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Found 16 results

  1. Yesterday I asked the question in spectrum on the origin X1 Q&A and was hoping for some up votes to know what to do next. My question is this, When the 600i complete Origin pack was selling it states it includes the X1. However now that there are 3 variants it does not state what that is. So does the Complete Pack include just the base model or all 3 variants justly still making it the Complete Origin bundle, any help with a quick upvote would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hi guys this is a 2 part Q&A session that was held at this weekends PCGW event. Enjoy!
  3. TL;DR From INN: [3:42] Q: Drake ships do not have ejection seats, how does this square with the perma-death concepts envisioned in ‘Death of a Spaceman’? A: Drake ships are a little like Russian military hardware: rugged, functional but doesn’t necessarily have all the extras (like ejection seats) in order to offer better value elsewhere (like bigger guns). While an ejection seat might allow you to potentially escape, “Death of a Spaceman” means that even if you are blown up with your ship you are instantly dead: you wake up in a med bay after being patched up. However you can only do this a number of times before you old character passes away and you have to move on to a new one. So Drake ships are more risky but if you are aware of that you should still be able to get out and EVA away. [7:12] Q: Will there be an event planned for Gamescom? A: Due to venue issues we won’t be doing the same “Big presentation” like we’ve done in the past couple years, but instead we’ll have a booth on the show floor showing off new stuff coming up for the game and having a playable build of the current release as well as having pop up events, like the big garden event we’ve done the last couple years where it’s meet and greet for the fans with developers and such. [9:30] Q: Will you receive a notification if you are away from your locked ship and a pirate is trying to disable the lock and loot your ship? A: One of the next stages is to put in security systems which partly come with item 2.0 stuff. With that is other levels of boarding mechanics to hack or blow open a door, all in the stages of getting fleshed out and then get implemented. This would also involve notification to your Mobiglass within a reasonable amount of distance if you were, say EVAing somewhere else. [11:11] Q: Biggest development challenge preventing rudimentary versions of exploration, cargo, mining and economy mechanics from being implemented in PU/PTU builds? Can we get focused updates on this in the future? A: 2.4 added persistence which we will be opening up and expanding on. 2.5 will contain the outlaw base so there will be two factions and two spawning places. Our other “big” focus is the full Stanton system, which will be about a billion kilometres across, with procedurally generated planets. CryEngine was never built to simulate so many object so we’ve been working on full rewrite of everything in CryNetwork to get everything in place for the this and it is scheduled for 2.7. Once we have that and some messaging and organisational stuff which will be rolled out later this year we have the foundations to accelerate cargo, mining, etc. Our goal is to get Stanton fleshed out to the fidelity we want for all of Star Citizen: the “Pupil to Planet” level of detail. [17:48]Q: Anything from the E3 expo that really amazed you? What do you think of how big space games are now? A: Everyone seems to be doing space games now all the way up to mainstream titles like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Cool stuff with Mass Effect and Battlefield One. Star Citizen FPS stuff in the works that we’ll see in the not too distant future. [19:22] Q: Nyx still in the works? When will we see it? A: Yes! The landing area and environment is done, but we’re in the process now of integrating it into the huge star system and how it works with planetary tech. You should see it around 2.7 and ArcCorp won’t be in 2.7, but it won’t be long for that so you won’t see loading screens anymore when visiting Nyx and ArcCorp in the future and we’ll continue to build upon that from that. We’re working on having all that come together by the end of this year. [21:15] Q: Will AI opponents have any aspect of self preservation? A: Big AI technical session in Frankfurt recently and they’re in the implementation stage of the grand design. Going to unify AI and mission stuff into one system that has different levels and scopes and knows how to talk amongst itself, which will in turn allow things like self preservation and a more seemingly intelligent AI. [23:30] Q: Will you eventually pass along the knowledge you gained where CryEngine is concerned from SC’s development? A: Absolutely. I believe it’s important to share the knowledge that we’ve learned in order to help the industry evolve and advance like it has in the past from other people sharing what they’ve learned. [25:30] Q: Will Hangar Module and Universe Module be combined for better immersion? Ex: Walking from your hangar into a space port and requisitioning a ship. A: Yes, 100%. For him the goal is to get the game to a point where you’re not going to the Hangar Module or ArcCorp as separate modules, it’ll all be one. Setup may be slightly different than right now. [26:58] Q: Planned role for Vanduul harvesters now that planetary landings are in game possibility. A: We’ll definitely have them planned to appear when the systems that Vanduul occupy or threaten come into the bigger Star Citizen universe (he mentions Chapter 2) and the potential that the procedural tech gives us is unparalleled compared to what we had originally planned a couple years back. It’ll be very exciting the various scenarios you’ll encounter down the road.
  4. Esperia Blade Q&A

    Q&A for the "Blade" has started, here's part one. To post question about the "Blade" go here. Question & Answer - Link to RSI forum
  5. Steve Bender (on the right): Animation director Sean Tracy (on the left): Tech Director -Content 01:13 Could alien armor be retrofitted for alien use? It sounds cool, but are you going to wear Shaq's shoes? No There will be armor inspired by alien designs and materials though. Absolutely 03:40 We won't have variable heights, but what about width? Can we enhance or diminish our character's presence. It's tricky to do without changing the animation rig. CryEngine used to have thin / fat variations (8 channels read body parts) with a slider that allowed deformation between them. People wanted to use these channels for art instead of deformation meshes. We're trying to play with control points to add more customization, but we don't know to what degree you can deform them. We are creating variant animations sets so you can customize your character to give it your own swagger or gait. 07:41 At what point does an animation become an emote? Is it just adding a slash to an animation? Will we be able to guide a ship to a refueling nozzle using tactical hand signals? Can we push/pull each other outside of combat? You'll start seeing detailed animations for carrier launches. Making those emotes isn't too difficult. What's challenging is the design and getting it to have a connection that fits. Technically any of these could be used as jobs, like directing ships on a carrier. What's tricky is not that you can do something, but getting another player to accept this. 11:44 Will ladder climbing ever be given manual control? Currently we have to wait for an animation to finish and can't change directions or speed. Ship ladders are a different implementation than environment item ladders. Because it's an enter animation, you won't be able to change directions, but we are making three different speeds of entry and exit: Relaxed (now); combat (faster); emergency (really fast). 16:16 How smooth should the third-person animations be when juking or turning? Realistic third-person animations that feel good from a look point of view does feel unnatural because you don't see your body, which feels lethargic and uncontrollable. We start with a third person capture and then dial those full animations down. In combat, which we've been working on for several months, we're working on making them faster, but not in terms of how it looks. 20:08 Will our character's animation change based on injury? Yes. Characters will change the way they move or interact. An arm may become disabled, and you'll no longer use it. It comes to balance. When shot in the leg, how slowly will you move? When it looks good on camera, but in first person it felt too slow. When an arm is disabled you have to do one handed reloads (one of the mocap guys is a British special ops guy who did an awesome one handed pistol reload.) 25:16 What are the future plans for creating more realistic collisions? Most ships have a local physics grid within them ( a little island within a bigger island), but when changing between physics grids is tricky because it's the player as well as the forces and motions of the other items in play, etc. The physics of the player has to get passed from one grid to another. Usually the code passed between grids is getting broken, or a piece of the asset hasn't streamed in. It can get crazy such as an Idris holding a Connie, holding a Merlin. (really Connie in an Idris?) 28:26 How will FPS combat feel when done? What is the FPS with the closest analogue? The character does take cover and has cover animation sets. Once in cover you can move around it and upon reaching an edge, the weapon will shift to let you know you're at the cover and can peek out or step out and aim. The closest analogue? There isn't anything out there doing matched third and first person animations. Changes that they made for Crysis 2 set the groundwork for what you'll see here. It will feel like a lot of the games you've played. It's not CoD but it's not B4, nor Arma 3, nor Crysis 3. We're taking pieces of each and building something unique. We did a competitive analysis watching videos and taking the best of each and building what we wanted. It's not a fast shooter by any stretch. We want to promote tactical movement and teamplay. Between Battlefield or Arma. After thirty degrees off center your feet will move to match your head which is an improvement over what you see right now. 41:17 Will melee combat be scripted or more freeform allowing players to attack and parry at will? The concept is freedom of player movement, but for reference we're looking at eskrima and kali (both Philippine hand to hand styles) 43:38 What do you see yourself doing in the completed game? What role do you see for yourself? A member of the Ghost Monkey Extraction Unit, the Simain Order which can be found at Bone's Bar on Terra. Long Live the Simian Order! I want to be a Ghost Monkey!
  6. Episode 40 is here. Questions after some sleep and coffee. State of the Game on (Thursday 3 Dec) will describe how to win the Endeavour. I'll link it here along with the details. Endeavour giveaway - Will be given away the last week of the year or thereabouts. Go to StarcitizenAA forums and sign up. That may be all you have to do. 1: Which is more awesome? 1 million backers or 100 million dollars? The first one. The money raised should have been removed from the site ages ago. 2: Can a docking collar serve as a way to refuel? No. We'll think about refueling modules and drop tanks in the future. 3: Are any planned in-game entertainment sources planned? Yes. That's what the news van variant of the Reliant is. The problem with content is you end up needing tons of money like GTA, or you get 5 public domain songs like Fallout. We'd rather this be player-generated content. Like The BASE. 4: Any chance we'll see jump points that lead to non-star locations? Like rogue planets. No. If you picture a sheet that is stretched taught, and you have a pair of bowling balls on it (stars) they create dimples in the sheet, and the jump point is the closest patch between the sags, rather than up and over. Planets would be marbles, they aren't enough of a gravity event like a black hole or a quasar would be. <- Hint. 5: When will the community be able to provide HOTAS feedback? What will the process look like? I have a survey from Saitek I'm getting ready to email everybody. 6: What happened to the small Crucible from the stretch goal that formed a lattice? Drones are still coming and will play an important role in repair work. <-- Carry repair drones instead of the previously planned tiny Crucible? 7: What happened to the Miller ERS? The Crucible will have modules. We weren't sure when this would be going into the game, so we didn't release this yet. 8: Can we have romances with other characters in Squadron 42? I don't believe there is. Maybe in future iterations. 9: Is there an idea on modules for the Carrack? Will it have a holographic doctor like in Voyager? What about the medical bay? We don't have a solid plan. I'd share it with you if I had an idea. Ghurmk is working on the inside right now. Has anyone watched Voyager and thought 'I really need one of those'? It will have something like the automatic med bay in Prometheus. 10: Is there a Christmas sale coming? There will be a 3-hour live stream on December 16, but the Christmas sale will be small. Oriented to new folks.
  7. Hey there fella's... Tonight at 20:00 GMT is a livestream of paul from HCS voicepacks with kate russel and the developer of voice attack on http://www.twitch.tv/kateclick/ Communties from E: D and SC are joining in tonight to answer all your questions regarding voice attack, games, voice packs and more.
