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Found 19 results

  1. Be Patient - Female Avatars Coming SoonTM.... Most know how positive I am towards Star Citizen (Optimist by nature)..... however we all have to be disappointed with CIG with "Something." Some may say they are disappointed in the production schedule and if you have seen the who talks about the production schedule being a function of quality (fidelity) vs manpower. CIG has enough manpower and they don't want to give up on quality thus things take awhile (but technically they are still on-schedule for the PU - Alpha - next year). The one thing they are behind on schedule significantly .... however... and the one thing I am personally disappointed in...... is introducing a female avatar to the game. This is a funny short video about the missing ladies....
  2. Looks like Fiendish Feather is going to be doing a series of Videos title "Bulkheads"... and here is the promo - VERY funny Star Citizen: Bulkheads - Episode 00 (An original series based in the Star Citizen Universe) Credits: SERIES CREATORS: FiendishFeather and Disco Lando EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Disco Lando DIRECTOR, EDITOR, AND ANIMATOR: FIendishFeather ZETA & Spartacus: Trendane TANGO: Bad News Baron SPECIAL THANKS TO: BrawlinBadger Logante Kinshadow Ricko
  3. I was really impressed by this - think they did a great job and look forward to it being released on the 19th Published on Apr 16, 2015 Hunter is a fan fiction comic set in the Star Citizen universe. The comic launches Sunday, April 19th and will be available at the following link: http://hunter.thecomic.ninja
  4. Though I can't figure out why he got a $10k Wing Commander package instead of a $15k Completionist package?
  5. This is a great "hype" video and one to forward to friends if they are now just being introduced to SC (or on the fence). It starts out a little slow but he does a good job with the summary of the game and the hype. Please forward it to your friends to get them interested in Star Citizen
  6. Star Citizen VS Eve Online: Mining Gameplay - Who Does It Best? = Good video to watch if you are on the fence about the RSI Orion. Remember today is the last day of the Concept Sale where you can get LTI and the Hangar Flare (and this will be the lowest price it will ever be for Sale for - including when it is available in-game in the PU). EDIT - Guess it went off sale yesterday I never thought I would be a miner but I picked up this beauty as a Squadron Ship (where people can borrow it as needed).
  7. The Wonderful World of Star Citizen Episode 1! THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF STAR CITIZEN EPISODE 1 Greetings Citizens, Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby hosts a new kind of Star Citizen show. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing fan created content in the ‘Verse. From videos, to podcasts, to narrations everything citizens create has a home in The Wonderful World of Star Citizen. Join Jared as he guides us further and further down the jump point.
  8. Star Citizen : What Makes It Different? Immersion | First-person Universe <<<--- Is a good video when trying to explain to others how SC is different from other MMOs.
  9. Lets talk commodities and give away a Redeemer! ... is another good vid from Grey Headed Gamer - Enjoy
  10. Star Citizen Self-Build: M50 sky garage = is an awesome new Vid from one of my favorite SC vid producers (Teller)... and to be honest ----- this is my favorite fan Vid to date for anything SC. Love the architecture / Blade Runner style........ ENJOY..
  11. Corp Inc Exploration - Planet Green (New Horizons map) Surface in AC1.0 is a fan vid using either a bug or his access to Cry Engine to explore areas not normally seen in game (keep in mind these are still unfinished assets). Still cool though - enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g3q9vVXx5I
  12. Star Citizen Sunday - Gladiator, Patch 9.2.2, Lets Get Drunk & Loads More is a good recap vid with rare (seen before but hard to find) footage of the ArcCorp Monorail and some cool Cry Engine interior studies of the Carrack
  13. TA was the first SC fan vid producer that I followed when I was first introduced to SC. I haven't posted one of his videos in awhile but he did a decent job on this one. The information is the same we got from CR letter but he has some good opinion commentary on the topic.
  14. I love it when fans create vids that tell a story in the PU... here is another good one - Enjoy
  15. Disco Lando is a long time (fan) contributor to the Star Citizen Community and produces hilarious videos . He as published other videos like this before (racing through an Asteroid Hangar) - but this one is his most refined to date = enjoy
  16. A "short sequence" vid showing a race between various ship types (including a Vanduul Scythe)... look at what the pilot does as he is left in the dust The producer is Corporation Incorporated and he is right up there in terms of producing great vids from data mined assets (like AnythingFPS and Teller)
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