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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I just applied to join and thought I'd both make this known and introduce myself. I've been playing Star Citizen on and off for quite a bit but usually without any set goal, just having fun. I've tried a few friend owned orgs but that never really worked out so I wanted to join a big active org. I'm mostly interested in strategy, communication and information. Of course this takes time to get into but other things I do in SC is mining, logistics and hopefully base building when it arrives. My current hangar consists of the Carrack, Hercules C2, Cutlass Black, Anvil Valk
  2. Been away from SC since 2015. Came back to see what's new and now there's a new level of hype. My future vision for SC Being a part of a large fleet. Fighting off other fleets for control of resources and system(s). Fighting massive ground wars utilizing the power of said fleet (Air battles, drop ships, tanks, ground forces, etc). Org members working together to expand power and influence. Fleet includes Anvil Arrow (light fighter) CNOU Nomad (Decent cargo) MISC Prospector (Cred generator) Hardware Ryzen 7 2700x GTX 1060 6GB (Damn bots
  3. Greetings all. I have been around Star Citizen since 2015 where I pledged a Mustang Alpha. But haven't really played it much, but the last few weeks, I have been playing daily. I'm a space nerd from Denmark and I have been playing Eve online since 2003 and can see that SC is gonna be the next new thing to space sandbox games. I enjoy everything in SC PVP to Mining and exploration. The potential of the game has hooked me a lot, so now I wanted to join a organization as social aspect is a key function for me Best regards Finill
  4. Greetings, I have been looking for an org and after reading about Imperium on the RSI site I decided to apply. I loved the idea that you plan on taking a part of space in null sec as your own. I am interested in the military branch to protect this territory and the Imperiums interests. I am capable of following orders and it is my dream in Star Citizen to be in a fleet battle. I own a decent number of ships, most notably the Idris w/aftermarket kit, a super hornet, and a Carrack with plans to get more capital ships because I love big ships. I hope to serve the Imperium in one of its fleets wit
  5. hello imperium i am new to star citizens and wanted to join an org to help me get used to how things go (i already know most basics). I came across the you guys whilst looking , i would appreciate it very much if i am able to join and help spread the glory this org to all corners of the galaxy (when that time comes)
  6. I'm a new Star Citizen player that took part in the Free Fly Event during Invictus Week. I purchased the Avenger Titan + Squadron 42 Starter Pack and CCU the ship to the Cutlass Black so I could have a bed and log out in space. Someone in the in-game chat helped me navigate this process (which was very much appreciated!). YouTube has been a great resource to help get me off the ground but I kept seeing videos the Prospector and Mining. This is an activity that I enjoy in Elite: Dangerous and Eve Online and know I'll spend a lot of time doing this in Star Citizen as a means to financially
  7. Que