  8. Scythe Q&A

    Scythe Q&A Greetings Citizens, Last week we released the first video of the human-flyable variant of the Vanduul Scythe. This past week, we collected questions from forum users curious to know more about the ship. A selection of these questions have been answered below. Have another question? Post it below and we’ll review the comments for anything we missed! Question & Answer Will the UEE Security shoot at every Scythe at sight? NO! Ship recognition is more complex than just according to silhouette. If you’re broadcasting a Vanduul IFF signal, though, you might want to look out (this is a bad idea for most purposes.) Also be aware that this only applies to AI; it’s certainly likely there will be players jumpy enough to shoot a Scythe on sight (try saying that three times fast.) How would someone go about capturing a Scythe within the game? In order to capture a ‘native’ Scythe, you would need to knock down the shields, carefully disable a significant portion of the main and maneuvering thrusters and then either kill or incapacitate the pilot. We intend this to be a significant challenge for all but the best fighter pilots! Will the other alien ships, such as the Xi’An scout, have their native alien U.I. glitch through in a similar manner to the Vanduul Scythe? This will depend on the ship. The alien ship produced under license (such as the Xi’an Scout) will have a seamless human-designed interface. When the backstory is different and the ships are actually modified examples flown by other species (like the merchantman) you may see more touches like this! Once the Vanduul language is finished, will we be able to fly a Scythe with its native HUD? We do not have plans to do this today, but never say never. If it’s an easy task, it’s certainly something we’d like to see included further down the road. Can NON-Imp subscribers rent a Scythe to fly with REC? The current plan is for the Imperator Scythes to be assigned via badge rather than a specific amount of REC. (Remember that these Scythes appear only in Arena Commander and not the persistent universe; the difference isn’t significant today, but it will be in the future!) Any idea how to secure a scythe, after you disabled thrusters and killed the pilot? There will be several ways to do this, including using a tractor beam to carry it on a larger ship for repair, or alternatively conducting an EVA to repair and board the ship while it is still in space. (In all likelihood, you’d need to at least get the engines up and running in order to get it back to your Hangar for further modification.) Other than the HUD and ergonomic changes, are the NPC and player variants identical? Can CIG balance them independently? The two ships are identical in terms of specifications at the moment, but you make a very important point: in the future, they will be balanced independently. This isn’t to give players an advantage or disadvantage, but instead to represent the fact that Vanduul-produced Scythes will change as time passes, while the existing selection of human versions will stay the same (of course, when a theoretical Scythe Mk. II is captured, its abilities will remain for the player rather than it becoming an older model.) Will you actually be able to effectively ram people with the blade wing? Or was that just lore and not feasible from a programming standpoint? At present, the wing is non-functional, although the goal is to have it working in-game (and more importantly, to have the AI use it.) Will there be any game play that requires the use of a Vanduul ship in-game? We don’t see anything in the persistent universe as being ‘required’; rather, there will certainly be experiences that are enabled by having a Scythe (traveling behind enemy lines) and others that different players may find improved with one (the lore includes at least one Scythe racer!) None of these things will ever be required for every player… Star Citizen is about making your own story with your own tools. How will we move it in our hangar / in a ships landing bay? Despite the appearance, the Scythe is a solid piece of kit! It can be moved around the Hangar like any other ship. Are there any Vanduul ships smaller than a Scythe or is the Scythe the smallest Vanduul fighter despite being listed as a Medium Fighter by the UEE? Yes! The current Vanduul lineup includes one light fighter, the Blade. We envision adding more Vanduul fighters all along the spectrum as the game world evolves. Can we use the Scythe to get into Vanduul-controlled space? EG sneak past a few guards or the likes? Flying a Scythe is step one, but there will be more to sneaking behind enemy lines than just having an alien ship. You’ll need to do more work (having the proper codes, IFF signal, etc.) in order to safely transit Vanduul space. It’s certainly the first part of the equation, though! Will we be able to change the weapons on the Scythe and/or modify them? Take the two class one guns under the cockpit as an example, will we be able to change them for other Vanduul class one weapons that we are able to salvage in the ‘verse? Yes, you will be able to change equipment and weapons on the Scythe to some degree. Since there’s no infrastructure in human space for manufacturing Vanduul weapons, upgrades will be significantly harder to find and apply. Will the Scythe be very modular? No. Weapons and upgrades for the Scythe will likely be especially rare, as few human companies will profit by making them… and there are no Vanduul ports with which to trade. Upgrades to the Scythe will take the form of extremely limited human-manufactured addons and then Vanduul weapons and equipment collected by scavengers. (source: link)
  9. Reliant Q&A Collection

    RELIANT Q&A - PART 1 “One thing people don’t appreciate about the Reliant is how dead on the name is. This is a ship that can take serious punishment and keep on flying. During one of the CTX-3 [first manned Reliant prototype] flights, I managed to snap half a wing off in a collision. Klaxons sounded, red lights flashing… my nav readouts went dead for half a second, until the redundancies switched on. Fly by wire was pretty much a lost cause, but with some careful manual thruster taps I managed to make it back home in one piece (minus a wing.) This is a ship that’ll keep your butt safe.” - Yark “Badger” Malloy, MISC In-House Test Pilot II “NEW for 2946: the MISC Reliant is the galaxy’s latest, greatest jump-capable spaceship. Featuring an industry-leading silhouette and the latest in adapted xenotechnology, the Reliant doesn’t just look better than anything on the flight line… it flies better, too. The base Reliant, shipping Q4 2945, is a dedicated short-range space transporter solution with the broad ability to adapt to a dozen or more different roles. Whether you’re moving your grandmother’s Hartwell or your company’s refined titanium, the Reliant will get you there. The Reliant, only from MISC.” - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a collection of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the MISC Reliant concept sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. An additional Q&A will be posted on Friday. A special thank you to designer Matt Sherman for answering your Reliant questions! Question & Answer Could you describe the Reliant’s basic role, compared to the other starters in just a few words? Utility Vehicle – While it can’t run multiple roles at once, the Reliant is a starter that was built specifically to best accommodate some of the more PU-focused play-styles like Research and Reporting. What will the second players duties be other than manning weapons? Why will it better to run this ship with two players rather than solo? Turret-controls – If all the weapons are slaved to the pilot, you really lose out on the massive coverage arcs the wing-tip Omni-Orb turret offers the ship. So whether in combat, working scanners, or working as a news-reporter, every variant was planned from the ground up to have dedicated second-seat gameplay available. Is there any practical benefit envisioned / planned for the transformation from horizontal to vertical orientation? What would be the advantage over simply staying in one orientation at all times? Yes, the plan right now is that the Vertical-configuration will be the ideal combat and maneuverability mode of flight because of a better spread of the thrusters. The Horizontal configuration won’t handle as well, but will have an improved top-speed over the Vertical mode. How much walking around room can we expect to see in the Reliant? The cargo area looks wide and deep enough to walk around quite a bit (almost Cutlass sized?), but it also looks like the cargo area might compress vertically when it closes leaving not enough space to walk upright in. It’s not a fully stand-up walking space in the storage compartment while the ship is in flight. When you’re landed, you’ll have enough clearance, but you’ll be crouching to walk back there in space. Does the stock reliant have bed(s)/a jumpdrive? a. Bed – Nothing set for sure right now, but we’re looking into a small fold-out bed from the floor for some of the variants; think more along the lines of a barebones cot. b. Jumpdrive – Unsure for all the variants, but like most of our ships, even if it doesn’t come with one stock, all models of the Reliant will be able to install one. Will we see more ships result of Alien/Human collaboration, or is the Reliant a unique, one of a kind design? That depends on what other Human manufactures strike out and make trade deals with other races. MISC made enough deals with the Xi’an to make the Reliant, so only time will tell if anyone else makes similar deals. How fast is the transformation from horizontal to vertical? Is it quick and easy to briskly bounce between the two flights modes? The exact time is in the works, but most likely a few seconds of transition time. It should be fast enough to change modes for most any non-combat gameplay, but it probably won’t be the safest to bounce between the 2 in a firefight. Can players exit / change seats while the Reliant is in vertical flight mode? No, right now it’s only planned to have you getting in/out of the seats while the ship is in Horizontal mode. The upper-seat will be the pilots chair, with the lower seat the gunner/turret operator. There is a ramp, can we park a rover inside? No, the Greycat’s support struts would get crushed when the hold compacts for flight. Is the gimble ‘Tractor Beam’ Hardpoint, a hardpoint that can switch out weapons for tractors beams, or a gimble mount with a built in tractor beam that also mounts weapons? The Tractor Beam mount is the Wing-Tip turret. When the Reliant becomes flight-ready for Arena Commander, that turret will come stock with a Tractor Beam installed, but the tractor beam can be removed and swapped with a size 2 weapon. Whether there will be more than one turret option (e.g. two size 1 weapons, or one size 2 weapon), or other some configuration will depend on iterations to the hardpoint system and asset creation between now and then. Is possible to just rotate the seats and fly like that? Currently not planned, but may be something we explore as the ship gets flight ready. Visibility issue: can you make the floor retractable? Otherwise there is no visibility on the right side when vertical. Yes, we’re already looking at that floor panel. When the detailed specs for the Reliant started shaping up, and a MASSIVE, best-in-class viewing angle for both seats was a major part of that planning. Xi’an-inspired glasswork at its finest. Do the Xi’An materials and technologies used in the construction of the Reliant enable the ship to better handle the effects of heat, radiation and gravimetric effects, when compared to its competitors? Yes, though to what extent this will play out is more something that will be sorted as those kinds of environmental hazards come online. It won’t be so substantial that it lets you fly recklessly through them, but you shouldn’t have to tip-toe through either. Would this be any good for exploring? Jump points? How does it compare with the 315p, the only explorer in the price range? Overall, expect a 315p to be better at finding jumppoints. The Reliant is more going to be doing in-system/region sensor scanning, research, and exploration. It could still definitely map a new jump if you find one, but the bigger profile compared to a 315p may lead you to flying into a smaller point than you could fit. A question about the weapon fittings, the spec listed two fixed mount on wing and one gimbal mount on nose, but I see from the released arts that the two M3As are mounted on a ball shape unmanned turret, which will be the case? The 2 M3A’s mounted in the concept art are installed in place of the Tractor Beam (guns are sexier anyways). When the Reliant lands in your hangar, you’ll have 2 Size 1 guns on the wings, and the S3 hardpoint on the wing-tip where the Turret is now. (source: link) RELIANT Q&A - PART 2 “We took the newly revealed Reliant Model 0 for a test flight, and what we found was a genuine surprise! Beneath the sleek lines and the high-tech moving cockpit, the Reliant is a sturdy, dependable ship capable of any number of flight operations. We’re so confident with what we’ve seen that we’re offering the ship our prestigious One to Watch award as one of the top new spacecraft of the upcoming model year… Now let’s cross our fingers and hope MISC starts making final deliveries of the production model so we can start converting one for racing!” - “A Hauler You Can ‘Reli’ On,” Ship and Pilot, September 2945 “We had serious problems integrating some of the Xi’an tech. I’m not at liberty to tell you exactly what we purchased, but to get the point across we asked our contact on Rihlah for one of their surge suppressors… and what