free to make me an offer (also trade offers) Verified on reddit : My Ebay : http://www.ebay.nl/usr/hd050store?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  4. Salutations @Imperium Member! We've finally managed to clean up after the last Game Day, and we're now ready to prepare for another one! If it was the case that you missed the last one, or somehow don't know what Game Day is; then don't worry, because we streamed most of it. @Rellim and @Pegasus truly did an amazing job setting up the stream with all the technicalities and what-not. @Sharpspoonful Did a great job shoutcasting during the stream and we look forward to many more streams with his beautiful voice and face at the forefront. We would also like to give a shoutou
  5. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/5zcsnn/2v2_roundbased_ac_tournament_this_saturday/ If there are any aces who would like to represent their Imperium and their unit, this would be a great opporunity to do so! Best of luck!
  6. It looks amazing and really polished. I'm shocked. Tried to stay away from spoilers but... Wow...
  7. My first solo complete with HOTAS. I know I'm not the first, but it was still very exciting since I kind of suck as a pilot!
  8. So I was playing some Arena Commander just now, and I was facing off against a Mustang Alpha (I think. It was blue.). I recently got a Sabre through hard-earned REC, and decided to bring 4x gimbaled 117-Badgers to bear on him. His shields dropped quickly, the points quickly numbered in the high hundreds. But to my surprise, that wasn't the end of it. Not even close, in fact. In the end I had to score close to 1400 points worth of hits on the guy to kill him, which took me the better part of 3 minutes (He was a quick little bastard!) 3 minutes of scoring repeated hits on a completely red s
  9. Shadows Lead to Oblivion BLOOD MOON Vanduul Hunters Squadron BLOOD MOON Squadron - Arena Commander (AC) Scheduled Events + Discoveries AC Schedule Events + Discoveries is a squadron-focused event calendar or times when we want to get together and accomplish a common goal in Arena Commander. These threads will be supplemented by an Event Calendar later on once we get up and running (and regular play going on). This thread will be focused on (and everyone can post here to create e
  10. So, i'm having a bit of a technical problem, so far as I can, since downloading 2.2 and attempting to play AC. I am posting here, because I couldn't find answers anywhere else, so I was hoping someone might be able to point me in a good direction, or offer up a solution or two. Also, bear in mind I have made absolutely no changes to my config, or settings since installing 2.2, so the only changes to my system and to the game were with an installation of 2.2. The first problem i'm having is a texture problem. Shadows on asteroids and surfaces are flickering. The best way to describe it is
  11. Not sure where to post this so please move if it's in the incorrect board! I decided to make myself a profile for my X52 Pro in Arena Commander and share it. The default config wasn't that great and I wanted easy access to the decouple mode, strafing buttons and the HUD modes. This is what I came up with The download is attached Just extract 'Star Citizen.pr0' to C:\Users\Public\Documents\SmartTechnology Profiles and right click on your Profiler icon in the taskbar and select 'Star Citizen' to enable it. This Profile requires that you have the default keyboard bindings.
  12. I did a quick search of recent posts for constellation and found nothing, if it has been shared already I apologize. Video is unlisted and shows an amazing volley. Was linked to in Hydro's stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNmQLLPeJ64 edit: adding tali torp http://gfycat.com/InsecureDeepAnhinga
  13. I as a video maker would love to make you a excellent recruitment video, or other video to glorify the community. Due to my outdated monitor on my PC I am unable to get proper resolution for gameplay recordings. This is where I NEED YOU! Record your Arena Commander Gameplay (Preferably 1.3) (Free Camera Mode is also appreciated) Despite this thread being initially dedicated to my project, I want to encourage all video makers to use footage submitted here for their projects as well. I want to wish everyone a happy and successful endeavour with this upcoming project. Thank You
  14. Go upvote it! Lets get it on ATV!!!! Community Hub Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/1924-Free-Flightmore-Like-DEATH-FLIGHT Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/3rgcfz/explosions_are_amazing_video/ @missionAvs @Switch
  15. So I just played arena commander and.... WOW. Two big things stood out. One, i love this game, its beautiful, and I'm gettin WHOOPED in a mustang alpha. That might of been three things. So, what can I do to upgrade the mustang alpha? Can you add missiles or better guns? Should I just say screw it an pledge with a more expensive ship? Some advice from the experienced players of this sacred forum would be welcomed!
  16. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/272231/ship-status
  17. Hello SCB! So I've been playing—or rather trying to—Star Citizen since I got my GPU today and I just suck! Feels like I am just spinning around unable to see a target long enough to actually engage them. Now I have never been good at steering vehicles* in games like this (you don't want to see me in a helicopter in the BF series...yikes!) but I really want to improve said skills for SC at the least. I've gone through Training (once, gonna do it again) but it ends after teaching you to land. Or so it did for me, gave me a white screen where I could only hear breathing. So I was wondering how yo
  18. Here Are the Stats: Input Device/Ship Leader Board Distributions ^^^ Is an excellent window into controllers, ships.... Here you are ^^^^ This one for weapons..... One thing of note that is "broken" (and CIG admitted this in ATV) -- >> Tempest II missile needs to be fixed (and it is skewing the graphs a bit). ------------ Those that think the Mouse / Keyboard players have an unfair advantage..... think again.... look at this chart... (Very Surprising )... but see other charts in links above as well.. ====== Overall no controller...... no ship... et
  19. I found this link just posted on the RSI forums, a compilation of training materials and guides from one of the more active AC participants, so I thought I would share it and see what you all think and critique. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/247471/guides-references-legacy-instruction-series-under-construction-new-pilots-click-here
  20. This Package includes the Avenger - Ship and Aeroview Hangar and Arena Commander Pass and other items below. I will sell all these items listed for $50. ALSO CONTAINS Starting Money: 2,000 UEC 6 Month Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Star Citizen Digital Download Squadron 42 Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual Beta Access Digital Star Map Picture:
  21. Hi, I've got this code from a giveaway today and I'm willing to sell it for 33€ (EUR) or the equivalent in USD ($35), verified PayPal. You will have to go first. Previous completed sales for reference. (This is the last AMD Mustang Omega code that I've sold through reddit and it contains links to another sales I've completed before in another trading websites) Please reply here with your intent to buy the code, before PM'ing me.
  22. A few months back I picked up the Super Hornet. Had been waiting for it to go on sale and snapped it up when it did. Flying around with it was really fun. Although I got the Behrings and submachine guns firing, I couldn't figure out how to shoot with the turret. I left the game for a bit. I turned on Arena Commander the other day because I wanted to try flying with a controller. However, now the only weapons I can get to work are the Behrings I play around with the Holo display in the Hangar, but nothing changes. I go into the Arena Commander and the only weapons which seeme
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