    New citizen

    Hi. I'm new here and was delighted to find this org with its intentions. Have my small fleet that are mostly focused on industrial and exploration. What I offer is in the areas of planning at a strategical and operational level. See you all in the verse!
  8. Hello All, been a backer since summer 2013, had joined Valinor Aerospace, but it has since become defunct/abandoned. Looking to join a larger corp and hopefully fill a logistics role. Wanting to play Hospital/Medical, possibly repair or salvage work as well, not much interest in combat although I would participate in infantry combat. Currently I have a Prospector and Cutlass Black (melted my Aquila to test some others out) but fully intend to go back to Aquila soon, and if the anniversary sale has Endeavor for it's $350 price tag I plan to upgrade to it, will upgrade to Endeavor Hope
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Zen. I just put in an application on the RSI site. Hope I can fill a spot in the ranks.
  10. Hey SteveSpaz here, Spaz for short. I'm a 33yo IT Professional that loves SC! I currently run a Gladius/Rover combo (for now). In the past I've ran the following: Super Hornet, Hornet, Gladius, Cutlass Black, and a Saber.
  11. Hey yall, My name is Moote, and I am a new applicant to Imperium. I've been a backer since early 2015, and I have recently found my love for the mining mechanic. I am looking for a good community that reminds me of a helpful EQ1 server. I enjoyed the rules of your org, and I hope that you accept my application. Only then, can we both see if we are a good fit for each other. Thanks, Moote
  12. Hey guys! I just applied to Imperium on the RSI website and I really hope you accept me! I am a 21-year-old Austrian currently living in Germany. I study commercial information technology and work at an IT company which provides software, servers and IT security for banks. In my free time I usually play many different video games (I usually stick with some I especially like, Star Citizen for example), watch twitch streams, youtube, spend time with my GF, inform myself on new game releases and pretty much anything that has to do with video games, programming or computers in general
  13. Hi fellow Star Citizens! As a MMO veteran, I've been following this game since its beginning (give or take). A friend and fellow gamer recently reignited my interest in it, and since then I ended up with Cutlass Black Package. On top of that, my hangar also expanded to house a Hornet Ghost, a Herald, and the bad boy of space bikes, Nox. I've also submitted my application for Imperium last night, so I look forward to saying hi as a fellow Imperial.
  14. Evening Gents, I'm Andrew, I'm 28, from Brisbane Australia. Gaming names: Edmond Lexington, Knox, InkunziKnox, Inkunzi I've been shopping for a fleet since kickstarter. This is not an easy thing to do for a game you plan to commit to. I've flown in the PU with a bunch of blokes from a variety of organisations to see what's on offer. Given the recent progress in game development, it's time to make a decision. I've concluded that i'd like to start my application process with Imperium. This is for two Reasons: Firstly it's likely Imperium pilots will be more regular gamers, promoting unit
  15. Been PTU testing for a couple days now and everyone's always wondering how many times they've crashed or closed and reopened SC, so I made a little desktop app to track it! CTD's counts the number of times the StarCitizen.exe stops responding and closes. Game resets is just how many times you've closed StarCitizen.exe. Each counter should be mutually exclusive. The code for this is really simple. The application just spawns a new thread, gets a list of running processes, finds StarCitizen.exe, and then waits around until it is either closed or crashes (stops responding), then incr
  16. Hello, my name is Aaron. I generally go by Merlinix or MerlinixGaming. I first pledged back in November 2013 by purchasing the Freelancer package (It's been upgraded to the MAX variant). Since then, I have acquired a Constellation Phoenix (a silly post-deployment purchase), and an Aegis Sabre. I figured I would cover my bases because I can't honestly say what I'm MOST excited for. Now I can transport with my Freelancer, dogfight with my Sabre, and even smuggle "questionable" goods with my Phoenix's scanner-dampening cargo space. My MMO experience mostly lies in World of Warcraft, where I part
  17. Hello everyone, I joined up with this group waaaaay back in April, but a bunch of stuff happened and I had to put everything Star Citizen on the back burner. I'm a bit confused as to what I need to do next in order to become a full fledged member of this group? A little about me: Been a backer since 13', but couldn't afford the rig to run this game. I know that may not make sense to some, but I knew that this game would be THE game for me as I am a pilot/engineer and I freaking love this stuff. I just built my first rig all on my own (like a big boy) so now I plan on really getting into the mo
  18. Hardware: (Planned to buy) Rode PSA-1 Miditech Audiolink IV Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Storage devices (I haven't decided yet, probably with a transfer rate above 200mb/sec. Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Vegas Pro 13 Avid Pro Tools FFsplit I would like to discuss about a basic rig for editing. I was pretty influenced by JackFrags Gameing setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Z_9zkkc4Q What's your recommendation for a editing purpose?
  19. Greetings IMPERIUM Family, I recently discovered you Guys/Gals and it just screamed ME! I would love to be apart of a well organized, self sustained group / family within Star Citizen come launch day! A group I can log on with and have fun, gain support / in-game help, tips and tricks and to share incredible experiences with while exploring deep space and all its hidden gems, just waiting to be exploited or turned into riches! (AAHhh Breath! ) ~ABOUT ME~ -Derek -32yr Male -Father of 2 little girls -Live in Canada -Have TS3 -LIVE for gaming...
  20. Obviously, I've been authenticated at starcitizenbase.com. I'm just wondering when I can officialy submit my application at the Imperium organization page, at Robertspaceindustries.com. Upon submission, I'm receiving an error message stating, "You must be authenticated to reach this area."
  21. massareal


    Nope i'm not a pirate. Not in this game and not in any other game. I recently bought the 325 LTI and looking forward in playing (alpha/beta) SC. At present time i play Dust514, EVE and Planetside2. In the past i have played simular games and looking forward to get back into the action here again. - Planetside - Earth & beyond - wing commander - homeworld 1&2 - X-Wing serie - Free Space - probable some more i just can't remember. I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Speak Dutch, English (and a bit French, German, Portugese and Spanish)
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