we got seemed more like a gooey silicone stomach. We couldn’t even figure out where it was supposed to plug in on the Khartu we were working from! In fact, the boys in R&D are still trying to figure it out. Suffice it to say, the Reliant ships with some pretty cool tech… but it has a traditional human capacitor.” - Dar Hardwishe, MISC Ship Designer, Junior Level Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a collection of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the MISC Reliant concept sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. A special thank you to designer Matt Sherman for answering your Reliant questions! Question & Answer What about the speed? Two TR1 as main trusters … The Aurora speed is 150 m/s with a TR3 and the Mustang Alpha flight at 200 m/s with two TR2. It’s planned to fall between both of those ships, and keep in mind, the Aurora has a single thruster where the Reliant has 2. Why are the two S1 guns listed as fixed mounts when it appears they’re on a gimbal at the end of a wing? We really wanted to showcase just how big of a coverage angle the Wing-Tip turret would offer. Once it’s in your hangar, it’ll be a Tractor beam on the Turret with the S1 guns on the wings. Also, we’re already planning to make the Twin-mount Turret an available option through REC/VD when the Reliant is made flyable. In particular, how does the “researcher” variant compare with / differ from the other science oriented ships? What is the prototypical mission that this variant is suited for? In-system Scanner/Research work. Sadly, there’s not as much to detail out right now as these gameplay systems are also being built up, but we wanted to make sure at a starter-ship level, there was another layer of research/exploration that wasn’t just based on finding jumppoints. I don’t get the concept of a “tier 2 starter”. A starter for when you’re not actually starting? Or is it a starter that people buying the game post launch will have to pay extra to start as? We’re still working out many of the plans for post-launch, but the current idea is that the Reliant (and similarly priced ‘tier 2’ ships) would be part of slightly more expensive packages. It’s 100% a ship intended to start the game, though! Like the Aurora and the Mustang, the Reliant was designed from the ground up to allow players to experience as many different opportunities in the Star Citizen world as possible. Will the vertical flight mode mean that those main thrusters will be gimbaled to allow more maneuverability? They don’t fully gimbal 360 like the Cutlass engines can, but they’ll have some range of motion. There’s also going to be some Xi’an tech at work that we’ll be talking more about as the ship gets closer to being flyable. How did humans acquire the technology if they haven’t made contact with the Xi’an yet? MISC got the tech from trade-deals with the Xi’an, so this ship is something well beyond a first-contact with a species. (As of the time Star Citizen launches, humanity has a history with the Xi’An. There are still mysteries about them, but contact has been ongoing for quite a while.) The turret we see in the concepts is an optional piece of equipment (Reverse the Verse) is the plan to have it ready for when the Reliant itself is hangar/flight ready? Yes, while it won’t be included with the stock Reliant, we’re planning to have both the standard S2 (with installed Tractor Beam) and twin-S1 versions of the Turret available when the ship is flyable. What role do you foresee for the ‘News Van’ variant? Can it be used in a recon role for live updates? Yes, recon and reporting. The goal is to let the filming teams get the best picture from the safest distance possible. It won’t be as potent as something like a Herald in terms of how many systems out it can directly broadcast, but it’ll definitely be able to spread the word. Will the “base concept model” be capable of switching or loading various modules so that it can change mission variants? It’s going to have some flexibility with loadouts, but even inside its own variants, there’s going to be limits to what you can setup. The base-model and combat variant will be more interchangeable with each other, and the research and news van comparable to each other. It won’t just be different parts on the same hull though. Will any of the variants get rid of one seat, move the remaining seat to the center of the cockpit and use the cleared space for something useful? There’s currently no plans for a single-seat version of the Reliant. Given that the Reliant is a “mini-hauler”, can we expect to see main thrusters capable of moving it while fully laden? It’s currently planned thrusters are fully capable when loaded. Keep in mind, the Reliant uses Xi’an tech, and we’ve still got a few surprises left for what that really means as the ship gets closer to being flyable. For someone with a fleet of bigger ships (Cutlass, Connie, etc) how would a Reliant complement it? This really depends on what kinds of roles you’re planning to play with your other ships. Exploration Carrack? The Research Reliant would pair well with the increased maneuverability and scanner packages. Doing some crazy ad-hoc storytelling in space with friends? Bring a News Van to capture the action. Can you clarify the maximum size and number of attachments that the gimbal hardpoint can handle? The Wing-Tip turret is the listed S3 hardpoint for the Reliant. This means you can: Run a single fixed S3 Run the stock S2 turret – It comes with a Tractor Beam installed but fits any S2 weapons. Run the optional Twin-S1 turret – This is the turret shown in concept art and will also be available throughREC and VD when the Reliant is made flyable. In one of the pictures there is a silhouette that suggests that the Reliant’s wings can fold upward while the ship is landed, perhaps to save space. Is this indeed part of the design, and, if so, will the Reliant be able to land in the same cross-sectional area as an Aurora or Mustang? The folded wings are more when the ship is stored for distance-transport. It should sit in a similar amount of space to an Aurora or Mustang, but would take some extra time to become flight-ready compared to a Reliant with the wings unfolded. (source: link)
  10. Starfarer Q&A - Collection

    STARFARER Q&A - PART 1 “They like to say that the hardest maneuver to pull off is in-flight refueling. And depending on the ship, sure it can be tough. My brother flies an M50 and yeah, it’s pretty tough to line it up with the nozzle. But there’s no danger. The real deadliest maneuver in a Starfarer is fueling up in the first place. You ever dive into the ionosphere of a gas giant? You lose all visibility, your sensors flicker off… and if you aren’t lucky, you’ll suffer a cracked windshield or worse from ice particles. So that’s the rule on the Treat: fueling operations are in full spacesuit only, every single time.” - Helena Malloy-Vasquez, First Mate, Starfarer Sunshine Treat The 2945 MISC Starfarer is the refueling platform of choice for the United Empire of Earth and nine out of ten major corporations. Rated #1 transport by Ship and Pilot, the Starfarer is a masterpiece of dedicated transport design. Featuring a modular nose mount capable of loading any of a dozen variant utility packages, the Starfarer can be adapted for any mission from fuel gathering to ranged radar support. Onboard refinery equipment and built-in, reinforced hydrogen piping installed throughout the hull mean that the Starfarer isn’t another converted transport: it’s been designed from the ground up to make efficient fuel transfer possible. With the MISC Starfarer, you’ll never run on empty again. - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a series of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini sale, we’re answering the questions backers have posted to this thread. We will have additional Q&A posts on Wednesday and Friday, so if your question didn’t show up today, keep watching! Question & Answer Can we get confirmation on whether or not the cargo specifications are related to the ship’s internal cargo bay, and whether or not the Starfarer Gemini’s cargo size is reduced due to the increased mass of armor? The numbers provided for the Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini are the aggregate of their internal and external cargo capacities. Most of the cargo reduction on the Starfarer Gemini is because of changes to the internals, where it will mount more reinforced bulkheads and larger military-related equipment. Will the Starfarer cargo area be able to hold pods for snub fighters and can a Rover fit inside the internal storage area? At this time, we do not expect the exploratory rover to fit inside the Starfarer’s internal bay, although something like a Greycat should. Sizing for the vehicles is still in flux, though, and in the final game the limitation will be purely physical. Does the base model Starfarer have any other advantages over the Gemini outside of increased maneuverability and increased cargo space? Increased maneuverability and cargo space are the key benefits to the standard Starfarer. There will also be differences to the internals and the finished look of the two ships. Will the in-flight refueling be done while moving or stationary or both? In-flight refueling can be conducted either way; while in motion (like an actual aircraft) will be most difficult! Can both Starfarers land on a planet? Can they both land fully loaded? Yes. Unlike the larger Hull series ships, the Starfarer can set down with a full load of cargo. Would the Gemini be available to be obtained in the PU? Yes, absolutely! Anything sold through the website to benefit funding will also be available on the final universe. Are the older Starfarer owners going to get the VFG industrial hanger too? Yes, all Starfarer owners will have access to the VFG industrial hangar (also known as the “asteroid hangar”). Will the Starfarer be upgradeable to use long-range scanner, jump engine, etc, to use it as an exploration ship with a lot of cargo? Yes! There are other, more dedicated explorer ships in the ‘Verse, but the Starfarer is still a customizable platform that can be adapted for roles beyond fuel and transport. How viable is the Starfarer as a solo player ship? Max crew has grown quite a bit on it. Perfectly viable! The Starfarer has had several seats added for its part in Squadron 42, but we don’t see the gameplay changing significantly. Remember that ‘max crew’ refers to the number of people who can have a role at any one time, not the number of people needed to fly the ship in the first place. Will the Gemini variant be branded as MISC or AEGIS? Good question! In our lore, MISC builds the basic chassis of all Starfarers. If this chassis is to become a standard Starfarer, it’s completed in the MISC factory. If it’s being adapted by the military, it’s shipped off to Aegis for completion. (This is based on real life civilian aircraft which are often completed by military contractors for use as sub hunters, AWACs planes, etc.) The formal badge on the Gemini will read Aegis Dynamics, although you can rest assured a great deal of MISC work went into the ship! Can the Starfarer’s underslung fuel tanks be swapped out for holding straight cargo containers? Yes! Standardized Stor-All containers can be used instead of fuel tanks (though if you’re only interested in cargo, a Hull series ship might be a better choice; less space wasted on fuel pipes!) Can you tell us a little bit more about the state of the fuel mechanic? How important is fuel ingame? Will I have to refuel regularly on a long flight? How important is the size of my fuel tank? Is it useful to have a Starfarer on long exploration convoys? The fuel mechanic is still being developed and is likely something that will shift significantly based on actual game balance. That said, the general plan is for fuel to be important but not something you are worried about at every turn. Think of the original Wing Commander or Privateer, where you could run out of afterburner or jump fuel and be forced to travel home very, very slowly… but it wasn’t ever the key danger (jump fuel being the more dangerous of the two, as poor planning could leave you ‘stuck’ in a system without a fueling station.) We expect fuel to be a serious ‘support’ role in Star Citizen. There will be players and NPCs with Starfarers serving the masses… and the importance of fuel will go up depending on the nature of the mission. For instance, a military campaign against the Vanduul might be significantly benefited by supporting Starfarers, as the ships in battle will be taking damage and expending supplies quickly. A force of transports moving through safe space, however, might never need in-flight refueling as they will always be close to a planet. Will we Be able to Race in Old Vanderval and other Tracks Big rig racing Eventually! Right now, it’s likely the Starfarer would become stuck in the ‘gates’. (A racing Starfarer has already appeared in Star Citizen’s fiction.) If the Starfarer G is a military variant , can it transport one Hornet with a docking Clamp or is it possible to buy in the later PU ? The Starfarer Gemini is not intended to transport fighters. Current prototypes suggest that the midget fighter attachment for the Hull series would not really ‘fit’ on the Starfarer (as it would be blocked by the sides of the hull.) What does the Starfarer have to offer over the similarly sized Hull C? Why would you want to buy a Starfarer specificaly over the other space trucks? Fuel is the name of the game here. While the Hull C can store fuel pods (and the Starfarer can store cargo pods,) the Starfarer is further designed to do something with them. The hull superstructure has the ‘plumbing’ for actually using the fuel in those tanks, rather than just