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Found 2 results

  1. HISTORY Established in 2012 Execution started with two guys in a liberator in Planetside 2 to one of the largest and most active outfits in the game with over 2200 members. This was accomplished not by aggressive recruiting but by creating a friendly adult oriented outfit without all the ridiculous rules and requirements that come with most guilds. Our rules are simple… and aim to keep it that way! Now don't get us wrong we are not just a zerg organization. Another reason for our success is the training and practice sessions we provide our members. We don't shun beginners we simply educate them. Everyone was a noob once. This mentality draws new and experienced players alike to our ranks. With the rampant success and strong community that we quickly developed we are taking that strength and evolving into a multi – game gaming community. Star Citizen is our second official branch with others in the works as well. Many of our members play together in other games and make use of our mumble server when needed or sometimes just hang out and chat with other like minded gamers. For the future we plan on expanding even further so if you choose to join us you do not just join us in Star Citizen. You join a robust community of PC gamers of all walks of life. Casual players to die hard fanatics. We have it all! feel free to visit our recruitment section and check out our forums on exeoutfit.com! MANIFESTO We are a pretty relaxed outfit with a diverse membership representing a wide array of different play styles. Our number one priority is always to have a good time and to that end our rules are simple and to the point. We are primarily an adult organization but there is no age limits only maturity restrictions. We also pride ourselves in being both Male and Female friendly and do not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you are interested in joining Execution, you have come to the right place! We have a very open recruitment policy (everyone's welcome), and we only have two rules! Just simply signup to our forums and get with any member online for an invite. Hope to see you in game soon! CHARTER If you can count to two you will have successfully counted the number of rules we have. In EXE we like to keep things simple, fun, and drama free. It is really that simple! Rule #1: Don’t be a D**k! The golden rule. This means being a courteous and reasonable human being, showing respect to other players and organization members at all times. We don’t expect everything to stay child safe and politically correct at all times, but we do expect everyone to contribute positively to a welcoming and enjoyable environment. We always hope that disagreements can be resolved between affected parties but if necessary please contact leadership as appropriate. Don’t feed trolls! Repeat violations can mean removal from outfit so don’t be that guy or girl! Rule #2: Obey Orders! Participation in our events is always entirely voluntary, but if you choose to participate you will be expected to listen to your leadership and follow orders as soon as you get them. If you find yourself removed from a unit / group, this is usually why. It isn't anything personal, it just isn't fair to everyone when a few individuals are not working with the group. You can always respectfully leave the unit. There are no rank requirements to run your own unit / group and encourage everyone to practice leadership. Repeat violations can mean removal from outfit so listen up! http://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/EXECUTION/ http://exeoutfit.com/
  2. Recruitment: MOPP4 would like to build a strong core of players & carve out our niche in the galaxy upon launch. Though focused on Military members we more than welcome friends and military supporters. Jump on bored and join MOPP4! MOPP4 is an adult community most of our members range between 20-55, we ask that you be 18+ before applying. Thank you. What can MOPP4 do for me: 1.All of MOPP4's members play by a Code of Conduct while wearing the MOPP4 tags. This C.O.C. ensures mutual respect and as close to a drama free gaming environment as one can hope for. For more information on MOPP4's C.O.C please check it out HERE. 2.MOPP4 often conducts in game contests or giveaways which are available to all of our active members. Who doesn't want free ship! (see what i did there?) 3.MOPP4 offers top of the line Xenforo forums (Tapatalk and steam integrated) for your posting enjoyment 4.MOPP4 offers a private Teamspeak 3 server for VOIP communication. 5.MOPP4 is applicant approved by the Wounded Warrior Project to conduct fundraising on their behalf. 6.MOPP4 is a multi-game community so there is never a reason to be bored. Although we hope you will join us in Star Citizen we will never turn you away from any of our other supported games. 7. MOPP4's ranks are based upon participation, not time in "guild" willingness to lead and determination. Our Iniital Objective: MOPP4 will establish a foothold in *Deleted / Security Voilation* set up a Tactical Operations Center (TOC), eradicate hostile threat & establish space superiority in the immediate area using shock & awe tactics. Though MOPP4 is not currently allied with any of the other great units in the galaxy we are open to sit downs to discuss partnerships and or alliances with those who may be interested. Our Mission: MOPP4 will establish a military force who is second to none, what we choose to do with our strength and numbers is still classified and currently cannot be released to the general public. Our story will begin in Alpha. We hope that your story will begin with MOPP4. Check us out at MOPP4.net or just click on our banner!
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