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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I am selling my own account I have created in 2015 The account includes these ships. Aegis Vulcan - 120 Month Hull C - 120 Month Hull E - 120 Month Hercules C2 - 120 Month Eclipse - 120 Month Mercury Star Runner - LTI Cutlass Black - LTI Anvil Hawk - LTI Drake Dragonfly black - LTI Tumbril Ranger CV - LTI Banu Merchantman - 120 Month Caterpillar 2949 BIS - LTI + Paints, armors etc.. Imperator - 1 Year Access Pass Asking Price $2400
  2. SELLING ACCOUNT AEGIS POLARIS LTI, RAVEN, AVENGER, 315P LTI Selling Account with the following: Ships: Aegis Polaris - LTI Avenger Stalker - 6 Month Insurance Aegis Saber Raven - 2 Month Insurance Origin - 315P Explorer Hangars Aeroview Hanger Self Land Hanger Game Packages Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Rewards 200 Million Commemorative Coin Drake Caterpillar Statue Other Items Starting Money: 5,000 UEC Digital Star Citizen Manual Star Citizen Digital Download Digital Game Soundtrack D
  3. I want to sell my account containing $166 credits for $60 USD. I don't have the time to play anymore and I need the money for college. If you have questions and/or want to discuss the payment and such, please contact me on Discord by adding me; Killculator#7588
  4. I'm looking to sell my account, spent $2532 on it. Melt value of the ships and the Store credit = $2206 PRICE I’m looking for is $2000 There is a few buyback ships from last years IAE There is also lots of subscriber Items in the Hanger and Buyback Ship List Anvil Carrack Expedition with C8X Pisces (RSI Ursa Rover Included)- LTI Origin 600i Touring ( Name Reservation) - LTI Crusader Ares Inferno - LTI Drake Cutlass Black BIS - LTI Aegis Reclaimer BIS - LTI MISC Prospector - 6 Months Banu Merchantman - 10 Years Crusader Mer
  5. Hi. So... I'm an owner of a Wing Commander Concierge account which I owned since 2014. This MY account. Trough and trough. However, I did purchase an "Idris-P" account from the grey market about 2 years ago. I no longer needed this account so... I tried to resell it. Transferred it to the buyer. And now CIG has issued the following message to this account: Greetings, The sale and trade of RSI accounts is not recognized by Cloud Imperium Games and is against our Terms of Service and the End U
  6. My RSI account is on sale for only 300 USD and includes 365 USD store credit! PM me for details if you are interested!
  7. Hi guys, Due to my financial status changing, I am no longer able to hold stocks in this game. I'm wanting to sell off my account. Member since May 2017. Grand Admiral Concierge. 3 pages of extra's and sub flairs. DRAKE KRAKEN ANNIVERSARY 2018 LTI DRAKE CUTLASS BLUE ANNIVERSARY 2017 60 MONTH ANVIL AEROSPACE CARRACK ANNIVERSARY 2017 60 MONTH AEGIS VANGUARD SENTINEL ANNIVERSARY 2017 60 MONTH AOPOA NOX LTI (Game Packages) PACKAGE - AVENGER STALKER PACKAGE - SQUADRON 42 ADD-ON Melt value of all ships & game packages $2340. Looking for $2200. Open to offers. Paypal v
  8. Sale Completed (Not sure how to mark that on this thread) I am selling my account that has been a backer since the $50 Million Backer Reward. I am looking to get about $300. There are 10,000 UEC and 5,000 REC on the account. There is still one free name change on the account as well. List of items on the account: Drake Herald (LTI) (Standalone) (Giftable) Constellation Taurus (Standalone) (Nongiftable) Freelancer Max (Package) (Nongiftable) Advocacy Tools Arena Commander Pass Christmas 2014 Backer Reward December 2014 Backer Reward Space Globes Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/
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