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Found 2 results

  1. When will we start having more Bounty Hunter ships? I am cool with new ships coming in, but really can we have another single pilot ship that can carry live prisoners from each different industry. For each industry should have at least one Intercept/Interdiction with a lot of differences. Just example coming out of my head like one with more armor,less firepower, even a good engine or one with good stealth capabilities, great speed, and OK firepower.
  2. Hello fellow Imperium Citizens, some of us hail from New Eden so by all means please check in . - What brought you to play EvE? - When did you start playing EvE? - Are you still living in New Eden? - How many accounts / characters do you have? - What corporation / alliance are you a member of? - Favourite moment in New Eden? Some of us might be friends, others might be enemies in the world of EvE but in the Imperium we are all united under the same banner. I say this in case some capsuleers might have reservations about sharing who they are in EvE. Who knows maybe we can even organize an event in New Eden and all fly together. Fly safe Jance Walker
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