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Found 2 results

  1. Good day fellow citizens, Astra Solutions Corp is looking for YOU Astra Solutions Corp is a small german/english company, which engages in many different activities. The biggest part of ASCs income is generated by trade and transportation. Which in turn are protected by the companies own security. A mining unit is planned, but currently not available. ASC consists of the following divisions COMMERCE -trading/transporting ASC goods -trading/transport for hire -fuel gathering -mining -exploration/prospecting -........ SECURITY -escort ASC convoys -escort for hire -protection of ASC operations -S&R -counter intelligence -anti-piracy operations -assist in counter-vanduul operations -(bounty hunting) -(privateering for the UEE) As part of the UEE ASC sees it as their duty to support the UEEs war effort against the vanduul. Therefore ASC engages in scouting vanduul territory. (if you have questions about this pm director chigger) RSI-Link https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ASTRSOL Website http://astrasolutionscorp.clanwebsite.com/ see you in the 'Verse chigger
  2. Eclipsed Armed Solutions is a PMC currently looking for skilled military contractors and exceptional combat pilots. If you are looking for a combat-centric line of work, whether you're directly involved or not, look no further. Eclipsed wants you. We aim to provide superior services to our clientele. Whether it be guarding a mining convoy, obtaining cargo from an enemy ship, or thinning your rival's ranks, you can count on Eclipsed to complete the objective swiftly and effectively. If you are an organization, Eclipsed wants you to get what you want. How? By helping, that’s how. Feel free to contact any officials of Eclipsed Armed Solutions to get an account set up with us. We appreciate your business, and depreciate your enemy’s business. Unless they pay more. If you are a contractor, be prepared to taste the sweet thrill of glorious combat, feel the soothing sting of bullets, and hear the beautiful 'ping' of a successful monetary deposit into your account. If you are a pilot, be prepared to fly into and clear hot LZ's, execute scouting operations, perform troop runs, engage in electronic warfare, and participate in infantry combat missions. Applicants start out as contractors, holding basic time-based contracts with Eclipsed. As contractors complete and renew their contracts, they have the opportunity to rise in rank, perhaps even reaching the coveted R5 rank, Tactician, to help steer the battle from both HQ and on the front lines. Show even more prowess, and you could find yourself landing a COO spot at Eclipsed Armed Solutions, with direct say in the direction of the organization. Soon to come: Eclipsed Utilities Division Please follow this link to our official RSI webpage where you can apply, and read a little bit more about Eclipsed and what we do. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or send me a direct message. I'm always quick to respond. If you aspire to greatness, aspire to Eclipsed Armed Solutions. Cullenftw, CEO, Eclipsed Armed Solutions, LLC
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