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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys! For those going to PAX West this year (Located in Seattle), the Bar Citizen for it just went up. The information is at the link below: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50176/thread/usa-wa-seattle-washington-bar-citizen-pax-west-sat
  2. Hey all, I am a Seattleite. Accordingly, I do attend PAX Prime every year--would there be any interest in pictures/video being taken? I'm more than willing to do this for more than just Star Citizen related panels/booths. If you guys have someone already going, cheers! If not I am more than happy to capture things the media team would like to see or disseminate.
  3. The Official Video: The Experience: Imperium, I welcome you to PAX East! There are eight computers set up in front of the stage for the FPS module. They're being loaded now and someone is doing a fly-through of the level. Gremlich, Isnoth, and I drinking Harpoon and waiting for the info. People are on the stage (Remember folks, drinking and delays don't mix.) ....And Chris Roberts graces our presence!! AC 1.1.0 is on the PTU Adds multiplayer free flight. Unlimited exploration of AC's maps Adds eight landing pads: CIG wants you to try and break it in every way you can. Try and get in each others' ships, etc. Ship Modularity: You can add a gimbal to almost any gun mount but at the cost of -1 to weapon size. REC lasts for seven days of game play time and adds progression in the form of unlocks. Electronic Access was bought out by Original Systems and is now just a digital storefront. You can rent from them using REC. New damage tech: Uses unique textures based on deformation thickness temperature and burn damage. No longer needs predefined damage states. (Video of turning the Gladius into a rocket powered penis) (Video of writing RSI on a Gladius) Chris mentions that this is the ultimate form of tea-bagging someone in space. Check the end -- notice how the ballistic impacts actually transfer their energy into the ship and push it away. Retaliator hangar ready. Queue commercial! (You have no idea how good this looks!) FPS discussion is next up (due in two to three weeks) New animation rig caused some issues which is why FPS is delayed. (Video of new rig and proper gun handling: much better!) In space, wedding tackle is green. Just sayin' Animation goal: to make the world feel real. From zero-g to 1g International Development Software is releasing Space Marine which you'll be able to play in the SimPod. Ablative armor, light armor, and heavy armor shown. Weapons such as a "special" shotgun, sniper rifle, laser-grapple shown. Grenades such as frag, flash, emp shown. FPS will have two arenas in AC to start with: Gold Horizon Station (PAX Australia demo location): 8 v 8 entire environment is destructible Gravity can be changed from Earth normal to zreo-g and back again. Cue Video (They need to get rid of lens flares on the helmet. Seriously) Enders Game battle sphere: 16 v 16 Non-lethal team-based combat Everybody yells, "The Enemies' gate is down!" -(volunteers sit down to demo FPS in zero g.) -(I wish I still lived in Boston. Wait, no I don't.) -Push pull mechanic is awesome. People are walking hand over hand on the obstacles and slinging themselves forward or kicking off backwards. -Nobody is using the grapple to swing. -In space you can lose your helmet. -Go Nick! Disconnects suck. Devs lose 4-3 (One Dev disconnect right at the end, dies AFK) Video of the FPS presentation recorded by GamersNexus: Release schedule shown: Next few months: FPS module (though CR personally said one to two weeks) Social Module (though he said it would release in April) Middle of 2015: Arena Commander 2.0 MultiCrew! End of 2015: First episode of Squadron 42 released Pre-Alpha Persistant Universe. Picture of what you just read: Chris is leaving to go backstage and do an interview for PC Gamer. No more panels. Time to drink and play! PC Gamer Interview courtesy of VoA Edit: free flight week coupon given out. Give it to friends, they can log in download and play without buying anything! PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15 exp 13 Mar 2015 Thanks everybody! We're out! VoA or others, feel free to post others notes below, and I'll incorporate with credit the OP Thanks to CC-Corp , VoA, and LloydM for the additional content and links! CyberianK, I looked for BadNewsBaron but didn't see him. It turns out I had mistaken him for the official videographer!
