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Found 2 results

  1. Just posted this hoping to inspire the developers into utilizing modern day Arrival and Departure procedures for congested airspace into the game when we fly in and out of busy urban environments. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/61894/thread/sc-ship-port-arrival-departure-procedures-just-use/1446750
  2. Should I post this in RSI Subscribers Den? As a long time space Sim fan, there is a long list of things I and many of us have wanted in our space games. Lets go through a checklist of what we can see in SC: The simple things you want is of course space fighting, trading and mining. *check* More advance wants you begin to see more archetypes of activities; bounty hunters, personnel transporting ect. *check* Finally the coveted: "I want to walk around on everything not just see a space HUD": Ships *check* Space Stations *check* Planet walk *check* but how much? cities only? Planet Flight ? how big will the planets be explorable via flying? While there are some questions up above my craving for more is this: Wouldn't it be great if cargo was a Physical Object instead of numbers on a screen? Picture this: You log in to your hanger to do some trading, fly out to a space station and purchase 1tonne of rations for 10uec ea., a forklift comes along with a box, and drives right into your Freelancer cargo bay and sets down the box. Now when you walk into your freelancer there is something taking up physical space on your ship!! You can inspect it and if they get really fancy with this game, even mess with it as you wish ie. eat some rations, but none the less when your cargo hold is full, YOU REALLY can see it is full. You then of course seal your cargo doors and fly to and outlying world, a dusty place that buys rations for 80uec ea., a rather nice profit even after paying for gas. Of course were not dealing with numbers here so you take out that buggy you have inside your Freelancer and cart that box of rations to the vendor, finger on the mouse ready to use your fps mode and whip out a laser rifle Call of Duty Style should things go south, since your goods are physical and thus steal-able, selling them just gives you that much more feeling of accomplishment, and makes use of all this actual cargo space we see when we walk on our ships in the Hanger Module. A game that had a lot of space, flying around in worlds as much as in space was: *There was a game which was notable because it tried to implement many of these "wants" called Battlecruiser 3000AD(or Millennium), but it was simply ahead of it's time and thus without the proper tech/funding/people on project etc. it never became that big as far as I know, however, for those of us who did play it, we have always "wanted" more. And now demand more from our space Sims saying, "here we are in 2014, lets do what this 80s-2001 game had but better," it's been over a decade so why not?* ^is my reasoning behind having a more physical universe; flying/walking around on planets, ships, stations etc. and feeling like you have a stake in what's going on because it's not just spread sheets, it's actual real-estate and rendered objects. A couple other things that would be fun is: Will there be air issues? If systems are hit and cabin pressure drops, will my crew have to worry about life sapport and thus have purchased expensive space suites just in case? Will my ships level? Will I level? Will leveling simply be how much UEC I have and so more upgrades and ships? Will there be crafting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A simple way to answer these questions for all you dyslexics out there is recapped here: 1 How big are the planets and how much will players be able to fly in them, walk on them? 2 What do you think about making trade-able goods an actual physical sprite or art asset? 3 Is there going to be an oxygen system? 4 Any type of leveling? 5 Crafting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone has any insight on this please comment
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