storing them. Can Starfarer be retrofitted into a heavy (but vulnerable) gunship like AC-130? We aren’t in a position to test this yet, but: quite possibly. The Starfarer (especially the Gemini version) has a number of weapons hardpoints and other modular areas. We’ve already developed a potential ‘missile pod’ that can be placed in the nose instead of the refueling equipment. (Source: link) Starfarer Q&A - Part 2 “Welcome, new pilots and crewmen! Many of you likely dreamed about flying fighters and taking the battle to the enemy, stenciling your first Vanduul silhouette to the side of your ship. I’m here to remind you that you have an even more important job: keeping our boys and girls in the fight. Because of the fuel and support you provide, men who would otherwise perish in the cold of space will live to fight another day. No one here will judge your dedication to the Empire because of the ship you fly; you are an essential part of the process. I remind and encourage all pilots, crew and boom operators to familiarize themselves with the electrostatic hazards guide. Around here, killer aliens are the least of your worries.” - General Danis Kutler, Space Refueling Command “The weirdest thing anyone ever transported in a Starfarer? One word: spiders. Exploratory services has these three old Starfarer [Gemini]s that are slotted for supporting scientific runs but spend most of their time rotting on base. I had this idea to see how Terran spiders acclimatize on an artificial biosphere, so we kitted out a couple of their fuel pods with environmentals and we filled the tanks with a hell of a lot of spiders. Anyway, somebody [expletive deleted] up and they were all exposed to vacuum. So I guess the strangest cargo was dead spiders.” - Dr. Clyde Burroughs, Noted Exoarachnologist Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a collection of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini sale, we’re answering the questions backers have posted to this thread. We will have additional Q&A posts on Friday, so if your question didn’t show up today, keep watching! Today’s post also includes questions selected from the Star Citizen subreddit! Question & Answer How does CIG intend the Starfarer to perform in flight? 3x TR4 main thrusters and 14x TR3 mavThrusters means it will turn quite well but accelerate very very slowly. Is that intentional? To quote an earlier Chris Roberts game, the Starfarer will “maneuver like a pregnant yacht.” The standard model will maneuver more cleanly than the Gemini, but it will still be significantly slower than anything like a Hornet or even a Constellation. (Often times, the number of thrusters is defined by a ship’s shape, not because you can bring all of them to bear at once.) Do either of the Starfarer models come pre-fitted with a refinery? Also does the Gemini come with the means to collect fuel or does it come as stock with the missile system? Both variants come with limited fuel processing tools. The Gemini comes with both the external nozzle and the missile pack (in the fiction, Geminis typically mount the nozzle rather than the missiles.) Will the Starfarer Gemini suffer a reduced modularity, because of bigger engines, weapons, shields and less cargo space? This will limit some of the internal customization, as there will not be as much room as the standard model. The room system is still in the works, though, so the degree to which this is applicable is unknown at this time. Will there be any other Starfarer variants? There aren’t any in the works at the moment. Never say never, but we typically only add variants later if we have a compelling idea that we think will improve the game. But don’t plan for a ‘Super Starfarer’ any time soon! Will both versions able to have the same upgrades, or will there be some limitations due to how each is designed? The only limitations will be those introduced by equipment sizing; the Gemini can mount larger guns, shields and engines which can’t transfer back to the standard model. Everywhere else, parts should be interchangeable! EVA required to operate boom? No, the refueling equipment can be operated internally. We are playing with a mechanic in which it is faster or more efficient if operated from the external point. Which component(s) is/are responsible for the loss of cargo capacity? And can it/they be removed as well? (StarG) The primary reduction in cargo capacity is because of internal armored bulkheads which can not be removed. The larger powerplant also plays a role (and it can be reduced in size.) How many ships can one full Starfarer(G) refuel ? Like 6 Hornets , 2 Connies or even something much larger like Idris ? We don’t have an exact number yet, as it may change for game balancing, but the general thought is that it can refuel about a squadron of fighters (roughly a dozen) or a couple of larger ships. How will Starfarer Gemini be more of an Aegis design? Besides the ship interface? You will ultimately see some Aegis styling in the larger, Gemini-unique components (such as the main engine) and the internals (which are finished completely by Aegis.) Will the Gemini be available for purchase in the PU, or will it only be attainable through capture? The Gemini will be available in the persistent universe; while it’s flown by the military, it isn’t a particularly classified piece of technology. Geminis are sold not only to the UEE government, but to other powers and organizations. Will “official” fuel stations buy fuel from you while in the Starfarer? Yes. Can we refuel Alien ships like the Banu Merchantman or the Xi’An Scout with the Starfarer, or are there multiple fuel types? At the moment we’re envisioning only one type of fuel. If that changes, the Starfarer would be able to support multiple types. Can the Starfarer’s carry cargo & fuel at the same time i.e. Left side fuel, Right Side cargo! Yes! This would be accessed by the cargo management system we recently detailed during the Hull series release. Can the tanks explode? Can they be used as tactical weapons mid-flight? Under certain circumstances, the tanks can certainly explode. We intend to work out the actual physics, so it won’t be a direct ‘exploding barrel’ situation (hydrogen doesn’t explode in a vacuum in the way you may be imagining.) As for tactical weapons… well, that’s up to you! (There’s a potential Starfarer variant: an armored minelayer.) Can you go into any detail regarding the difference in the variants internals? (I want my Gemini to have that fish tank very badly) We can’t offer too many additional details, but rest assured your fish will have a home In both the Gemini and standard Starfarer (unless you swap out the captain’s quarters for another room!) Will the source of natural fuel that Starfarers collect fuel from (i.e gas giants) be relatively close to safe space? Also, will the amount of Starfarers collecting at these sources affect the output/production? Will these resources ever run out for a particular location? There will be gas giants throughout the galaxy; roughly 75% of the star systems we have built to date include at least one. The number of Starfarers shouldn’t really deplete them: gas giants are very, very big! The cargo capacity of the Starfarer changed from the Hull B Q&A (4043.52 SCU) to the Starfarer Design Update (3321 SCU). What changed over the week? Is it a difference in container efficiency of using cube shaped boxes vs round barrels in the exterior hold? This change occurred when we received the new, more detailed model to measure. You will likely see similar fluctuations with cargo on many ships as they come online, although they should all stay in a similar range. Other than fuel, what other liquid or gaseous cargo will the Starfarer be the primary choice to carry. We haven’t finished the cargo registry yet, but the options are endless. Water will be a big deal (imagine being called to help with a drought after a solar flare) as will all sorts of typical commodities: crude oil, space milk, liquid oxygen, nitrogen, melted cheese (okay, maybe not that last one.) Where will the refueling ports be on other ships? This will differ depending on the ship; though they will typically be forward of any given canopy to allow for ease of docking. Will the Starfarer be able to refuel itself? A Starfarer can refuel itself by processing fuel from its tanks. (That is to say, no need for a second Starfarer.) How many stars could a Starfarer fare if a Starfarer could fare stars? 42! (source: link) STARFARER Q&A - PART 3 ”The G2G Gemini is the galaxy’s premiere armored refueler. With the capacity to support a squadron of Hornets on a multi-system combat assignment, the Gemini is how the tip of the spear stays sharp. Based on the award-winning MISC Starfarer chassis, the Gemini has been rebuilt from the ground up to military specifications. Optional weapons packages ranging from missile launchers to minelayers allow this ‘turtle’ to pack a real punch! The Gemini is available for broad use today, and is highly recommended for anyone operating on the frontiers or beyond. “ - Aegis Dynamics Weapons of War! brochure, 2943 “TOP FIVE REJECTED STARFARER VARIANTS 5) Jarfarer: Carries jams, jellies and UEE Marines. 4) Carfarer: Can’t hurt to add wheels! 3) Charfarer: Packed full of delicious Terra BBQ. 2) Scarfarer: Exactly the same ship, but pointier. 1) Aarghfarer: Don’t ask.” - MISCellaneous Quarterly (internal corporate newsletter) Greetings Citizens, Last month, we ran a collection of Hull series Q&A posts during the concept sale. The idea went over so well that we’ve decided to make it a tradition. All future concept sales will include at least one ‘post launch’ Q&A post. This week, for the Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini sale, we’re answering questions backers have posted to this thread. Question & Answer With the Starfarer’s designed modular rooms, will those be unique to the Starfarer hull? Or are modular rooms being designed with cross-chassis use in mind, to allow more variety with less work by designers and artists? This will depend largely on the room; some ships (especially larger ones like the Idris and Javelin) will have rooms that could apply to multiple ships, whereas smaller ships like the Starfarer will likely end up with primarily unique rooms (although models and props can be reused between them, for ease of art and development! So while the physical room may be shaped differently, the same desk or aquarium might appear on multiple ships.) Can ALL the fuel and refining equipment be removed from either variant in favor for an all-cargo carrying version? No, you’ll always have internal fuel support systems taking up some space. Think of it this way: on the Hull series, the cargo is fully separate from the ship and the job of the ship is only picking it up and dropping it off. On the Starfarer, the ship has to interface directly with the fuel pods in flight… so there’s all sorts of internal plumbing to support this. In the PU, will it be more difficult to obtain the Star-G due to reputation requirements with a UEE military faction? Yes, the Gemini will likely be produced in significantly lower numbers. Does it come with a jump engine? Yes. Will there be other variants of Starfarer in the future, or Gemini is the only known modification? The Gemini is the only variant currently planned. Will we be able to use the Starfarer to refuel the rest of our fleet in hangar? For instance can you take your Starfarer out and collect and refine fuel and use that fuel for another ship you take out next and store the remaining fuel in some personal depot somewhere? We don’t have personal depots ready yet, but you can store the pods in your hangar. Otherwise, the answer is yes you will be able to use the Starfarer to manage your own fleet. Clearly the external cargo space of the SF can handle multiple types of cargo, but what about the internal cargo space? Can that only be used for fuel? For internal fuel, the answer is ‘anything that fits.’ It is not limited to just fuel. The stats page and ship info list the Starfarer and Gemini as having the same weapons, engines, and mass. Is this an oversight? If they haven’t yet been determined, it’s ok to tell us, it would be a lot less confusing. This is an oversight – the Gemini has one size larger turrets and engines. Because the models are very similar and components have not been finished, it’s not possible to measure a more accurate mass yet. Does the “Gemini” variant show that gas will become a strategic resource in future limited by possible trade embargoes for instance? While it’s possible in some situations that fuel will become such a resource, the existence of the Gemini doesn’t indicate this. The Gemini was created because the military needs a supply chain. In the past, we’ve told stories about fighter pilots on the front lines without filling out the entire universe… with Star Citizen, we want to show you all the support systems necessary for a universe to make sense. Can we expect soon an indepth article about fuels, liquids in general and the whole economy in the verse Yes! The fuel system and related balancing are still in development, but when we have a solid prototype in place we will present it to you. The economy will be fleshed out in many articles as we approach the launch of the persistent universe. Does the Gemini carry less actual fuel as cargo than the regular Starfarer can? Yes. I’m interested in the possibility of skimming fuel from gas giants. Any idea where they are going with that? Seems like the perfect chance for procedural generation, since you don’t even need a ground. This is one of the Starfarer’s primary goals. You can see in one of the concept pieces we put together for this promotion: the ‘filter’ is in the nose of the ship, so you need to fly down into the outer atmosphere to collect the fuel. When flying a Starfarer, will NPCs ever hail us looking for an in-flight fill-up? This seems like it could be a good way to make a little extra money for the fuel (would cost more than a normal station refill), but the request could also be a pirate trap. Absolutely! Any role we imagine in Star Citizen will be used for NPC mission generation. What is the advantage of refined vs unrefined fuel? Refined fuel can be used, unrefined fuel cannot. The Starfarer’s equipment will refine fuel much more slowly than a dedicated refinery, but quickly enough for personal use. So you’ll be able to choose between trucking vast quantities of fuel to a refinery, or refining a more limited amount immediately for your own use. What have the developers envisioned as far as mishaps during inflight refueling? What would be the results of a collision with the refueling boom? What happens to a Starfarer or refueling craft if say one of those crafts explodes mid-refueling. These situations are all bad news; we want refueling to be a challenging process, so failures and collisions should cause significant damage to ships. There seems to be a belief that an explorer would be able to hire a Starfarer for support on long trips, allowing the player to take advantage of a near unlimited supply of fuel. That seems like a good plan! Having a tanker with refinery capabilities along with you will significantly expand your range. (There will be other limitations that will likely prevent you from going forever, chief among them onboard munitions and system damage.) (source: link)
