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Found 6 results

  1. Would like to offload this since I'm not playing this game anymore: Razor's Edge is out now, get in and join the fight! As an ARES pilot you are entitled to an exclusive "Ace of Honor" pack with 30 Day VIP, 250 Red Beans, 10 Lockboxes, Massive XP Pack, and much more! Use the following code redeemable Offloading the limited code for $21USD, including PP fees. The code can be redeemable on Firefall's website. I will also accept trades for 20RSI Credit Buyers must be paypal verified. -Update- Sold
  2. I have AMD Omega Racer Codes for sale. These codes, once applied, will give you a giftable version of the Omega Racer pack. If you already have already redeemed one Omega code via the CIG page, then you need to contact CIG's customer service to apply each additional code. Each Omega Codes is $25.00, with PayPal fees included in the price. Please PM me if you want one. You can check out my feedback here at SCB, and this
  3. One Arbiter pack with full Alpha access for original cost, $80. I can apply a 325a to Hornet upgrade for an additional $35 (save $5) as an option. PM me with your Verified PayPal email address if you are interested. Sold. Thanks everyone!
  4. I am always in need of more stock, but the hardest part is getting the RSI account so that everything remains giftable. So if you have an account that you would like to cash in, hit me with a PM list of what you have. Payment is usually within an hour of an agreement being reached. Have a ship you want to keep? Just gift it to your new account, before selling the old account to me. Have a special account (OB/VB/GT)? We can talk (in PM) about other options for cases like yours. This is not just for LTI ships, but everything SC related, as long as it is giftable. From Scythes to skins,
  5. I have verified paypal and some dollars in my pocket, pm me your offers.
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