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Found 3 results

  1. Pegasus Escort Carrier Greetings Citizens, Please welcome the Pegasus-class Escort Carrier to the ranks of the UEE Navy! The Pegasus-class is the Empire’s premiere small carrier, capable of carrying a thirty-craft strike force deep behind enemy lines if necessary. The Pegasus (formerly the Panther) is currently being grey-boxed by the team at Foundry 42… and in honor of the holiday livestream, they are sharing these first images of the ship’s exterior! Lot's of Pictures ahead!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Pegasus2141, some people call me Peggy (don't ask me why). My real name is Gauthier, I am 18 and my birthday is July 30 (soon ). I am currently in college in France, I study Networking and Telecommunications, and backend programming, and I make website for fun ! I play a lot of video games, my favorites are StarCitizen, Tomb Raider and World of Warcraft. If you play World of Warcraft, or any Blizzard games you may know me, I am part of the Wowhead Staff. I also am the Community Manager of a french gaming community called QuarahTK. Thank you for reading, see you soon in game. --- Pegasus
  3. wfja

    Bengal vs. Pegasus

    So here's a question worth theory-crafting about. How will the Bengal and the Pegasus compare in the PU? From what we know, they're both giant capital ships that act as carriers, with the Bengal on record being capturable in the PU and the Pegasus highly likely to as well. At some point, we're likely going to see these too match up in a fight or have to choose between the two for a carrier role. So what do you guys think? Will one be better than the other, or simply play to certain strengths? What will those strengths be? Compare and contrast, folks, I can't wait to read what you all come up with!
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