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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I figured out a way to get both a Gladius (w 6 MI) and a Dragonfly with only a small investment of $25. You also get a few other cool rewards along the way. I tested it out myself and it worked like a charm. So how? By using the Referral program AND the 2017 Referral Contest concurrently- between now and Aug 8th it is possible to reap the rewards of both. After this contest is up then it is still worth it just for the Gladius imo, since it is a $125 ship atm. Exactly how? That is up to you. The goal is to earn 10 Referral Points (RP) linked to your account. I used Bing Ads, set up an account with the online chat. Refused to put any money on it until AFTER I got the $100 coupon for new accounts (had to wait like 2 days for that), then I prepaid $25. My ad on Bing has run 17 days now, and I have 58 prospects and 14 recruits. I have spent $90 of my total $125 ad money so I am hopeful that I will get to Lt in the referral program (25 RP) before that amount dwindles to zero and I let it go idle. If someone is interested in doing the same I think it is a good bet and I would not mind helping you out in setting up the account and the ad. From experience I think using Google ads is not worth it (they charge too much per click and per impression while Bing only charges per click), however Google and Bing are running similar ad coupons for new accounts. What exactly can you get doing this now? You can check the status of the referral program and your referral code by going to YOUR RSI ACCOUNT and clicking REFERRAL PROGRAM (the Referral Contest link is embedded on the REFERRAL PROGRAM page) Below is the list from the RSI Referral Program webpage and below that is the list of rewards from the 2017 Referral Contest. Referral Rewards 2017 Referral Contest Rewards So if you like hangar flair and a Gladius short range patrol fighter/Dragonfly ship set then I think this is about the best deal out there right now- plus you promote Star Citizen which shouldn't hurt either :-) You can check the status of the referral program and find your referral code by going to your MY RSI > MY ACCOUNT > REFERRAL PROGRAM (the Referral Contest link is embedded in the RANKING LADDER page) Wish all you fellow Imperials (Imperiumals? haha) [orgmates in Imperium!] the best! -Uthrac This Post has been improved and edited by the Switchmeister (thx Switch! lol) VERY IMPORTANT EDIT as of 2017-07-06 I just discovered that one must ACTIVELY ENROLL in the 2017 Referral Contest. From your My RSI > My Account > Referral Program > Ranking Ladder > 2017 Referral Contest page you must then select "Enter Contest" and agree to the terms! This was poorly thought out by RSI to say the least, as most people I know also failed to find this and, like myself, assumed that the Referral Program is automatic, so the Referral contest would also be automatic. I have submitted a customer service request on this issue and am hoping CIG will have the decency to automate enrollment. Until then it would be wise to go to the page and Enter the Contest ASAP.
  2. www.thebase.sc Hello everyone, I'm creating this post in the fleets recruitment section because I wanted to reach out to all the Star Citizen Organizations that come by our fan forums to recruit and post their topics here. As you may know, The Base Radio is a fan-run Star Citizen radio station, independent, and without any intention for profit. Donations we get are 100% put back into running the station (server costs, giveaways and so on), and the crew that runs it earn no money from that. None of the 'ads' that run on our station pay us any money (which is why i often mark them with ''), in fact, all of them are star citizen themed 'lore-ads', handed to us by passionate people from for instance the various Twitch Streamers, Organizations, or podcasts out there. Your Organization can also have a spot in our 'ad' collection! How? In the form of a short radio-ad, which will randomly run between songs on our radio station. Aimed length: 20-50 seconds File format: prefer ".wav" May include music (we are a legally licensed radio station) Cannot include profanity (may be *beeped* out) May include a short web address in the metadata (which will show up on our twitch stream) Why should you do this? Simple. It expands your reach further, since our station streams on shoutcast and twitch 24/7, and regularly new players come by to check out what we have to offer. Also, it expands our coverage and variety to anything that has to do with Star Citizen, and furthermore: ITS COOL! To make this happen, there are two possible options: You send us a voice track (for instance recorded by someone of your org), and we can mix it into a radio ad for you. You create the mixed completed version of the radio ad which will be ready for use. Please note option 1 requires us to set aside time to do it, which is why we encourage you do try to do it yourself, and we can give you feedback on it if you so require. It doesn't cost you anything to run your ad on our radio station. Further questions? Don't hesitate to ask here. If you prefer a more private conversation, you can pm me, or email us at management@thebase.sc See you all in the 'Verse! Rellim The Base Radio Management www.thebase.sc ps.
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