  11. Around The Verse: Episode 42

    Hitchhikers Guide to Star Citizen "Far out in the uncharted backwaters at the unfashionable end of Western spiral arm of the galaxy was a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-eight million miles is an utterly insignificant, little blue-green planet, whose apr-decended life formes are so amazingly primitive that they still think console games from big publishers are a pretty neat idea. This planet has, or rather had, a problem which was this: Most of the people on it, weren't playing space games. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of big video game publishers; which is odd because, on the whole, big video game publishers weren't making very good games. And so the problem remained: Lots of the people wern't being space pilots, and most of them were miserable. Even the ones with game consoles. This is the story of a game. A game called "Star Citizen." Not a console game, and not one seen or heard of by any publisher. Nevertheless, a whole remarkable game. In many of the more relaxed civilaztions in the outer Eastern rim of the UEE, the "Star Citizen" has already supplanted the great "Wing Commander" as the Best Damn Space Sim Ever. For though it has many modules yet to be released, and contains much that is still in Alpha, or is at least wildly incomplete, it scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important respects: First, it is slightly larger, and secondly it has the words 'PC GAME' inscribed in large, friendly letters, on its cover. Welcome to Around the Verse, Episode 42: The talk show at the end of the Universe." 2:21 – Intro Sandi and Ben welcome us. They never thought they'd get this far or to 80 million dollars. The Hullapalooza concept sale is ongoing and they're posting the answers to your questions as they can through the Comm-Link. A design post on cargo and interacting with it via GrabbyHandstm is available. 4:33 – News from Around the Verse CIG: Santa Monica - Travis Day and Darian Vorlick They're working on the shared item, shared vehicle parameters. Currently, in order for items to populate your holotable and AC list, they're spawned in the world at 0.0 so you can't see them but the game code can interact with them. The new system doesn't need to spawn them , which means it greatly decreases load times and saves video memory and time to copy. TL;DR: Getting into the game quicker. Working on wingman commands, so they have better abilities to assist you. Defend me, check out that target, taunt, etc. S42: With the reveal of cargo, Calix is taking all the concept models and game models and figuring all the SCU figures. Illfonic: David Langeirs and Chuck Brungardt They're working on breathing. It's been a thing for a long time, and is a very complex system. So many of the systems are interconnected, and movement, gun movement, stamina, breathing are all tied together. We've gotten everything in there so that now the feel can be balanced. The system drives home the feeling that you're really in the world, and that your decisions actually affect your body. CIG: Austin - Jake Ross and Evan Manning The Star Map The old map is being redisgned so that the 100 systems that are going to populate the universe from the beginning can be discovered. We started by taking into account the polulation, the story arc of S42, trading routes, pirates, and likely anomalies. Once we had a 2D layout we put that in CE and turned that into a 3D layout, and creating a tool so that we can easily export the data we want people to see while hiding the system data that players haven't discovered or shouldn't see. We won't have the full map leak again (hopefully) We don't have a date for the release of the public map, but hopefully you'll see it soon. Foundry 42 - Michael and Andrew Nicholson The new Star Wars Trailer!! Q/A Stuff The PTU went live Monday, and we're looking at the issues like the door being locked shut in Gold Horizon. In QA we solve problems by creating more problems! The Astro Arena has been a challenge because the collision is missing on most of the map so you fly out of the world. We want to shoot each other in the face! (In the game, that is.) 15:19 – Arena Commander Video by JagerSaus 16:01 – Hull Discussion with Dan Tracy and Ben Lesnick Ben invented them as a rip on David Niven's general product hulls, and then Dan and team designed them. It started with the external cargo placement, which has it's own inherent side effects such as exposing your cargo to fire. If you're in UEE space or with suffecient escort you don't have to worry about it. With each one of the series of the cargo holding more than the last, you're looking at ships that can hold much much more than the other types of ships. I see that a lot of people have concerns that we have the wrong metrics (we did, they were based on Freight Units before) . Those were in a very small cubic dimension but we're working on internal item placement nodes. So each node is 0.25m3 but for a lot of ships that doesn't make a lot of sense. Also we wanted the containers to have a height of 1.25m for taking cover behind. Regardless, we will give you all accurate figures, and we'll make the HULL series just as capable as the Freelancer MAX or the Banu Merchantman. Dan has measured the ships again so that we will have all the data. Ships ferrying ships! 22:47 – James interviews John Schimmel (Head of Linear Content) What does Linear Content mean? I started out as a story consultant and then got moved to linear content. Most recently I was tasked with producing the motion capture shoot for Sqaudron 42. You just got back from the UK? I just got back from the UK Saturday and I'm going back Saturday. We're shooting at Ealing Studios so we're sharing the studio with Downton Abbey. We have a corridor that says Lady Edith Crawley / Squadron 42 makeup which is pretty funny. How is going? How does Cris feel? Chris is born to be on set and loves directing. He's really good at it. The shoot is going great and we have an unbelievable cast. We're making our days and are into our second week of shooting. What makes it different? Performance capture compared to what you're used to? I come from the feature film business, and Chris has asked us to shoot this performance capture as if it's a feature film. Traditionally you shoot one character individually and then another and drop them into the scene digitally. Chris wanted the energy of shooting all the actors on set together. So we're trying to shoot as if it's a feature film, but there are profound differences because most of what we're shooting is first-person. That means you can't cut between performances. You get one giant performance. You yell 'print' and that's what you're using for whoever is on set. There are moments when I feel I'm in a nursery school play yard, because the folks at Imaginarium which is a giant piece of PVC which they're playing with and messing with it, but because we're shooting in-engine we can see it as an incredibly beautiful piece of artillery. It's one step more make believe than most sets. It's like a kid with a play set and his imagination, taking a stick and it becomes a sword. It literally becomes a sword, or a piece of wood becomes your MobiGlas, and it's fascinating. And the actors get into it, which is what makes them actors. How's the team doing over there? We're having a very good time. We rented a house very close to the studio, so Chris and myself and Dave Haddock and the cinematic director are all living in this house together. Which is kind of slightly empty. It sounds like the worst season of The Real World. We're mostly well-behaved. But we're a four minute walk from the house so we can go back at lunch. It's a strange four story house, and in the basement we have the face scanning equipment and we have the cast flows in and out getting their face-scanned. We've turned the garage into our living room, so it's sort of this college garage band experience. Since you've started and this is what you were brought in for has it changed? Yeah. The game is in this constant iterating process of getting better andgetting bigger, and we're all taken aback as far as how that manifested in production size. We have a giagantic cast and our production crew has gone enormously. We started with a two room office and now we have a couple of spaces just jammed with people. We're keeping up but it was something of a race to get up to speed with how big the production really is. Do you want to give the people a little sneak peek to hype up the game a little bit? I think what people are going to find coming out of this shoot is Chris has not only insisted on shooting this in a cinematic way but he's insisted on a cinematic story. We like to think there's a really compelling story we're telling through this shoot. So we're shooting it as a story but at the same time it's a game which is alive. So we have these really interesting background conversations and characters to be discovered. I think people are going to be knocked out. I'm sold! I want to play it now. Well, I know where you can pre-buy. Ben thinks John Schimmel looks like Mark Twain. 30:38 – Ship Shape with Lisa Ohanian Welcome to the inagural episode of Ship Shape. I'll be talking to you about all the ships in development, and hopefully highlighting something at the end. Most of the guys are working on the Constellation and the Freelancer which are looking pretty awesome. The P-52 Merlin is coming along and with the new tech we have we can make things look a lot better. Next week I'll tell you a little bit more about the Constellation. P-52 for the win! 32:18 – Outro That's it for this week. The team is hard at work bringing 1.1.2 live, but we're not expecting to publish it this week. 1.1.2 adds the tutorial and sets the stage for Star Marine Thanks subscribers! 33:13 – Sneak Peak 34:45 – ATV Behind the Scenes
  12. Hull series Q&A

    Hull-A Greetings Citizens, We thought we’d try something a little different with the Hull series: we’re focusing on a different model each day, collecting all the existing art and fiction and answering some of your questions wherever possible! Tomorrow, we’ll highlight the Hull B, Wednesday the Hull C, Thursday the Hull D and Friday the Hull E. Let us know in the comments below if this is helpful, and we’ll look at similar posts for future concept sales. About the MISC Hull A “I bought my first [Hull] A used, when I was first starting out… her previous owner had named her SNUGBUG and try as I might to come up with something else, the name stuck. Snugbug and I had some good times. I got my start flying short runs; ground to starside, starside to ground to pick up crates off the bulk freighters over and over to make a name for myself. Spent more on fuel than I ever did flying duration missions! By the time I was worth a journeyman hauler rating, Snugbug was outfitted well enough to fend off the occasional pirate and I started moving whatever I could cross-system to make a ‘cred. Weirdest thing I ever shipped? It was livestock, grown on Terra… these weird cube-shaped chickens. Looked like meaty rectangles. Had to have a special transport module so they could breathe vacuum in-flight. I kid you not. Never saw anything like it, but the Banu ate them up. Literally.” - Captain Ike Chamner, Free Trader Want to think big? Start small, with the MISC Hull A. With classic, streamlined lines and a single-nodule transport spindle, the MISC Hull A is the ideal spacecraft for everything from short-haul transport runs to multi-system trade routes. With the most speed and maneuverability of the Hull series, the Hull A is the perfect platform upon which to build your mercantile dreams. Featuring powerful engines, a defensive nose battery, and an industry-standard backbone capable of mounting any mid-sized cargo attachment, the Hull A is a ship that works as hard as you do. - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Backer Question and Answer Attention Citizens! We’re taking questions and answers on individual MISC Hulls that will appear in this space over the next week. Today’s questions focus on the Hull A; if you’re interested in learning more about the B, C, D or E, please post to this thread. “Can containers loaded into a ship’s hull be used as external containers on other ships?” – Spacehobo Yes! Containers in Star Citizen’s universe are fully standardized, meaning that the attach points found on the Hull series are also present on everything from the Aurora Clipper to the Bengal carrier! “Instead of having many small containers in one section, will there be a possibility to attach one large container which fits into the same said section?” – Joevar Yes! While smaller cargo boxes are pictured throughout the promotional images, the Hull series will be able to carry any type of container that ‘fits’ in the space allotted. “Will the Hulls (or at least the Hull A) be flying in AC before CCUs or whatever they’re turning into in the future goes away forever?” – Valensiakol Yes, the CCU process will apply to the Hull A once it is available in-engine. If you pick up a Hull A today and would prefer to upgrade to a Hull B, C, D or even E you’ll have that option in the future! “Will all or some of the Hull Series come with a jump drive as standard equipment?” – queetz Jump drives are standard equipment for all Hull series ships, from the A to the E. “Can the hull ships carry smaller starfighters (packed or configured as cargo) such as the Super Hornet?” – queetz Yes! Spacecraft can be broken down into their component parts for transport, or carried in their completed forms aboard larger Hulls. There is also a ‘midget fighter attachment’ being developed for the Hull E which will allow it to drop and recover escort fighters in exchange for cargo space. “How large are the manned cabs? Are there multiple rooms/areas such as a bathroom, food prep, and sleeping quarters?” – The Bevrwolf The manned cabs differ significantly depending on the ship, although all of them have some form of the ‘standard luxuries.’ The Hull A is more like a tractor trailer, with a small sleeper area, while the Hull D or E are large enough to have multiple decks. “Why is the aesthetic for A and B, namely colours, different to the others? It looks like it could be two separate MISC ships.” – Icematt12 From a design standpoint, we wanted the ‘B’ and ‘E’ to feel like upgrades you might earn of the ‘A’ and ‘D’ respectively, with the ‘C’ as a unique central design. Expect to see this design concept expressed more as the ship enters the engine. “After the unveiling of the hull series I’ve seen some players claim they got a Hull A/B so they can ferry goods from orbit to surface. Will players be allowed to do that or will this be automated (maybe using AI drones or npcs) without any player involvement?” – WalBao Players will be able to perform this type of mission; our thought is that it would be a good ‘first step into the ‘verse’ scenario for new players. It won’t be REQUIRED for players with larger ships, though: there’ll always be automatedNPCs available to unload the Hull C, D and E on-orbit. “I also would appreciate to know whether you are planning to release an in-game APP for Merchants to nicely organize their loadings and unloadings of cargo containers along the various many Ports which they will hit on their business trip.” – Captain B’tak Yes! Zane Bien has begun development of the ‘cargo control’ screens which will allow merchant captains full control over the contents of their cargo. This will be available on all transport ships, although it should be especially useful for the Hull series. “If you shoot the cargo containers do they spew cargo into space when they rupture? If you target the racks can you detach them from the ship as it’s moving?” – Marcus Murphy We’re aware that the ‘spindle’ looks like the weak point of the Hull series, but do not intend for this to carry over into the game mechanics. The cargo containers will be fully shielded and will themselves have an armor value; those that wish for additional protection can use containers that trade armor for space. (But hey, what kind of pirate risks destroying their loot in the first place?) (source: link) Hull B About the MISC Hull B “I know it’s a cliche, but when I started my company I had nothing but the spacesuit on my back. We had this great idea to overclock laser weapons and sell them to enthusiasts… but the biggest loan the bank would give us wouldn’t even cover a ‘MAX. I saved up enough extra creds to afford a Hull B [instead of an A] knowing it’d be years before I was able to fill it up. Long story short, we had leased a second and then a third before the year was out. I still have that first ‘worker B,’ outfitted as a mobile office for the corp!” - Captain Mellana Oarman, Catcom Laser Limited “WAY TO B!” – Unpopular MISC Advertising Slogan The Hull B is the transport for the serious entrepreneur. Featuring more armor and a significantly more complex cargo spindle than its smaller sibling, the Hull B the ideal choice for captains who know exactly what they want to ‘B.’ With over three times the cargo capacity of a Freelancer MAX and the thrust-metered engine section to push such a load, the Hull B won’t win any races… but it will get more cargo where it needs to go more efficiently than any other ship in its class. Self-cleaning scanner ports and an entirely modular cargo interface mean that planetside turnaround is simple: just land, refuel and you’re ready to take off again! - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Backer Question and Answer “How are you planning to land the Hull B fully loaded planet side?” Very carefully! We are in the process of updating the landing gear design for the Hull B so that it can land with the lower cargo slot filled. “Are there beds? How can the modules have things like a med-bay? Are they capable of long haul shipping, particularly A/B?” There are beds, and the larger ships have room for more medical facilities (for the A and B, think more about an emergency kit under the seat.) Both the A and the B are capable of long haul shipping, and in some ways are even superior; they have more speed and maneuverability for traversing the more dangerous regions of space. “The Hull B having TR8s while those engines are physically smaller than the Constellation’s TR5s would be ridiculous otherwise unless all ships are having their main engines changed to a new size system.” Remember, TR rating indicates thrust and not size! For the entire hull series, especially efficient thrusters are required, as they may be required to push up to 16 times the mass of the ship. “The A and B says max one crew. But do they only have space/seats for one or could I bring a buddy along?” We envision at least a ‘two set’ cab, similar to a modern tractor trailer truck cab, on the Hull A and B. There is not room for multiple people to bunk down at once, but you can certainly carry a passenger. “Will the Hull B have stronger shields than its Freelancer/Cutlass counterpart, or between the Hull A and the Hornet? It would be nice to be able to take a few hits before going down.” The current plan is for the Hull series to have efficient shields for their class as they will lack the maneuverability of other ‘jack of all trades’ ships. This may change during game balance, but the intended role is for the Hull series to be well protected transports… but also slow, easy to chase targets. “Will the Hull B have any upgraded cargo/ trade lane software?” The cargo/trading software will scale depending on the ship, although it will be derived from the same based application. Rest assured that the cargo system for organizing the Hull E will be quite a bit more complex than the Hull A! “If the Hull B lands empty and contracted/folded up, how will I put cargo on it while still on the landing pad? Will it unfold while still grounded?” Yes! It will be able to unfold in segments to load cargo while on the ground. “The beam dimension of the Freelancer and Cutlass are larger than the Hull B, so does that mean the Hull B might fit through smaller jump points than they will?” The design for jump point limitations is still being developed, so there is no definitive answer yet. “Will every arm on the spindle need to be unfolded at the same time? For example, can a “B” just use the left and right arms and leave the bottom and top folded?” The spindle arms can be unfolded individually depending on the task at hand. (source: link) Hull C About the MISC Hull C “The MISC Hull C is one of the best-selling freighters in history… but the most famous Hull C isn’t a proper transport at all. Any racing fan knows the dreaded Ship X. Painted in a constantly-changing series of garish colors and capable of seemingly changing it’s Star-Craft Identification Number on the fly, Ship X seems to travel from race to race around the galaxy, displaying profane and bizarre slogans to the assembled crowds. Holo networks always cut around the ship, but its a familiar site to anyone who has ever attended a major race in person. It’s apparent that Ship X carries no cargo, as it escapes at full thrust when its presence is spotted by track officials…” - Dr. Jave Malloy, Racing Historian “Best game to play on a long space trip? The Hull C game. When you spot a Hull in ArcCorp markings, you get one point for yourself. When you spot one with the StorAll livery, you take a point from another player. You’ll either become obsessed or you’ll murder everyone you’re traveling with. Either way, time passes faster on the lonely spacelanes!” – “Popular Children’s Star Travel Games,” Arcology & Hangar Magazine “You already know the Hull C: statistically speaking, you passed one on the way in to the dealership. The premiere customizable mid-range freighter ship in any company’s lineup. The Hull C can be the basis for a small business, the workhorse of a mega-corporation, or anything in-between. More a platform than a ship, the Hull C can be outfitted for traditional freight, armored combat transport or even as a highly-defended Discreet platform. The Hull C retains some of the speed and maneuverability of the A and B, while carrying the onboard luxuries of the Hull D and E (such as full cab sleeping quarters and medical interface.)” - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Backer Question and Answer Attention Citizens! We’re taking questions and answers on individualMISC Hulls that will appear in this space over the next week. Today’s questions focus on the Hull C; if you’re interested in learning more about the D or E, please post to this thread. “Would some of the third party addons for the spindle accommodate cargo not in a container? For example, I’d like to use a Hull C to carry salvage transferred directly from a Reclaimer in space without needing to wait for the Reclaimer to land/dock every time its hold is full. “ A case like this would require a special container that can open during flight; we’re working on developing exactly this, both for ore transfers on the smaller ships and so that fighter scan be stored and constructed from parts on the larger models (E and possibly D.) “Maybe the Reclaimer can compact salvage into the size and shape of Stor-All boxes which can then be ejected and fastened to the Hull C’s spindle?” In all likelihood, you would need some kind of ‘basket’ container for actually carrying the salvage. But know that the Hull series is intended to be fully modular in the Star Citizen world, allowing crews to work in tandem with all of the game’s other ‘working ships.’ “Will the larger Hulls, say the Hull-C for example, have an interior cargo area so that we can still haul some cargo without having the spindle extended?” When the spindle is collapsed, most of the space between the cab and drive unit is filled, although you will be able to use any free space on the ship thanks to the Grabby Hands system. “The center spine on the C D and E. Is it large enough to have crew walk through it, and for that matter is it hollow?” Yes! We’re still working out the details, but it should be large enough to walk through on the Hull D and E, and large enough to crawl through (similar to the Jeffrey’s Tubes on Star Trek) on the Hull C. In all of these ships, it will be advantageous for an engineer to be able to reach the drive unit on occasion. “Why should anyone NOT prefer the Banu Merchantman before the Hull C?” The primary advantage of the Hull C is the modularity. Where the Banu Merchantman will allow you to swap fixed hardpoints, the Hull C gives you an entire spindle of attach points to access. The Hull C is also intended to be more common (and less expensive!) than the Merchantman. “How likely will running a Hull C without escort go well for the owner?” This will depend on what you’re going up against! We expend Hull C will make ‘safe sector’ transit without escort quite handily, and that they will have the speed and weapons to fend off some attacks traveling towards the frontier. “Is the Discreet not an option now? Is that role for the Caterpillar or a MISC future design?” The Hull C Discreet is still in the cards for the finished game! It will include specialized containers to support it’s ‘Q-ship’ purpose. “Is the discreet model a separate variant or something you can make yourself with modules?” The latter! Although per the fiction, MISC will offer the Discreet ‘purpose built’ in the finished game universe. “What do the other 2 crew members do? Can it be operated without them?” Additional crew members will run the turret, navigation, scanners, repair team or whatever the captain assigns them through the multi-crew seat system. One thing to remember is that we build our ships as they should ‘work’ in the game, even if some of that isn’t as exciting for gameplay. In the Star Citizen universe, it makes sense for larger transports to have crews that ‘trade off’ the pilot seat during long-duration runs. (source: link) Hull D About the MISC Hull D “I started my career as hull gunner on an R4M Quasar [the military conversion of the MISC Hull D] and