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Found 11 results

  1. Please find hereunder the direction to find the Lyria's wrecksite #1. Go to Lyria, moon of Arcorp in Stanton system. Go to Shubin Mining Facility SAL-5 (North hemisphere) From there take a heading 331° for 22.2 km The site is pretty tricky to find as there are no reference point. In doubt, activate your quantum, point toward Shubin SAL-5, and adjust your position until you see thoses coordinates (heading 151°, 22,2km distance) BACK TO INDEX
  2. This wreck site can be found on Wala, moon of Arccorp, in Stanton system. Go to Arcorp mining area 45 Head toward 175° for 33 km Beyond this mountain range, we will see a vast plain, and a small hill The wreck is nested in a small valley of this hill From there the direction to Arcorp mining Area 45 are : Heading 355 Distance 33,4 km BACK TO INDEX
  3. Please find hereunder the direction to find the Lyria wreck site #2 Go to Lyria, moon of Arccorp in the Stanton system. Go to outpost Shunbin mining facility SAL-2. From there, head to 271° for 19,4 km. When you will start a small mountain range start to look for the reference points highlighted in green BACK TO INDEX
  4. Hi I am wondering if there is data available for production cost of ArcCorp City? Like total or separate costs of bulding models, textures - that kind of data. Thanks for any help
  5. This game is so awesome !! I hope you will enjoy it 😉
  6. Hello everybody, I have installed update to 3.5.0 live version, but I must do something Wrong. I start from Port Olisar, switch on spooling Quantum travel, try every direction, but not able to localize Arccorp planet. I see, Crusader, Yela, Deymar, com sattelites... but not Arccorp or its moon. Could someone give me an idea, what I must do to localize Arccorp planet? Thanks :)
  7. When you’re looking for a new fusion engine, there is no substitution for the high quality ArcCorp products. While many may view their employees as indentured servants, forced to live on the ArcCorp planet and use company owned stores, there is no denying that ArcCorp’s engines are the best around.
  8. Star Guides are back! - Some speculations on the ArcCorp Store Fronts. Open to any and all feedback! This is just speculation based on what we know, what we see and what may or may not be! Lets talk! Let me know what you guys think of the video and the content, did you see anything we didn't?
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