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Found 10 results

  1. PROLOGUE INTELLIGENCE OFFICE OF UEE ARMY SPECIAL OPERATION COMMAND CENTER (SOCC), UNIT SHIELDHOUND, TERRA SYSTEM, EARTH: MAY 2938 05:45z, SHIELDHOUND COMMAND CENTER, TERRA SYSTEM, EARTH: MAY 2938 HOUNDS attention. Sir, all four hounds present Sir. Four you say Lieutenant?, yes....sir....one new warrant Officer by the name "Mina Hazuki" SIR. This job is about Special Operations and killing the enemy.......it's trouble and death. Don't know why they keep hand picking new meats like you Mina. Don't worry you look good soldier, fresh meat for the Vanduul or a nice slave will do.
  2. We are Black Star Initiative! Black Star Initiative is a UEE Aligned Anti-Piracy Private Military Corporation with 60% our focus on combat related security of UEE Space and 40% towards all other non-combat roles. We use a structured branch to organize players more efficiently. See link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Yc7m8bP8Izeg6x2QbtwaqqpmnMk1gtY1SRPLu9kM3mY/edit#slide=id.p3 We do require all of our members (Non-combat also) to be willing to fight on notice as we are firstly a PMC and all other non-security jobs provide the backbone of operations. As well, we und
  3. Find our corporation homepage here! What is Galactic Astrometrics? GANJ is a casual corporation dedicated to offering opportunities for work and career expansion in Exploration, Scouting, and Fringe-service activities. We rely on the members of this Corporation to improve and upkeep the library of active fringe jump networks. Outside of basic exploration, we encourage our enlisted members to perform services on paid mission basis', which include Research and Rescue, Medical assistance, Refueling and Scouting/Patrol of allied trade routes. Our main source of income is providing thes
  4. Well, now this is interesting. An in-lore poll of Citizens asking about a variety of topics. Please vote Here If you're unsure about the political parties, check below.
  5. Star Citizen RSI F7C-R Hornet Tracker with LTI and Alpha Access YOU WILL GET: F7C-R Hornet Tracker Starting Hangar: Business Starting Money: 5,000 UEC Lifetime Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Squadron 42 Manual Beta Access Alpha Access Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual 270 USD$ I accept Verified PayPal Already sold here : Freelancer MIS upgrade for 65$USD 0 left UEE Environment Coat - 20$USD 0 left Take a look at my feedbacks records
  6. I'm rather salivating at the though of this ship. Could it be the massive ship that dwarfs a Bengal that CR mentioned? The Behring Applied Technology transmission a while back had this to say on it: A single Ship Buster forms the keel mount of the Bengal carrier, while a series of the weapons forms the fighting power of the Retribution-class. Looking at the size of that railgun on the Bengal a "series" of them would certainly require an immense ship! Here's what dev Robbie Elms had to say about it: "The Retribution is manufactured by multiple companies working together..." "..
  7. Aegis Gladius Declassified. Greetings Citizens, The Gladius is the United Empire of Earth’s current front-line light fighter, serving against the Vanduul onboard Bengal carriers and elsewhere. Classified UEE Blueprint: Gladius Rear Built by Aegis Dynamics, the Gladius is an older design which has been updated over the years to keep up with modern technology. In military circles, the Gladius is beloved for its performance and its simplicity. A fast, light fighter with a laser-focus on dogfighting, the Gladius is an ideal interceptor or escort ship. Fewer moving parts than the Hornet means
  8. The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is recruiting Website: http://1ras.enjin.com Timezone: USA mostly Commo: TS3 Focus: Casual Play, some RP, and Moderate Competitive play. Fun Description: The 1st Royal Aerospace Squadron is an Independant Squadron from the UEE Marines. In Which is Give the freedom to maneuver where ever is needed of them. We have Ships dedicated to exploration, and Patroling the boarders, as well as the lawless areas of Space. we accept request for assistance from Civilians who might need help or protection from Pirates or just any hostiles, We are not a unit that
  9. We, the citizens and residents of the United Federations declare ourselves to be an independent state from the UEE and grant ourselves permission to claim outer territory in our names. We have four terms that the UEE must agree to before we shall agree to a cease fire. Our first term is that the UEE should recognize that the United Federations is an independent state from the UEE and that we are an open market. As such, we formally request that all legal members of the United Federations be marked as such in the UEE database. We also request that the UEE open its private mili
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