went on to command a lifter crew for nine years of supporting border actions and anti-piracy patrols. Got into more scrapes than I can count, shot up a dozen raiders and never lost a pallet. The fighter and bomber pilots I went to officer training with may get in the history books, but they wouldn’t be effective without the supply chain we provided. Not that there was a competition: I’ll tell you this, those boys on the front lines always make it easy… our fighter screen would raise hell to make sure the weekly mail drop came through.” - Colonel Yurg Cathonshew, UEE Military Starlift Command “The MISC Hull D: how civilization moves. A major leap from the standard Hull C platform, the Hull D is a capable spacecraft used galaxy-wide for shipping everything from terraforming equipment to antimatter torpedoes. A true bulk freighter, the MISC Hull D is your first solution for dealing with large (size or quantity) stocks. Featuring full crew facilities for five and four fixed turrets positions, the Hull D is anything but a sitting duck. Cargo options include three full-sized attachment spindles powered by eight high-yield main thrusters capable of pushing many times the ship’s base mass. Please contact your MISC representative for leasing and custom corporate configuration options.” - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Backer Question and Answer Attention Citizens! We’re taking questions and answers on individualMISC Hulls that will appear in this space over the next week. Today’s questions focus on the Hull D; if you’re interested in learning more about the E, please post to this thread. “Which Hull would better compliment the operation of anRSI Orion mining platform?” A Hull C or larger would be best for dealing with the amount of ore the Orion produces. If you’re mining in a safe area or have a good escort team, the Hull D would be best. If you’re looking to try and escape from scrapes more easily using just the two ships, a Hull C seems preferable. “Do the Hull ships come with the containers or we have to buy them separately?” Containers will be separate; much of the time, they will be loaned to you when you accept a cargo run. You’ll have the option to configure your Hull with different containers for different roles as well. “How long has MISC produced the Hull Series? Is it a centuries old model like some of the other ships?” We haven’t issued final lore for this yet, but the assumption in the design was that the Hull series is fairly old, to the point that they (or their similarly-functioned predecessors) have become the standard image of a ‘space truck’ in the Star Citizen world. “What do the other 4 crew members do, especially the 2 that aren’t on the Hull C?” The Hull D (and E) can be operated solo. On paper, the four other crew positions are for manning the ship’s defensive turrets. Other important roles for Hull crewmen include co-pilot, loadmaster (running the cargo panel) and engineer. “Would it be feasible to run a Hull D or E as a solo player or would I need to stick with a C?” Yes! The captain seat will have access to all crew functions, so you are able to fly solo if you so desire. Manning multiple turrets during a firefight will be a challenge, though! More crew (whether they’re NPCs or players) will always be a benefit. “Is the modality of the Hull Series largely limited to swapping out cargo pods or is there sufficient room on other parts of the ship to include specialized areas?” There will be room for internal options, as intended for most of our larger ships. We’re still working on this system, and will release details in the future (expect to see some of the room options on MISC’s Starfarer first.) “For the Hull D…it mentions a military variant. Would that be a choice we could change our Hull D to in the future?” Yes! The military variant (and others, such as the Hull C Discreet) will be available in the finished game world. As all of these ships are modular, you will be able to equip them on top of your existing Hull pledge if you so desire. “Will the Hull D need to refuel after every jump or is it a long-haul cargo vessel capable of making several jumps before refueling?” The Hull D will be capable of making multiple jumps before refueling; it will also be capable of in-flight refueling from a Starfarer or similar tanker. “For what reasons might someone choose a HULL D over the more maneuverable HULL C or the much more massive HULL E?” The simple answer is that the entire lineup is a sliding scale: as more and more cargo space is added, the speed and maneuverability is compromised. The Hull D is for pilots who want to move a lot of cargo, but aren’t willing to go quite as slowly and methodically as the Hull E will require. While it’s tempting to pick the highest number and decide that’s the best, it’s likely that most independent captains would get more bang for their buck with a smaller ship fully laden rather than struggling to afford as much cargo as it would take to stock a Hull E. (source: link) Hull E About the MISC Hull E “We shot Star Robbery! on a retired Hull E that the studio purchased for the holo. Worst part was that a 300 meter long spaceship looks like a city on camera; spacious interiors, engines you have to walk a quarter mile to reach. We actually ended up renting a Hull C for a bunch of the second unit stuff! Then for the climax, where it was supposed to blow up while Jan [Halsey, holo star] is rocketing away, the [redacted] thing just wouldn’t [redacted] explode! We rigged the spine with explosives, which the demo guys said would give it a cool collapsing effect… just snapped one of the prongs off with nary an additional scratch. Had to tow it to a drydock, reattach the prong and then tow it back to be blown up again!” - Ax Skart, Director, STAR ROBBERY! “SUBJECT: Hull E versus Lagrange Station” - Apocryphal Comm Message Forward “The MISC Hull E is an unparalleled bulk freighter. The E doesn’t just dwarf the rest of the series, it knocks out the competition. Simply put, there is NO human-designed bulk hauler on the same scale on the market today. With extensive after-market options, the Hull E have been adopted as everything from colonial supply trains to survey equipment platforms to orbital defensive platforms. With space for the largest possible set of container types, the properly equipped Hull E can carry everything from iron ore to passengers to fully functional spacecraft! Co-leasing opportunities are available; in some cases, it may be beneficial for smaller corporations to share a single Hull E rather than purchasing separate smaller designs outright. Talk to your ship dealer today!” - MISC Cavalcade of Transports! brochure, 2945 Backer Question and Answer “Will the Hull-E be able to disable some thrusters when not fully loaded?” This won’t just be possible, it will be necessary in many cases! In automatic flight, your thrusters will adjust based on the overall load, but you will also have the option to control them more directly yourself. “Will the Hull E Fit inside any of the hangers, if so what ones? “ We’re making plans for larger hangar expansions to accommodate ships like the Hull E or the Orion. Until then, the Hull E will come with the standard deluxe Hangar. “How will the perception of problem with the telescoping spine and apparent fragile nature of the spindles be resolved? “ We will take a look at making the spindles look ‘stronger’ during the next art pass, but the long term answer is that they just aren’t going to be fragile. The interiors are reinforced, they telescope out and then lock in place… they’re the same as the skeletons that form the basis of all other ships. “What kind of options will there be for automated loading if that’s not the kind of task we want to worry about? “ Grabby Hands means that you can load every part of the ship if you so desire… but in all likelihood, you won’t ever want to do that on something as large as a Hull E. Loading can be done automatically via your mobiGlas under normal circumstances (and then the cargo itself can be organized through the console interface.) “If the Hull E can drop escort fighters does this mean the pilots of said escort fighters need to stay in the fighters for the duration of trip, or will there be a way to enter said escort fighters from inside the Hull E? “ This is going to depend on the fighter! We have been experimenting with a system where you you must ‘construct’ a Hornet from components stored in standard containers. This would be something you do in flight, similar to sub-launched aircraft in the 1940s: unfold the container, put the ship together during an EVA and then take off. In these cases, which involve heavier ships like the Hornet, you would not be able to land on the Hull. We also plan to have smaller midget fighters (such as the Merlin) which could be launched and recovered with tractor beams. “That Hull E looks big enough to stow away on with no one the wiser. If I fly my Aurora up to the back of a cargo crate and mag-clamp on to it, can I tag along wherever the Hull E is heading?” Good to see that you’re already imagining the Star Citizen equivalent of Marty’s skateboarding in Back to the Future! The short answer is that yes, anything you can fit in a crate (Aurora included) can be carried by a Hull E. We expect to developed ‘manned’ modules as well, if you’d like to travel on a Hull as a passenger. “In case I transport ships with the Hull E, what kind of insurance will be necessary? Will it need a hull insurance for the transported ships, do they count as cargo or does it need hull and cargo insurance?” When a full ship is being transported, you would need the base hull insurance for that ship rather than additional cargo insurance. “Is there a militarized Hull E version? “ Yes! It’s nowhere near as common as the Hull D, but the UEE military does on occasion utilize the Hull E as a transport. The military designation is R5M Proteus. “Is only the Hull E capable of transporting, refueling and refitting escort fighters?” No. Any ship in the series is capable of mounting this equipment where space allows, the Hull E just has more space for it. (That is: the Hull D can likely be modified with refueling equipment or smaller ship attachments, while the Hull A probably can not.) “How is speed and maneuverability scaling with the load level. E.g. HULL E with no cargo, and non extracted spindle should be like a gigantic ‘racing truck’?” The Hull is never going to be a speeder, but you will be able to push it quite a bit more without cargo. “Will there be a reliable source of missions available for Hull E owners to move other people’s cargo, and how would that system work?” Absolutely; think of the Hull E as being a pure space truck, like those you might see on a cross-country trip. The cabs are owned and operated by a driver (or a corporation) and the cargo is simply picked up and moved on behalf of other parties. “Will there be some hauling loads that physically cannot be broken down into smaller pieces, and thus must be delivered by a dedicated Hull E?” Absolutely! The galaxy is full of wonders, some of which are quite large. Whether it’s a Xi’an mega-piano or a fully intact stasis unit, there’s always something out there that you won’t want to take apart to ship. “Will you be able to have more than one midget fighter attachment at a time, and if so, how many will you be able to have?” This will purely depend on what attach points are available. Someone who trades in a good deal of their cargo space might be able to attach a number of fighters! “Can the Hull E internal corridor fit a Greycat?” We’re going to leave that to you to figure out. Thank you for keeping up with this Q&A series! In truth, we’re just as excited about new Star Citizen ships as you are. Since this seems to have gone well, we’re going to do the same type of post for all future concept sales. If you have any suggestions to improve the process, please post them below. (source:link)
  13. 10 For the Chairman Episode 59

