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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! 26 Male from Wisconsin, USA! Initially pledged back in 2015 with the Aurora MR & Squadron 42 Bundle. Recently upgraded my Aurora to the Avenger Titan. I've loved the idea and scope of this game since I first heard about it and I have excited to see it come to fruition. Now that the template system is finished, I'm hoping they'll be able to bring out new systems with relative ease once they get the pipeline down for it. I had a friend that suggest I join the Imperium a while ago, but I was waiting for SC to kick up a bit more. Not big into PvP, will probably be in more of a support role, but we'll see what comes!
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Simon (ingame Brosion), im 21 years old and live in Germany. Im a backer of Star Citizen since 2014, allthough ive just followed the news and state of development for most of the time but never joined an active Organisation until now. Becoming more and more active and involved with the game lately and having met some nice members of Imperium already, i decided to apply and become a part of the team. Thanks for accepting my application, I am happy to be here and am looking foreward to seeing the vision Star Citizen is taking shape together with you! Stay healthy everybody and see you in the verse! Simon/Brosion
  3. Hello Everyone. My name is William and I'm from New Zealand It has been quite a while since I was last on here. (not sure if I can do a second intro or if it is better to refer to the 2014 one?) Are squadrons still a thing or is it called something else now? I look forward to gaming with everyone.
  4. Hey Imperium! I've been playing SC for a while now (thanks to your very own Grizz) and finally decided to join an org thanks to Grizz's prodding and the good times I've had with you folks. I've already put in my application on RSI. My tz is US Eastern, and I've got an Avenger Titan. So far I've found I enjoy pretty much all aspects of SC, especially ship combat. Looking forward to playing with all of you!
  5. Been away from SC since 2015. Came back to see what's new and now there's a new level of hype. My future vision for SC Being a part of a large fleet. Fighting off other fleets for control of resources and system(s). Fighting massive ground wars utilizing the power of said fleet (Air battles, drop ships, tanks, ground forces, etc). Org members working together to expand power and influence. Fleet includes Anvil Arrow (light fighter) CNOU Nomad (Decent cargo) MISC Prospector (Cred generator) Hardware Ryzen 7 2700x GTX 1060 6GB (Damn bots keeping my 3060 from me) 32 GB RAM Corsair k65 with Utech Venus PRO mouse Thrustmaster t16000m FCS (thinking of going dual stick) Enough BS with SC and Hardware, Who the hell are you?! I'm a really chill guy tbh. I don't take most things seriously and I just try to have a good time. I've got the body of Peter Parker and the mouth of Wade Wilson. I'm a competent gamer (though not a great dog fighter, yet). I've just gotten back into SC as stated above and kind of dove right in. Got some ships and a stick/throttle and started practicing. As I started taking the game more seriously and my hype level rose, I decided I should probably find an Org to bring my vision to closer to fruition. I'm open to questions. Any at all. I'm not shy.
  6. I'm an existing member but wan't to be formally accepted with instructions on role gameplay. I don't believe I ever received this when I first joined years ago. My star citizen profile is: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Hexley94
  7. Hey all, New applicant to Imperium here, backer since 2013-ish. Bounty Hunter, Trader, Transport. Running in 325A currently and the loaner freelancer everyone has. Not exactly sure about the specialty to choose yet, but currently learning some combat maneuvers, flying a HOSAS + Rudders. See ya all in the verse, Dohn_Dhat
  8. Hello all, just dropped an app. Have been following star citizen for some time now waiting for 3.0 to drop (and growing old in the process). This seamed like a good time to try and jump in with a decent group of players and official forums seamed to point in this direction. My background in digital crack addiction includes most big name MMO's, League, and World of Tanks (where I frequented top 10 rosters). Ive kinda given all of that up for something more expansive and persistent, which led me to Star Citizen. I pledged the $10 monthly subscription, and after several beer's ended up saying F*** it and dropped the 100 or so dollars on something larger than the jinky starter packs (the Freelancer to be more on point). On a more personal note, I am a full time student at the University of South Florida. I'm majoring in computer science, and have a growing back ground in many object oriented programming languages. I spent over a decade in the U.S. Army, deploying on and off to Afghanistan and Iraq several times... which is paying for all of my schooling. I spend most of my time now working on school stuff and farting around in the verse and in other games waiting for 3.0 to grow out of PTU. I play games for the social interaction, with the MMO's it was guilds, in tanks in was clans, and here im hoping that communities like yours make the social aspect of playing this game more enriching than what ive come to know from major MMO titles. I mean crewing a capitol ship... you cant get much more social than that.
  9. A long while back I was a member but life got in the way so I decided to leave the organization as I didn't think it would be fair of me to claim membership when I was unable to participate. I've returned hoping to be given a second chance now that I have a new system and time to invest. I don't really know what else to say. Let the chips fall where they may.
  10. Elohe


    Greetings you curious reader! I must assume that you are here trying to find out who the weird guy is. Well here is the key stuff: - 20+ years exp in gaming -Likes board games with treacherous player interaction -Avid reader -Games worth to mention: Eve online, Arch age, Elite dangerous, Kerbal space program, Comanche 3 (my first in aviation), Wolfenstein 3D (my first fps) -Likes cats -Pledged civilian with Aurora LN -'perma'death is the coolest feature. All that cleared I can tell you more freely. My handle is Elohe, as the cleverest of you might have guessed; I'm native to cold temps tho not arctic (still don't like it though). I've been around the internet from 90's and grown to lag (insert dial-up modem nostalgia). Currently I'm doing nothing with my life, but I'm planning to return to studies in university. I'm engaged, so sorry girls (and guys) and look after two furry thingeys that think I'm a can opener. I'd like to think my English is good but my accent might be bit funny. I usually get along with people; but I can be a real dickhead if i want to (no-one is perfect). What comes to gaming I usually enjoy more strategic and tactical approaches rather than the best reflexes, I tend to play kinda aggressive type of play keeping the initiative to my self, but I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I understand the importance of team play, and its key: communication. I think that's about it if you have questions feel free to ask them. Keep your shields UP Elohe
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