  4. Ok huys, so after a long day in the hot sun drinking beers and talking to CIG, I have finally made it to my hotel to write this up. Now unfortunately like all good plans something went wrong and I had no internet access out and about, so I was unable to find out the questions some of you wanted answering, but I did get to spend a good half hour or so in a group of about 6 of us talking to Erin Roberts. Here is a summary of what I learned. First off, the [Redacted] Hangar sale x2 tomorrow, only 1 ship is from Foundry 42. That is the Gladius, and Erin stated that it is one of his personal favourites as it looks awesome (his words). I wasn't able to get confirmation of the other, but with the hints in the past it is lily the Mustang & variants. Erin stated that the Retaliator and Gladiator are looking good and very very close, but just not yet (Maybe something for the end of this month). I also had a bit of a discussion about the Idris and Sq 42. First off, the Idris can fit 4 Gladius fighters. Whether or not that means 4 hornets too, I'm unsure but 4 Gladius for sure. Erin said that ATM they are going through the greybox process on the Idris, and that they expect it to be hangar ready some time early next year (Around Q1 2015). For squadron 42, we were told we won't get to fly off/on a Bengal until some time around Chapter 3 in the Campaign (Hence why the Idris is being fastracked). The Idris will be our primary ship until that time. Each chapter of the Sq42 campaign is being planned to be similar to the length of a normal AAA game (8-10hrs), and in total they are planning somewhere around 150 missions for the campaign as a whole. Sq42 will also feature FPS based missions on planetside environments and (possibly) within ships - I didn't hear well at that part as it was noisy. Finally patch 9.2.2 is planned for tomorrow, and will among other things (Such as the Gladius etc.) bring some joystick/controller optimisations as well as BIGGER MAPS!!! Talking to both Chris and Erin, they both feel that while the forums can be whiney, it's one of the best projects they've ever worked on and the LOVE the inbstant feedback they can get (Erin was saying they watch twitch streams the moment they drop a patch so they can see what everyone's initial reactions to the patch were). I also got a quick word to Travis Day, and they have not ruled for or against when it comes to having Kangaroos and space Kangaroos in the PU. I will update this thread with more info tomorrow as I find out (will have net access this time hopefully). I'm planning on trying to get a few more FPS sort of questions too tomorrow! Dan Now for some pics
  5. CIG posted some pax event information. Not sure if there is anything new there since I haven't been following pax stuff closely so I made this thread. I'll put event info under spoiler: Here is the original post: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13804-PAX-Event-Information
  6. I did see anyone else posting about this so I figured I would. What is everyone's thought on Pax East and the exclusive event the night before? Personally I'm excited, I was already planning on going to PAX East this year but there wasn't really anything that I was super excited for. Now there is!!!
  7. Hello SCB, I know allot of you are going to be attending the PAX East; however, for everyone else like me that can't make it there is this. http://penny-arcade.com/patv They will be broadcasting throughout the event.
  8. Tuesday 18th February 2014 Imperium has appointed a new Combat Ops Officer! INN is privileged to be the first to congratulate Nazerath on his new appointment. This reporter has known Nazerath for a while and seen his many contributions on the forums as well as hearing many favourable things about him. I’m sure that he’ll do the position proud. This isn’t the last new Officer that will be appointed to Combat Ops! As the largest section of Imperium there is consideration for further Officers. Applicants will be appointed in the next one to three months, anyone who feels interested and capable of filling these roles will be able to send a message to current Combat Ops officers. These applicants will then be reviewed and discussed before a final selection is made. So get those applications in, stay active in chat and the forums and show your worth to the division! A Welcome Addition It’s no secret that Imperium has been rapidly expanding! There are those of us who have been around before Imperium had more than a few hundred members, and have seen the community that was built here attract more and more members. The most recent addition to the Imperium family is a group of gamers that many EVE Online players may recognise. Disavowed has made a decision to add their skill and numbers to Imperiums own. They have been a renowned mercenary alliance in the popular EVE Online game for some time now, and information on them has spread far and wide. So I invite all Imperium members to salute this powerful addition to their ranks and welcome their new brothers in arms! DFM at PAX East Many people have speculated about the release date of the much anticipated “Dog Fighting Module”. Almost everyone who had backed RSI and the Star Citizen project had an opinion ranging from not caring about polish and tweaking of an alpha game before release, to satisfaction that RSI was showing the care and attention-to-detail for which Chris Roberts has a widely regarded reputation. Love or hate the idea of the delay, it was a decision that was made after much consideration. Amazingly for a computer game reporting a delay, the fans and backers seemed largely positive about this decision, showing a level of patience and understanding that internet communities are not normally associated with. That tolerance, acceptance and approval looks to be rewarded shortly. It was confirmed in Wingman’s Hangar what many had already speculated: RSI would like to release the ‘DFM’ at PAX East. Information from the Chairman himself has suggested that the initial plan to have ‘only hornets’ in game at release may well have changed as parallel development continued. Players may be able to expect the Aurora and the 300i to be included as well as the Hornet, however all of this is subject to change based on how well development goes. The decision to host this release in a large, public manner is in keeping with the GamesCom ‘Hangar Module’ release which was a surprise reward which was met with much approval. Will history repeat itself? Will the DFM achieve a standard that RSI would be happy to approve a release to the eager masses? Only time will tell, and at the time of the writing of this article, April 10th seems both disturbingly far away and temptingly close. This has been your INN Newsbrief for Tuesday 18th February 2014. INN: Bringing you all the latest news just as soon as we've finished saving the world. WarWulf INN Community Reporter Is there something you’d like to see happen on INN? We’re here for you - be heard in the comments, or shoot us an email at imperiumnews@gmail.com. Click here to view the article
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