    Chris says Hi. Thanks to subscribers who enable 10FTC, AtV, JumpPoint, etc, etc. You're all awesome. Go you. Squadron 42 is shaping up really well. It has a really big story arc which will be split into a trilogy. Episode 1 releases this year and has 70 Wing Commander missions. Formulated differently that Wing Commander. Here you can fly a space mission, land get out, get into a firefight, chase a pirate, and take off to get into a battle. That is one mission in SQ42 whereas in Wing Commander that would be 3-4 missions. SQ42 Episode 1 will be about 20 missions, 20 hours of gameplay. Episode 2 is what goes on behind enemy lines. Everyone who backed up to 6mil gets for free. Episode 2 is 2016 Epidode 3 is 2017 Each episode is the equivalent of a huge CoD campaign They're going to be shooting through the end of June. 1: There are some great dogfighters in the game and they've gottewn there by playing. How will that skill progression and the concept of the more you play the better you become apply to other careers like a medic and or a surgeon? That is the way it will work with mining, but it's too early to say how that will apply to medics. There may be some higher level stuff beyond applying a med-pac. Perhaps some level of skill in triaging injuries and saving someone's life. That's something we'll focus on down the road. In the beginning in the Cutlass Red it will be ablout getting to people, getting them into your ship and applying a med pack or hooking them up to an advanced med device. Later on we'll do a more complicate operation on a hospital ship. 2: Regarding ships weapons can we expect to see anything besides traditional colored lines going in a straight line? Perhaps something like a lightning bolt or a shock wave? There are deffinitely more. FPS is have an electroshock gun Neutron guns and plasma guns will have different projectiles. 3: Will there be any other use for mined resources besides selling them to an economic node? You will be able to mine and if you like refine it yourself. First stage is NPC economic nodes, then later we'll have player-owned nodes. Perhaps later on in the chain you could own a munitions/ship/widget factory and turn your mined material into finished goods. 4: Will we be able to fabricate weapons/armor/ship parts? If a player owns an economic node that is how you would generate these items. We're not planning on everyone owning a node but that would be a long term goal for someone. Building / crafting on a smaller scale isn't really in the plans. No bespoke manufacturers? 5: Are there any plans to incorporate helmet-cam feeds that could facilitate battle commander roles? There will definitely be spectator modes. I don't know about having something like in Aliens because CryEngine isn't very good at rendering multiple camera views at the same time. We are working on a streaming client that will stream to a multi-plexor and you might be able to implement it like that. Definitely should be in the game, just longer term. We're also planning on having "Traffic Cams" on Sol 2 or something and you can go to the website and see what's happening in the world. You'll be able to navigate to a friend's profile and see if they're online and select his stream and just see what he's doing in the game. 6: Why did you move away from the asymmetric design of the Herald? We were showed the design and Jim Marlin was playing with some other ideas. I preferred one of the later ones. It's slightly asymmetrical but not like the early one. I felt it was visually more interesting. If I'd seen it sooner we would have had that one from the beginning. 7: How will the 2 x S2 shields work on the Vanguard? There will be two shield nodes that cover different portions (half) of the ship. If one goes down you haven't lost the whole shield. The bigger capital ships will have multiple shield generators at various points so there isn't a single point of failure for shield coverage. 8: When it comes to the FPS, what games have you drawn inspiration from? Would you describe Space Marine as having a familiar feel or flavor? How will that portion of the game differ from other types of FPS experiences? I play CoD and Battlefield (Battlefield is my favorite for its teamwork aspect) Multicrew ships should feel like Battlefield but much more detailed and ambitious. FarCry 3 and 4 are a lot of fun. I don't want it to be too much like all the other FPSs but we have different constraints. Our respawn mechanic is very different for instance. CoD doesn't feel very organic. Battlefield and FarCry feel the most organic to me. Our FPS will be more session oriented instead of constant respawning. We want it to feel like the Battlefield handling and weapons but the tactics of Rainbox 6 or Arma 3. There will be tradeoffs, there will be an akward heavy helmet that has a worse view or bounces more but takes more hits. Heavy armor can't sprint as much as light armor and it will be harder to catch your breath. It comes down to resource management and that's something missing from run-and-gun FPSs. Destiny has nice weapon-handling. Between the Battlefields / Destiny and the Arma 3s. 9: Will there be any advantages between wearing light and medioum armor vs heavy armor? Read the above. There will be endurance, visibiliyty, durability buffs or penalties to each. 10: What level of control should we expect when giving commands to NPSs in FPS? How will we do this? The first iteration of FPS will not have NPCs, it will be multi-player only at the beginning. There will eventually be a horde mode of marines vs outlaws or outlaws vs marines. We'll add on with other FPS scenarios and they will eventually feature NPCs NPC commands will be similar to what we're working on for AC Attack my target, cover my six, cover my wing, but for FPS. Attack my target, cover my six, breach that door, etc. This is the last 10FTC for a while as Chris is leaving for the UK to oversee performance capture for S42. We may try to do a 10FTC from the UK but it's going to be very busy. Thanks again to the subscribers who make these videos possible and to the backers who are making this game possible.
  14. 10 For the Producers Episode 4

    0:44 – How do you prioritize one bug or feature over another? If it's a feature of the upcoming build or a real balance or user experience issue, we get to those quickly. It may be a high priority but we don't have the time, and we may knowingly let some of the damage get through because the fix may be worse than the problem. 4:04 – How are changes applied to one particular ship achieved in an engine that physically models ship movement? Does changing the Mustang change the rest? You can affect a ships' center of gravity, the location of maneuvering thrusters. All of the items in a ship are discrete, they aren't bound to all the other ships. Some paramaters are derivitive of the item itself such as thruster variants. eg. Fast thrust response, quicker gimbal rate. 7:25 – What pet projects are you working on that you're most excited about? Darian: Automating our outsourced artists! *Travis claps* Travis: Reorganizing JIRA, Adding new components to JIRA. 9:05 – It's been mentioned that NPC convoys may draw player escort missions. Would there possibly then be NPC pirates offering missions to aid attackers that then causes a PvP engagement to happen? The economic system is going to drive what happens between planets. A pirate syndicate or anybody might offer a mission to intercept a shipment. 12:32 – Player run radio stations? Why not? It sounds like a fun idea. It comes with a huge amount of content management problems. Darren wants to turn an 890J into an interplanetary nightclub where he can DJ. Travis wants to be Lord British as an advocacy agent flying around in game solving people's problems. 15:20 – Decoupled flight. Is it going to be planned as a full mode with it's own HUD? We've talked about it and would like to do it. There are priorties for getting flight up and going but long-run, sure. 16:52 – Coop vs AI in FPS at release? No. 80% of players is in AC singleplayer or VS co-op so we do know that people are interested in PvE battles. It will come though. Horde-mode in gold horizon, for instance. 18:28 – Will there be a stock market where people can invest and earn dividends?. It would be a cool idea. In time. Maybe. 20:00 – Can we improvise with our tools in FPS, like the PAW or a drill?. Yes. Absolutely but we can't tell you exactly how deep this will go. 21:16 – Will there be an option to see decals or logos inside your ship? Cockpit decorations are coming, but that hasn't been defined just yet. No reason they can't just add points throughout a ship that you can add decorations instead of just the cockpit. Travis and Darien thank the subsrcibers for making it possible, but it may (as always) be their last.
  15. Chris thanks the subscribers. Says that the real gift to Star Citizen is the community which helps CiG build a great game. 1: Can a player use an Org owned ship to do dirty deeds and as long as their identity is unknown, escape a negative mark on their reputation? The Org will take some heat for it, but they are working to make sure that this can't be exploited. The players on the ship will take some heat as well. It's just unknown at this time how that will work. 2: If I loan out a ship to an Org, will they be able to switch out weapons/components with items from their account? Yes. They will be able to. He's not sure how they would handle what will happen to the owners items. He thinks the items will stay where it was loaned out, but when it's given back the original components will be back with it. The mechanic has not been implemented. 3: Will a PU mission like attacking a pirate outpost scale to the number of people who accept a mission? Will it scale to the number of people who happen to be in the area at the time? It depends on the type of mission. There will be scaling on dynamic missions based on things like skill level, the number of people in your group, etc. If there are friends with you, perhaps there will be more pirates in the encounter. In others, it will just be easier as a group with a shared payout. 4: If I'm a law abiding citizen should I worry about the ramifications of finding a wreck and salvaging what I find? No. After a certain amount of time after an attack salvage will be open. This prevents pirate friends from scooping up the goods without having taken the reputation hit from the attack. Also there will be wrecks that will spawn with the purpose of being salvaged. 5: If I'm stalking someone across multiple systems, how will I be ensured to be in their instance every time? You will mark someone in your mobiGlas as a person of interest. Just like being instanced with friends. 6: Will large ships such as the Bengal, Javelin, or larger behave like stations and exist in all instances? It depends, but the very largest will potentially will be persistant in one instance. For example a Bengal will only exist in one instance. There will be a rule that governs people arriving, people battling over it, etc. There will be a set limit of people able to arrive at one time. 7: How will NPC ships cope with jump poiints? Will they fly it like a person or navigate it with a dice roll to determine the outcome of their jump? If you're not around seeing AI do things, much of it will happen at a higher level. They will behave much like AI agents in Civilazation. They will take their turns, trade their goods, enter battle based on proximity to pirates in the universe. You may be pulled out to the roll of the dice to see a pirate NPC attacking a transport NPC, and the results of that battle will change the higher level server changing what you might see. He acknowledges that he didn't answer the question. Then answers, it's a roll of the dice unless you're watching them do it. 8: Will we be able to capture notorius NPC bounties planetside or will we have to do it in space? No. You will be able to do it planetside, in space stations, in space. Everywhere. 9: Can I put my MobiGlas on my right arm? At the moment they're only supporting right-handedness, but they may get to it. In general it isn't really a handed issue as it just come up in front of you. 10: Will extra packages still be NPCs or will I now have to hire them? Extra packages will give you a variety of characters but you will have a running cost to have them. (Ouch.) Look at it as Chewy still wants his share of the spoils even though you're not playing as him.
  16. Dan Tracy Lead Technical Designer and Calix Reneau 0:52 – Can player orgs advertise in-game on billboards, etc? - Yes, and you can take missions where you offer to display banners on your ships for money. - Org colors/decals plus "sweet ad money." 3:08 – Will there be a tutorial to help with introducing gameplay? - UK designers are setting up a tutorial to launch with AC 1.1 - Not a forced step, you can bypass the tutorial if you're a seasoned pro. 5:23 – Will planets and moons have properly simulated orbits? - They are working on having a double-precision system where travel between planets and into systems does take in account appropriate position in a planet or objects orbit around the star. 8:57 – Will there be any effort put into giving control of gimballed weapons to joystick users? - They are working on something to help joystick users. They want it to feel like it's just the pilot's input. Methods are being prototyped but so far nothing promising. - Controls is a really big concern, they're just slammed with work. 13:10 – Like with missile splash damage being mitigated by shields, are explosive cannon rounds mitigated by shields as splash instead of direct damage? - Yes. One of the aspects of shield behavior is setting them up for splash vs direct vs physical vs energy damage. - Missiles Proximity explode when they stop getting closer, other types explode on contact with the shield. - More weapon types and damage types coming with AC 1.1 14:47 – Does a missile have a chance to explode while it's still on it's own ship, unarmed and unactivated? - No. Until it's armed (Hunt for Red October) it can't explode. - Working on a mechanic to show visually which missiles are armed prior to them being fired. 17:16 – How do you plan to address how turrets work? With most games they're difficult if the vehicle is not stationary. How will you make it fun to play with 6DoF? - They are working on implementing the system so that as much as possible the turret will retain it's orientation in space. Much like the Halo Warthog. - They are improving it even further. Fear not. 20:22 – If you're parked i space, can you turn off everything and park on an asteroid so you're non-detectable except for visually? - Yes. If you're not emitting EM or IR and you're in very close to a large cross section emiter it will increase the noise to the point that you could easily "disappear." 22:14 – Are there any plans to change the way maneuvering thrusters and vectors are implemented? I want to turn the ship and use the main thrusters to change direction instead of sliding about. - Maneuvering thrusters will derive the majority of their power from the main engine. If you lose your main engine now you can still fly very well. That will be fixed so that you lose much ability to maneuver if you lose your engine. - Cargo will very much change the way flight feels. The mass added to the ship will radically change the handling. - Symmetry will matter in regards to loadout. 27:24 – Will there be a way to unlink your weapons so you can fire one, two or four weapons, or to have them fire in an order? - Yes. You will be able to set up chain fire, alternating fire, etc.