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Found 3 results

  1. Are you looking for a consistent group of friends to game with every night? Do you like good organization but not military wannabes screaming orders at you? Do you value teamwork, friendship, and blowing away stress playing a great game more than collecting in-game status? If so, we are just your kind of team. Normie Squad has some room for new members of any skill level. If you want an organization oriented to always finding the action and fun in the game then we are probably the outfit for you. We will even take totally new players willing to learn and we'll get you into the game in a friendly way. Attitude and teamwork is more important than skill for us. About us: Casual organization focused on fun but we will get serious when needed so you don't lose your ships and assets. We already have a weekly "org night" where we have a lot of fun. Once the game spools up we'll have weekly fun events, training, and other cool stuff. People are also playing Star Citizen almost every night of the week. We use Discord for communication with each other, microphone would be good but not required. We only take mature players but we do not have an age cutoff. You just have to be respectful of others and not annoying on the voice channels. You'll likely always have friends to play with throughout the day. Our most active time is from 9-Midnight European time weeknights when we will have multiple channels for members doing various organized activities. No applications, military style ranks, or stupid hoops to jump through to get in. How to join: << Join our ORG >> << Join our Discord server >> We've been going as a group for almost two years now. We come mainly from Warframe but also have a presence in many other games. We are active now with several games and you can join us now to hook up with friends to play different games before SC is released. New Player Guide to Star Citizen Referral code for a bonus 5000aUEC starting credits: STAR-VJ24-ZHSB Thanks for your interest in Normie Squad and we'll see you in the 'verse!
  2. @Zhane and myself interview Geekdomo about his beginnings, and even gives everybody some Twitch.tv streaming tips to boot! This interview is rated Mature and it nearly killed me. Give it a listen and you'll hear why! Listen at the following link! http://radio.starcitizenbase.com/interview-with-starcast-creator-geekdomo-now-available/ P.S.: I will try and post every time we have an interview on this section of the forums, please tell me if this is the wrong spot!
  3. Are you trying to find your place in the Universe? Feel that you have plenty to offer a growing community but as of yet haven't found the right one for you? HaVen might be just what you're looking for. Established in August 2012 as a DayZ team under the name of Fort Haven we have since become a very active community across a range of games and have set our long-term sights on Star Citizen. Why are we so excited for SC as a community you may be wondering? Probably for the same reasons you are if you're reading this - Chris Roberts (that reason alone is enough but there's more) A living, breathing sci-fi epic with strong single and multi-player features and of course a great community! So, what does Haven have planned to keep us busy in the run up to Star Citizen's alpha? [*]SC Inspired 3D Project - That's right, some of our guys will be working together to attempt to create our very own 3D ship [*]SC Inspired Comic Strip [*]SC Inspired machinima [*]SC Roleplay storylines - Although we're not a hardcore roleplaying team and will be recruiting non-rp'ers as well those of us who do enjoy RP are looking forward to getting some storylines started On top of the SC related projects listed above we're also playing several games actively as a community and no matter what genre's you're into chances are you'll find someone in HaVen to game with. So, what else can we offer our members? [*]An active community that plays a range of games and is extremely excited about Star Citizen [*]A user friendly, feature rich website that's just been finished! Unfortunately we had to scrap our old site and so have started afresh. The new site features a blog, forums, member profiles, chat features and even our own wiki that will be updated regularly with details on our ongoing projects! [*]A strong, passionate leadership with several years worth of experience in leadership and management, both in online games and in real life [*]We'll have our own server at launch that we'll use for training and community events [*]Many of our members have been playing space sims since the first Wing Commander and have years worth of experience to share [*]Plenty of opportunity for promotion - As we're not expanding it's the perfect time for you to join and help us grow as a community. We'll be needing strong leaders, authors for our web site, illustrators to help with the comic, video editors for the machinima and 3D modelers for our 3D project to name a few! As for in-game roles as you can see on our recruitment poster we're planning to participate in pretty much every aspect of Star Citizen so the sky is the limit. And what do we expect in return from our members? [*]Maturity - You must be at least 18 years of age [*]Activity - We don't have a minimum activity requirement but we do ask that when you are online you get involved with the community [*]Agree to adhere to our communities rules [*]Have a good understanding of the English language as we are an English speaking team [*]Have a good quality headset and be willing to jump on our mumble server and get involved with us as a community That's it! We believe that having a long list of requirements and getting bogged down in red tape just puts members off. We don't expect you to have any experience in space sims, flight sims, FPS' or any other genre. If you're as passionate about Star Citizen as we are then you'll fit right in! It should be mentioned that after submitting an application form you will have to have a short informal interview on our mumble server. This is nothing to worry about, it'll only take about 10-15 minutes and it's just to answer any questions you might have and to ensure we're the right team for you. Several of our members have already pledged to Star Citizen and several more plan to do so before the campaign closes. If you're interested in joining an active community that simply can't wait for Star Citizen then simply register on our website and then submit an application (make sure you've read the rules first!) We look forward to hearing from you. ~Strite~ HaVen CEO
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