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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm new here. Trying to spread word about something some of you might already be a part of. My friend Matthew Lanclos from Twitter began the process of forming a group to go after Anovos. We have a lawyer and quite a few people who have either never received their items ordered (like myself) or received poor quality products. We still have time to gather more troops for the cause, so here's the information if you would like to be part of this. From twitter: -------------------- Matthew Lanclos @MILEHIGHMAHOO · Jun 3 Hey #Twitterverse. If you have not received your items from @Anovos #Anovos and would like to participate in a possible #classaction #classactionlawsuit against them please email me at anovosclassaction@icloud.com with the subject "Questionnaire Form Request". #fraud #ponzischeme ------------------ The questionnaire form is fairly simple. It's information about what you ordered, when, if you've contacted the company, and how the lawyer can reach you. I will keep my account active here if you want to talk privately or respond to the thread as I'll check in to answer what I can. We had a conference call this afternoon with the lawyer. This currently is for all USA buyers, but the lawyer still wants to hear from international folks too. It's time to take a stand against companies that defraud people. Thx for reading. Sevan
  2. For those of you who don't know what Anovos.com is, it's the main/major website that's been licensed to provide movie/tv-show set accurate replicas of costumes for IP like Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, etc... It's also been listed by CBS as one of the only licensed places where a person can purchase a costume from and still abide by their draconian rules for making Star Trek Fan Films. So, given that they're an American (supposedly) company, and that they are the place that gets all the licensing, I figured I should give them a shot, even though they are quite expensive. August 18, I saw there was a "sale" going on with Anovos for a number of BSG-centered items. I checked with their CSR reps using their online chat tool (I was up late because I was off-work during August) to make sure that if I ordered an Apollo Viper jacket, it would be able to be shipped to HK. I was informed that it would be shipped to HK, so I purchased the jacket. 19 September, after waiting more than a month, and seeing no update on my order, I put in a ticket for assistance and was informed a week later that the ticket was being "escalated to fulfillment". - At this time, the jacket was listed as "out of stock". 05 October, after no replies to the ticket or update on the order, I stated in the ticket I requested this to be escalated to a supervisor, a day later they replied that it would be shipped out "within a few days". 15 October, I received an email blast from Anovos, stating they were having a "final stock" sale of the Apollo Viper Jacket, which was kind of interesting to me, seeing as how I still hadn't received mine. 25 October, after waiting for and never receiving an update or reply to several more inquiries by me about the product, @Edenstar offered to chat with their live-chat folks (I can't because their operating hours=sleep time for me), within a day she had people telling her they were investigating the issue. Later that day I received a communication that the item was "back ordered" and out of stock, and that there had been an "error of accounting" from their "third party customer fulfillment center". Translation: We over-sold items more than once, and our manufacturer in China didn't make enough of them so we're behind on things, but still selling them because people want them badly. Today, I received confirmation that the order had been cancelled and that I would be receiving a refund within 2-4 business days. Yet, at this exact moment, the item appears to be on sale. So, with that, I'll leave you all with my experience and a warning to be wary of these guys. They are all about trying to sell shit they don't have in stock, then drawing the process out. I wish I had investigated them further, as I would've found they are rated "F" by the BBB in the US. http://www.bbb.org/wisconsin/business-reviews/costumes-masquerade-and-theatrical/anovos-productions-in-kenosha-wi-1000018801/complaints So, folks, word of caution, when trying to get stuff, always good to back check.
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